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Breast cancer

Foundation fights breast cancer with education focused on natural prevention

Sunday, April 01, 2012 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
Tags: breast cancer, prevention, non-profit

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(NaturalNews) Most of what passes for breast cancer "awareness" in today's society revolves around screenings, treatments, and other reactionary approaches that fail to teach women any preventive methods that will help them avoid developing the disease in the first place. But the Breast Cancer Natural Prevention Foundation (BCNPF) is taking a practical, new approach to the issue by empowering women to make certain dietary and lifestyle changes that have been proven to help thwart the onset of breast cancer.

Unlike the Susan G. Komen Foundation, which pushes cancer-causing mammograms and endless fundraising events for a "cure" that will never be found, BCNPF has made it a mission to teach women primarily how to avoid breast cancer by maintaining optimal levels of vitamin D. This simple, highly-effective, and inexpensive approach has been shown in numerous studies to disable the mechanisms that allow cancer cells to grow and thrive.

"We know that vitamin D activates a cell's ability to resist irregular mutation -- that it helps the body fight cancer one cell at a time," said BCNPF co-director Marc Sorenson, Ed.D. "It only makes sense for medical professionals to default to what levels are natural and intended in the body. That's the message that needs to get out."

One of the goals of BCNPF is to educate health care providers, the media, the scientific community, and ultimately individuals about the amazing cancer-preventive benefits of vitamin D, which are still overlooked or even marginalized by a mainstream system that is still stuck in the medical dark ages. Through education, BCNPF hopes to change the way people think about breast cancer by encouraging more focus on natural prevention.

"Vitamin D deficiency is now recognized as one of the most significant and preventable risk factors for breast cancer," writes BCNPF on its website. "Hundreds of clinical, laboratory, case-control, epidemiological and ecological studies now show that 'The Sunshine Vitamin' regulates proper cell growth in every system in the body, and that vitamin D deficiency compromises this natural system, allowing cancer cells to develop and spread."

To learn more about breast cancer prevention, visit:

Why screenings and early detection are not enough to cure breast cancer

The cancer industry would have all women believe that breast cancer is unavoidably genetic, or that it can strike at any moment for no reason, and that virtually nothing can be done to prevent it. The only thing women can do, in other words, is get routine screenings and hope for the best while cancer organizations continue to petition for millions of dollars in their search for a "cure."

But this flawed approach will never cure breast cancer, and will only further perpetuate a philosophy of powerless submission to a cancer industry that thrives on not empowering women to make personal life changes to prevent breast cancer. Besides maintaining optimal vitamin D levels, these changes include things like avoiding non-stick cookware; eating whole, organic foods and avoiding conventional, pesticide-ridden produce; drinking plenty of high-alkaline, fluoride-free water; and exercising regularly.

To learn more about the benefits of vitamin D for preventing breast cancer, visit:

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