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A perfect storm gathers over the discussion on radiation and flying

Sunday, April 24, 2011 by: Christopher Babayode
Tags: radiation, flying, health news

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(NewsTarget) If you watched the disaster at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant unfold you may be wondering how it will affect you. As a flier there is even more reason to ask this question. A perfect storm is brewing over the issue of radiation and healthy flying driven by the confluence of a number of events. They are:

1) The confirmed release of large amounts of radioactive material into the atmosphere from the Fukushima Plant.
2) The use of the 4G standard in the telecommunications industry.
3) More airlines adding WiFi capabilities to their fleets.
4) The continued use of Backscatter Scanners at airports and
5) Studies and Research like the Bio-Initiative Study, the Interphone Study and others requesting a slow down in the speed at which new technologies are implemented.

Nuclear power is relatively new, as is the manner in which we use the Electromagnetic Frequency Spectrum to drive Technology. The first four events on the list above share the same mechanism of operation. They all use or are part of the EMF field albeit at different ends of the spectrum. The EMF frequencies that drive our technology are ingratiating their way into modern day life with un-metered consequences. Initial reports from studies into the use of EMF`s in technology urge extreme caution on account of the detrimental effects they have on health.

A common theme in the first four of these items is re-iterated in the fifth: a request for the slow down in the speed with which we implement new technologies until proper safety parameters are established. Now that Radiation and Health are headline news maybe other issues affected by radiation will be open to discussion allowing serious debate and proper solutions.

The pressing danger of our situation is not just that our environment is being destroyed by pollution but that we are compounding sources of damaging radiation upon ourselves. At the same time we have less immunity and autoimmune diseases are on the rise. The challenge for everyone desiring health and especially those who fly often is (i) how much radiation can you tolerate without affecting your health, (ii) what steps can you take to safeguard your health long term. The Fukushima disaster has seen a run on potassium iodide to avoid the worst radiation has to offer. A long term approach through diet is more relevant when you view the coming storm in context.

Start by looking at nutrients which rid the body of radiation and protect it. Rectify any mineral deficiencies you may have. This stops the body from absorbing radioactive isotopes similar to the minerals you are deficient in. Look for chelators of radioactive material; they bind and escort toxins out of the body: for instance Chlorella and Zeolites. Foods that protect you from radiation are also a good idea; they can be eaten often and serve as a long term strategy. They can include Miso, Garlic, Bee Pollen, Seaweeds, Blue-green algae and Chlorophyll rich foods. Top this approach off with some powerful antioxidants and you have a strategy that will serve you in the short and long term. There are also many herbs with powerful radio-protective properties to consider.

Whether it is the Fukushima fallout, using the new 4G standard or flying on WiFi enabled planes, the effects can be the same - absorbing unhealthy amounts of radiation with the power to cause illness. A comprehensive nutritional approach should give you ample protection and help you maintain resilience and health. The most important thing to do is to decide on a course of action and act now.

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