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Focus on the good to eliminate the bad

Saturday, October 27, 2012 by: Angelika (Angie) Stehle
Tags: positivity, focus, energy

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(NaturalNews) This could be rephrased as "think health, not illness," or "think future, not past," or "choose purpose focus over problem focus." In any case, the question is how to re-focus successfully. Everybody is experiencing problems in life, health-related or otherwise. Unfortunately, only some situations can be changed. It is therefore important to analyze the benefit of focusing, to identify your purpose in life, and to put energy into pursuing it.


In order to "think purpose, not problems," we need to separate the basics of life (along with related problems) from your purpose in life. Life's basics include health, a place to live, work or financial resources, partnership arrangements (with death of spouse, divorce and separation being the top three stressors). People's purpose in life usually revolves around relationships, either with other people, with nature, or with their faith. They are interrelated, and their purpose of life invariable has a list of compelling reasons for pursuing it.

Many individuals automatically concentrate on problems and how to solve them. The non-fixable challenges; however, are a waste of time and energy. Focusing on your purpose is fulfilling and energizing, but people often don't know how to do it, or don't feel inclined to make changes that take effort, especially after having gone through a bad experience. After all, re-focusing equals commitment.

How to re-focus

The truth is, whatever you focus on consistently will become your reality. Focus gives power to what we focus on. There's no need to deny what is unchangeably bad, but while dealing with it to the extent we have to, we will rather focus on what is worth having power in our lives. So, using a logical approach we set our priorities.

In photography, manual focus is often better than auto focus, especially at macro-range, in low light, with portraits, when shooting through glass or wire fences, or with action photography. When translating these situations into real life, it becomes obvious that conscious focus on someone's purpose in life is highly desirable and effective.

If you feel unmotivated; however, please notice what your focus is on at the present moment. And with some conflicts it is helpful to focus - not on who is right but - on what is right.
Also, focusing is not the opposite of relaxing. Balanced focusing does not mean obsessive concentration that excludes everything else.

Mind and body benefit from a balanced but strong positive focus, - not on the basics, but on what we have chosen to be the purpose of our life.

And don't let the ego get in the way, it is linked to life's basics (not to life's purpose) and to short-term goals (not to long-term happiness). What is life for, if not to pursue worthwhile ends, even perhaps at risk and in the face of uncertainty? So in your quest for health, get yourself a goal and a vision. Focus on your strengths, and go ahead responsibly with focused action.

To quote Hector Crawford: "Decide carefully, exactly what you want in life, then work like mad to make sure you get it!"

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About the author:
Angelika (Angie) Stehle is a Natural Health author, a Naturopathic Researcher and Practitioner, and a happy cancer survivor by means of natural strategies. See www.angienaturalhealth.jimdo.com for her e-book called "My Research" and her "Disease Reversal Programme".

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