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Jedi mind tricks

Disarm your inner critic with this Jedi mind trick

Monday, October 24, 2011 by: Mike Bundrant
Tags: Jedi mind tricks, criticism, health news

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(NaturalNews) The Jedi know better than to fight against criticism, as there are better approaches to verbal attacks, especially when they originate from inner voices that have strayed to the dark side. In fact, a properly trained Jedi understands that there are as many tricks as there are problems, for every problem has an underlying structure that holds it in place. When you know how to deconstruct it, the problem unravels right before your mind.

Here is a mind trick to disarm your inner critic and set yourself free.

First, beware of giving in to hatred of the inner critic or defending yourself. This will only cause greater conflict and bind you to the negativity within. There is good in you! I can feel it. Believe in that goodness more than your inner critic believes in darkness! The inner critic is you and you are its master, even if the critical voice sounds strangely like your father. Embrace it and bring it into the light. This is the source of incredible transformative power.

The structure of the inner critic.

Your inner critic does feel like "it" is attacking "you." Such is not the case, however. When you hear it say something like, "You are such an idiot!" The trick is to convert the "you" back into an "I."

Secondly, the inner critic speaks with finality, as if it were stating an absolute, eternal and close-ended truth. Simply opening the closed end with the word "and" will reverse this subtle yet powerful presupposition.

Here is how the trick goes:

Inner critic: (Speaking as if "it" is attacking "me.") You are such an idiot, Mike!

Jedi: (Not resisting, turning "You" into "I" and opening the closed end with "and...") OK. I am an idiot, and...

Inner critic: (Strange silence) That's it. You are an idiot and I don't like you.

Jedi: Alright. I am an idiot and I don't like myself, and....

Inner critic: (Puzzled - the lack of resistance has caught it off guard) Well, we should do something about this, right?

Jedi: (Picks up on the shift to "we" and honors it.) Ok, yes. We need to do something about this, and...

Inner critic: (Collapses into a unified voice and reveals its true intention.) I need to pay more attention to my diet, as I am getting dangerously off course!

Jedi: That's true!

When the inner critic merges with you on principle, the trick is complete. You feel whole again with respect to this problem. Self-integration has occurred and the true message has been delivered. The length of the inner dialogue will vary, depending on the circumstance and strength of the critic.

The Jedi's plea

Learn the ways of mind management! The Dark Side doesn't want you to know these tricks. It wants you to depend on mind numbing pills to keep your inner critic under "control" and forever trapped within your psyche. Don't fall for it. The inner critic does not need to be controlled. It needs to be freed!

About the author:
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Mike Bundrant is co-founder of the iNLP Center and host of Mental Health Exposed, a Natural News Radio program.

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