Health care system too broke to fix (comic)

Friday, February 05, 2010
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Tags: health care reform, health freedom, health news

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Comments by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Each year, it seems the U.S. Congress throws another trillion dollars at some failing industry, desperately trying to bail it out and prevent the crooks running it from facing the consequences of their own bad decisions. In 2008, the bailout went to Wall Street and the rich investment bankers who lost trillions of dollars in ill-fated investment schemes (which were deemed "too big to fail" so the government stepped in and bailed them out with your future tax dollars.) Now in 2010, a bailout of similar size is about to be handed to the sick-care industry. Except it's not a one-time bailout: It's an ongoing financial drain on the U.S. economy (and the U.S. citizens) mandated under the health care reform bill that passed in both houses of Congress and could soon become law.

The conventional sick-care industry (made of Big Pharma, hospitals, health insurance companies, cancer clinics, and so on) cannot survive in a free market. It offers no real health solutions to customers, but it charges them outrageously high prices for medications, surgeries and quack cancer therapies that simply don't work. Left to its own in a free-market environment, the sick-care industry would collapse within a few years and go down in history as a failure of huge proportions.

But many of the corporations dominating the sick-care industry are very, very powerful. So they've pulled out all the stops to prop it up and keep the money flowing where it shouldn't. The FDA's assault on dietary supplements and natural remedies is part of this sick care protectionism. The FTC has joined in, too, charging the owners of nutrition companies with federal crimes for daring to sell products that actually provide healing nutrition to people. (

The FDA-enforced monopoly pricing of prescription drugs provides an artificial profit pool for drug companies, too, making sure they reap the largest profits possible even while the People stay sick and diseased.

And now, the passage of the health care bill by the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate is the latest ploy to bail out the failing sick-care industry: It mandates that Americans buy conventional health insurance, thereby forcing financial support for an industry that is failing even more disastrously than Goldman Sachs or Bear Stearns was on Wall Street. Forcing Americans to buy conventional sick-care insurance will do nothing to improve the health of the People. It will only improve the profits of the drug companies, cancer clinics and other beneficiaries of sickness and disease.

The sick care industry is too broke to fix. The answer isn't found by forcing people to pay more money into a broken system; it's found in truly reforming the system so that it works to protect health rather than profits.

Taking care of your own health? Get fined!

Just in case you planned to exercise your freedom of choice and opt out of that failed system of drugs-and-surgery sick care insurance, lawmakers have blocked that exit, too: They've built in huge financial penalties for people who refuse to buy sick-care insurance. So now, people who actually take care of their health and need no health insurance can be treated as criminals and forced to pay fines to an industry they neither support nor need.

I am one of the many people who intentionally carry no health insurance. Why? Because I eat a diet of superfoods, I get vitamin D from the sun and I exercise frequently. My risk of ever being diagnosed with cancer, heart disease or diabetes is ridiculously low. I save thousands of dollars each year by not buying health insurance, then I turn around and spend that money on organic produce, nutritional supplements and health products to keep me both mentally and physically healthy. As a result of these choices, I remain in a state of very high health with no disease, no sickness, zero hospital bills and absolutely no money wasted on useless health insurance premiums.

My garden is my pharmacy, and my doctor is my own body (with its own innate healing wisdom). Sure, if I break an ankle or suffer some acute injury, I'll need a doctor for that, but I can easily pay that out of my own pocket and still save thousands of dollars a year by intentionally avoiding wasting money on health insurance I don't routinely need.

The Democrats who voted for this bill would prefer to have me arrested or fined for opting out of the sick-care system and refusing to buy health insurance. So instead of allowing me to be a healthy, productive member of society who pays taxes and places virtually zero burden on the health care system, members of Congress would rather have me treated as a criminal and punished for taking care of my own health while opting out of the broken sick care system.

This is how nations are destroyed from the inside out, by the way: Take all the healthy, productive people and treat them like criminals. Meanwhile, expand Big Government to exercise complete control over the lives of the diseased, disinformed masses who they easily command into doing what they want. That's part of the whole point of this sick care reform bill: To put government in charge of our lives, taking away freedom of choice and punishing good health with fines and imprisonment.

