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Mice can sing in harmony, scientists discover

Saturday, October 27, 2012 by: PF Louis
Tags: mice, singing, animal cruelty

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(NaturalNews) Recent research at Tulane University disclosed the discovery that mice can manipulate the pitch of sounds they create as part of their communication process.

Though it's been known that mice have mating calls, the scientists were surprised to discover that mice could actually learn sound pitches and adjust them in order to socialize better with each other.

"We are claiming that mice have limited versions of the brain and behavior traits for vocal learning that are found in humans for learning speech and in birds for learning song," asserted lead researcher Dr. Erich Jarvis.

He went on to add that mice don't have the same capability as song birds and bats for learning tonal pitch communication, but they were surprised to find they had any at all. They discovered this by studying male mice confined in a cage.

Then they went on to test their observations by interfering with their hearing and even damaging parts of their brains to prove their brains had the capacity to learn different sounds the way bats and song birds do.

Animal cruelty for the advancement of authoritative medicine

People wonder at times why anything that is known about life and living creatures has to be discovered only by science? Sometimes it seems the only observation and discovery recognized is relegated to men in white lab coats with research grants.

Here's a true incident witnessed directly: An academic family in a large Midwest college town had a couple of cats and a dog. The young daughter asked her mother, "mommy, can animals feel?" After a short, reflective pause the mother answered "I don't know dear. Science hasn't determined that yet."

Right, mommy. Just wait for science to tell us what we should be able to observe and feel for ourselves. That's the way to numb our perceptions and submit blindly to authority no matter what, even bombing non-combatants in other nations remotely with drones.

And just how would science go about proving whether animals feel or not? Scientists inflict pain and misery to animals as part of their research to "advance" modern medicine. Apparently, those scientists don't notice their suffering or consider it irrelevant to their cause. Then again, maybe some are sadistic.

Ancient Chinese, Indian (Ayurveda) and other indigenous medical practices that still work today without dangerous side effects were discovered empirically by healing humans, without experimenting on animals. Lately, there have been scores of methods for curing cancers that were not discovered by torturing animals but by simply curing diseased humans.

For instance, several people have cancer. They submit to or try so called "alternative" treatments like the Gerson Therapy, for example, and most are completely cured. That's not good enough for science.

It's considered "anecdotal" and irrelevant. So it's dismissed authoritatively as unproven scientifically, causing too much fear among cancer victims to try what really works. Instead, most take the advice of "authority" for undergoing what makes most cancer patients worse, even dead.

Worshiping authority without considering ulterior motives is at least partly to blame for the present human condition as a cowed species. Practicing our powers of observation and intuition is vital to being able to independently recognize the truth.

This requires the courage of recognizing and accepting the truth when it's in front of you instead of denying it, and the humility to acknowledge when you've been wrong.

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