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Mexico drug war violence blamed on failed U.S. drug policies and false flag gun-running ops

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 by: PF Louis
Tags: Mexico, drug war, USA

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(NaturalNews) The 2011 Global Commission on Drug Policies in Geneva, Switzerland was motivated, according to its website, by successful Latin American conferences convened with national leaders concerned about the impact on democracy in Latin America from drug use, trafficking, and gang or cartel violence.

One wonders how the Global Commission managed to consider that conference a success, considering what is actually going on in Mexico now. The current Mexican drug gang related death toll of 47,515 contradicts any sense of progress coming from that Latin American drug conference.

This death toll approaches U.S. military casualties from the years long Vietnam conflict. It includes many innocent citizens, journalists, occasional honest law enforcement agents and government officials. This resulted from unbridled drug cartel terrorism, not average drug users or street peddlers.

United States involvement

Mexico's drug cartel death tally rate increased exponentially each year from 2006, when U.S. questionably elected president George Bush Jr. and Mexico's new questionably elected president Felipe Calderon officially declared a military style war on drugs in Mexico with USA financial and military support.

Contrary to public perceptions perpetuated by the media, Mexico has very strict gun laws with hardly any gun owners. Well armed Mexican troops help chase indigenous Mexicans off their land for mult-national corporate interests.

So where did the cartels get their guns? The recent exposure of the ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) operation "Fast and Furious" answers the riddle partly. This operation involved purchasing guns from USA gun shops and shipping them across the Mexican border to drug gangs. The "Justice" Department explained that it was a sting operation after they got caught.

An honest Arizona ATF border area officer blew the whistle that lead to this operation's exposure. Many believe "Fast and Furious" was an effort to create spillover violence from Mexico, forcing an outcry to repeal the second amendment.

The ATF purchased those weapons from actual gun shops to help create the illusion of 2nd amendment dangers. (https://www.naturalnews.com/033628_Operation_Fast_and_Furious_ATF.html).

Another source of armaments for Mexican drug cartels began when the drug war in 2006 when their U.S. assisted drug war was announced. Along with that came lots of USA military equipment. Law enforcement in Mexico is weak and rife with corruption. So there is a distinct possibility of donated arms from the U.S. military going through Mexican law enforcement and into the cartels.

Thus America's drug war spread to war against the Mexican people randomly killed by drug gangs. Busting non-cartel traffickers near the border creates good DEA press for the drug war, while the CIA and big banks get their share from the big cartels.

Food and drug warfare in South America

Mexico is a land channel for trafficking drugs that originate mostly from South America. And that drug is derived from the normally innocuous coca leaves that are used to make that wicked cocaine and even more wicked crack cocaine. Noam Chomsky explained this cycle years ago.

First USA subsidized Big AG forces South American nations to buy products at prices lower than what local farmers can provide. This type of food suppression is enforced by the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Then local farmers are forced into depending on cash crops instead of raising food for local markets. Coca is an easy cash crop. Coca has been indigenous to highland areas of South America for centuries. Locals chew the leaves or make teas that offer a strong caffeine like buzz without serious side effects.

Now the cocaine manufacturers are assured of copious coca leaf supplies to market cocaine worldwide. And the drug cartels have fierce, well armed militias protecting their enterprises, enabling others leaching off the drug trade to prosper more.

Sources for this article include:


VIDEO Robert Steele interview http://healthmaven.blogspot.com/2012/01/cia-agent-says-war-is-eugenics-drug-war.html





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