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Debunk the Vaccine Lies of the NNII, Part I

Wednesday, August 04, 2010 by: Aaron Turpen
Tags: vaccinations, parents, health news

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(NewsTarget) On the National Network for Immunization Information (NNII) website there is a page For Parents which touts "Vaccine Effectiveness." It asks the question Do Vaccines Work? and gives an unequivocal yes along with several supposed proofs of this assertion. Let's consider the so-called proof that the NNII offers and then look at the truth, most of which is unwittingly told by the NNII and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) themselves, in their own data.

According to the NNII, Haemophilus Influenzae type b (Hib) caused 20,000 infections in children each year before 1985 and then was miraculously nearly eradicated by 1995 thanks to a vaccine. The reality is quite different. The study which the NNII references as being proof of this miracle of modern medical science doesn't refer to the numbers of Hib cases, but instead claims to get its numbers from another study which only talks about the "cost-effectiveness" of the new vaccine.1 In fact, there are no records of Hib infection rates before 1980 because the NNII themselves admit that they can only make a guess. Why? Because Hib was most often diagnosed as meningitis or pneumonia, not influenza.

Next up is rubella (aka the German measles). The NNII says that in the epidemic of 1964-65 there were 12.5 million cases of rubella, and it then claims that by 2009, rubella had been almost defeated with only 9 cases left thanks to heavy vaccination for the sickness. The reality?

The European-North American epidemic of rubella in 1962-1965 was indeed a massive outbreak of the disease. However, except in cases where pregnant women catch it, it is not a debilitating or even serious disease and usually doesn't even require hospitalization.2 In short, it's a flu-like sickness that doesn't last long and has no long-term effect.

Rubella is a relatively new disease (to science), having only been discovered in 1938 and not lab cultured until 1962. Many cases of rubella were diagnosed as being the measles before it could be cultured and tested for.

Of course, then the NNII brings up measles, saying that before 1963, there were 500 deaths a year from this disease. Supposedly, with their glorious vaccine, measles was down to 44 cases a year by 2004. They leave out something very important. From 1912-1963, measles rates dropped by 98.6% and 500 deaths per year, while horrible, was less than 1 of every 100,000 people in the U.S. Statistically non-existent.3

It's well-established, thanks to the CDC's own record keeping, that the measles were well on their way out of our lives long before the vaccine for them appeared. Again, by 1963 when the vaccine was introduced, measles rates had already dropped by more than 98% and the decline after the vaccine's introduction was no faster than it was before.4

In our next segment, we'll continue looking at the NNII's claims.

1 - Haemophilus influenzae Invasive Disease in the United States, 1994-1995: Near Disappearance of a Vaccine-Preventable Childhood Disease by Karistine M. Bisgard, et al which references for Hib numbers Immunization of US children with Hemophilus influenzae type b polysaccharide vaccine. A cost-effectiveness model of strategy assessment. by SL Cochi, et al.

2 - Rubella - Wikipedia

3 - The Vaccine War: a Forgotten History by Roman Bystrianyk

4 - Vaccines and Disease: An Investigative Report by Roman Bystrianyk

About the author

Aaron Turpen is a professional writer living in Wyoming in the USA. His blogs cover organic/sustainable living and environmental considerations (AaronsEnvironMental.com) and the science debunking mainstream medical and proving alternatives (HiddenHealthScience.com).

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