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Ten natural remedies relieve teething pain

Saturday, December 25, 2010 by: Penny Forham
Tags: teething, natural remedies, health news

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(NewsTarget) Baby`s first tooth usually appears around five or six months and the last appears around two and a half years. Teething doesn't bother some babies; whereas, others become very unsettled, clingy and unable to sleep. If teething is uncomfortable for your baby, here are ten natural ways to relieve teething pain.

1. Teething Necklaces
When worn around baby`s neck the gentle warming of an amber necklace releases succinic acid into the skin. Succinic acid is known to accelerate the healing of wounds, ease muscle pains, reduce inflammation of the throat, ear and stomach, reduce/prevent respiratory disease, decrease colic symptoms, reduce acid reflux, reduce eczema and improve heart, liver, kidney, and intestinal function.

Hazelwood has the medicinal property of neutralizing the body's acidity, relieving ulcers, acid reflux, heartburn, teething, skin problems (psoriasis, eczema, acne), arthritis, constipation, migraines, and dental cavities. Like amber, it is worn around the neck of the baby and the active ingredient is absorbed into the skin.

2. Vanilla Essence
Vanilla has natural calming properties which can soothe anxiety associated with teething and relieve an upset tummy. The pressure from rubbing the liquid on the gums provides relieving counter pressure.

3. Something to chew on
This one is as wide ranging as your imagination, from natural rubber or wooden teething toys to mum or dad's finger. Large pieces of refrigerated or frozen vegetables, e.g. carrots, or a cold teaspoon or wooden spoon can also be used.

4. Ice
Another varied solution is to cool and gently anaesthetise the inflamed gums. Choose from rubbing a melting ice cube on the gums, a popsicle made from fruit, mum`s milk or chamomile tea.

5. Pressure
Using a clean finger to press the swollen gums creates counter pressure to the emerging tooth which temporarily relieves discomfort.

6. Homeopathy
Teething times are many mothers` first introduction to homeopathy, which works by stimulating the immune system. Chamomilla is the most commonly prescribed remedy for symptoms such as restlessness and a red cheek. Belladonna may be more appropriate when there is a very flushed face and fever. Pulsatilla is useful when the child is very clingy and weepy. These are the most common treatments but consult a homeopath for the most appropriate remedy.

7. Breastfeed
Breastfeeding and skin to skin contact has been shown to be pain relieving during medical interventions of babies. Many babies instinctively want to nurse more during teething. Nursing also has the added benefit of helping to align baby's teeth correctly and prevent malocclusion later.

8. Cloves
Cloves are known for their ability to relieve a toothache. Clove oil is very potent and should be diluted before using it on your baby. It can be diluted in a carrier oil such as olive oil and then rubbed on the gum.

9. Flower Remedies
Flower based remedies help manage the emotional states. They can be applied on the tongue, the forehead, or behind the ears. They can also pass in breastmilk so can be taken by a nursing mother.

10. Apply a barrier
The excessive drool caused by teething can cause a red irritating rash around the lips and chin. Lubricate the skin with a mild emollient such as cold-pressed coconut, almond or safflower oil to prevent the skin from getting wet from saliva. Pat any saliva to dry the skin without irritation.

The Baby Book - Dr William Sears and Martha Sears

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