Keep in mind that I am theoretically in favor of a system of universal health care. I wrote the Health Revolution Petition ( which advocates a universal system providing health care coverage to 100% of the population. But I'm strongly opposed to a mandated, gun-in-your-face sick-care system that forces people to pay money into a broken system of corrupt, criminally-operated medical scams like psychiatric medications or even mammograms (which have been proven to actually cause far more cancers than they prevent). (

If we had an honest health care system focused on nutrition, disease prevention and patient education, I'd be thrilled to pay into it. That would be an investment in real health. But instead, we have a system focused on medication, irradiation, vaccines and chemotherapy that not only destroy human health, but also harm the environment at the same time (where do you think all those meds go when they get flushed down the drain?). For me to financially support such a system would be a violation of my commitment to protecting human health and Mother Nature.

So it may be no surprise to hear me say that I refuse to participate in a forced sick-care health insurance scam. The only way corrupt Congressional lawmakers are going to get me to pay any money to a failed sick-care system is if they put a gun to my head and make me do it.

America is supposed to have a free market. Congress apparently forgot the "freedom" part of that equation and simply prefers to force people to pay thousands of dollars for something many don't want and won't even use. Forcing people to pay for a broken system of perpetual sickness and disease is no health care solution.

And you can't fix American's broken system by aggressively expanding that system so that it harms a far larger group of people. You can't slap a Band-Aid on this problem and call it resolved. You have to reform this from the inside out. But thanks to the influence of corporate money on lawmakers and politicians, there is simply no political will in Washington to pursue meaningful reform.

Disband Congress, give power back to the People

That's why I say it's time to disband Congress. That gang of false representatives only serves the interests of the corporations that keeps it in power. (Rep. Ron Paul being exempt from this generalization, of course.) The real needs of the People have long since been abandoned by both the Republicans and Democrats in Congress. The issue is not one party versus another party; the issue is the concentration of power into the hands of the few while the working masses rot in disease and bankruptcy.

You, the American People, have been sold out once again by the crooks running this country. In 2008, Wall Street had the Republican crooks to thank for their trillion-dollar bailout. This year, the sick-care industry has the Democrats to thank. In both cases, taxpayer dollars were used to protect a failed industry while suppressing free markets and artificially propping up broken industries that should have been allowed to just fail.

So what are the REAL solutions to health care in America? A universal voucher-based system like the one I've proposed at

Such a system provides universal coverage to everyone (100% coverage, including the unemployed, veterans, the elderly, etc.). Yet, at the same time, it puts the emphasis on disease prevention while placing the power to make intelligent decisions back into the hands of individual Americans. It puts consumers back into the position of shopping around for the best health care results, creating accountability in health care spending at the local level. At the same time, it covers acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage therapy, gym memberships, nutritional supplements and even therapeutic superfoods. And it does it all without spending a dollar more than is currently being spent on sick care.

Of course, the Health Revolution Petition virtually wipes out the failed pharmaceutical industry. It causes massive unemployment in the powerful cancer industry, too, because it makes people well and prevents the vast majority of all cancers. It also costs the government a lot of money in social security payouts because it helps people live longer, causing them to collect more social security checks. (The government can't afford people to live for very long because they collect too much money...)

My Health Revolution plan would put hundreds of thousands of sick-care industry people out of work; but at the same time, it would save up to a million lives per year, and it would improve happiness, economic productivity and longevity. It would enhance our national education results (because well-nourished brains learn better) and help restore America to a position of world leadership through a healthy, productive and well-educated population.

But that's never been the goal of Congress, you see. Keeping America healthy is the last thing on these peoples' minds. Congress simply wants to keep their corporate buddies rolling in the cash, even if it means compromising our nation's future and destroying the last shred of financial solvency left in America. This health care bill will devastate America's economy and the health of its people. But in doing that, it will accomplish the saving of a select few: The rich, fat-cat executives running the drug companies, the cancer clinics, the hospitals and medical imaging equipment companies. It will produce a windfall of profits for the giants of the sick-care industry, even while delivering economic devastation and long-term disease to the People.

Our sick-care system is too broke to fix. It's time to stop flirting around the edges of a solution and get honest about what it would take to create health and end disease.

That will mean a major overhaul of our sick-care system, and it will anger a lot of powerful corporations whose profits depend entirely on the expansion of disease. The purpose of the sick-care system is to feed those corporations, not to make you well.

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