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How to Avoid Health Hazards of Lighting

Friday, April 23, 2010 by: Paul Fassa
Tags: lighting, health hazards, health news

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(NewsTarget) As the federally mandated phasing out of incandescent light bulbs approaches, you need to know about your new lighting choices. There are three options, of which one is no good if you value your health and don't enjoy eerie dim lighting. The options are CFLs (compact fluorescent lights/lamps), halogen bulbs, and LEDs (light emitting diodes).

They are all energy efficient according to EISA (Energy Independence and Security Act) imposed standards. They cost more than incandescent bulbs, but last longer.

Heavily Promoted CFLs are the Most Unhealthy

Their light quality has improved, but is still not as good as all the other bulbs. The price range is from two dollars U.S to eight dollars. They last longer than incandescent bulbs, but before they expire completely, they begin to fade.

They are filled with mercury, which when broken will fill a room with more toxic vapors than you can safely tolerate. Most of you know that. And the mercury laden CFLs present land fill environmental problems, which means it's a hassle to get rid of them when they do expire. Most of you know that too.

But many do not know of the extreme EMF (electro magnetic frequencies) radiation from the dirty electricity these CFLs produce. The resultant EMF is the same type of radio frequency pollution that we've been warned about from cell phones and towers, portable phones, WiFi computers, and high power wires or high voltage transformers outside your house or office.

Cancer, neurological disorders, diabetic endangering blood sugar spikes and malaise of various types have been associated with EMFs from all these sources. Those sources outside your home tend to be less menacing the farther way they are. But CFLs are meant to be inside. Can you imagine a house full of CFLs? There is no hiding from all that EMF pollution inside your space! (CBC TV demo, source below)

If you're okay with weird lighting and think, as many dentists and vaccination advocates do, that mercury is not a health hazard, then it would be wise to use filters to eliminate the dirty electricity EMF radiation if CFLs are or were your choice. (Dirty Electricity, source below).

Halogen and LED: Two Better Choices

On February 20th, 2010, the The St. Marys Press, a local newspaper in the small town of St. Marys, PA, announced that the local light bulb factory would remain open with the recent development of the halogen light bulb. This factory belongs to a large electronics and lighting company. So these bulbs will be available in the USA and perhaps worldwide.

These are the same types of halogens used in little bright desk lamps or in some types of auto headlights. Instead of being exposed, they are inserted into mercury free glass bulbs exactly resembling incandescent bulbs that can be screwed into any normal light socket. They will cost around the same as CFLs and last as long without the fade factor. Halogens produce a bright, clean white light without any dirty electricity EMFs.

LEDs do not contain mercury, and they do not create EMF dirty electricity. They are the most expensive option. But they can last for 10 to 15 years, often with a two to three year guarantee. LEDs use less electricity than all the other lighting options. Mike Adams calculates the long term savings in this article: https://www.naturalnews.com/021840_LED_lights...

The downside of LEDs is that their bright white lighting is not omni-directional. The light just goes where it's pointed. Obviously, for some purposes that's perfect. That CBC TV segment on CLFs' hazards is just below.

Sources for this article include:

CBC Montreal's environmental reporter Geeta Nadkarni shows CFL emission dangers

Dirty Electricity - GS filter information

St. Mary's Press: Super Halogen Light Bulbs


About the author

Paul Fassa is dedicated to warning others about the current corruption of food and medicine and guiding others toward a direction for better health with no restrictions on health freedom. You can visit his blog at http://healthmaven.blogspot.com

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