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Sodas, Obesity and Sickness: Become Part of a Whole New Solution

Saturday, September 19, 2009 by: Kim Evans
Tags: obesity, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) Sodas and obesity have become a hot topic, but the topic is focused on raising taxes on sodas by about 12 cents in effort to reduce consumption and therefore reduce obesity rates. If we're going to get serious about obesity, why not get rid of sodas all together, instead of just finding new ways to raise money for the government? While we're at it, why not get rid of fast foods and other processed and chemical-ridden foods too? Obesity rates would plummet, and so too, would disease rates. You'd be surprised at how simple some solutions are.

The thought might scare the businesses involved in making these products, and their elimination, or complete product line restructuring, would certainly change the nature of our economy and even our society. But isn't it a little disturbing that so much of the economy is based on creating things that make people sick and contaminated with chemicals? And when did we become so afraid of change in a positive direction, anyway? All change, even positive change, requires us to move a little outside our comfort zone.

Seriously, something's wrong with a world where the majority of foods in a mainstream grocery store promote disease. Same goes for most restaurant choices. To eat healthily, by true definitions of consuming largely natural, unprocessed and non-chemically tainted foods, you have to go out of your way. So, why is it that tainted foods have become the norm and mainstream health care ignores this fact?

Truth be told: some of us aren't interested in paying the outrageous "health care" costs of others who don't put healthy foods in their bodies consistently and forgo the junk.

The cost of obesity in the U.S. is about $147 billion annually. But while some are paying these costs, others reap the dollars in, and that's part of the problem. For every astronomical health care bill we see, someone is making that money, and who doesn't like to make money? Such wealth, as we regularly see, buys power and influence. But unfortunately, it's not often for the greater good.

Our society creates sick people with "normal" behaviors and habits, then spends exponentially to "treat" them - and uses methods that don't even address the root causes or real problems. Even by eliminating processed, acidic, sugared and chemical-laden sodas and junk foods, we'd really only be beginning to take the steps of what could be done to eliminate most diseases globally.

If you don't like the system that's keeping people sick, one of the most powerful things you can do is keep yourself healthy and avoid spending your money there. It wouldn't actually be that difficult to shift the power structures around, but it would require the participation of a lot more people.


About the author

Kim Evans is a natural health writer and author of Cleaning Up! The Ultimate Body Cleanse. Cleaning Up! offers deep cleansing and using methods in this book, people have gotten rid of dozens of different types of health problems, as well as just losing excess weight, thinking more clearly, and feeling better.

Kim's next book chronicles events in her life that happen to match patterns in the Bible. She's also found three places in the Bible that tell us its about these patterns and even asking you to match them.
Here's a little from the upcoming book...
In Isaiah 22:20, it says, "And it must occur in that day that I will call my servant, namely Eliakim." But, because these prophecies are cryptic and they aren't meant to be understood until they are understood, it's only the last three letters.
A few lines later, it says, "From the land of Kittim it has been revealed to them."
Here, you just take out any three middle letters, and again, it's the name of the person bringing you this message, or the sacred secret of the prophecy. Actually, if you take those two passages, Kim is about the only name you can get from both of them.
In Numbers 1:1 1:18, it's talking about "the family" and mentions Pagiel. It also twice mentions February 1st, (Kim's birthday) and then says that the youngest is 20 years old. Kim's little sister Paige is currently 20 years old.
In Chronicles 1 11:20 it mentions the brother of Joab and then in the same sentence uses the word brandishing. Kim's middle name is Jo and her older sister's name is Brandi. There are other patterns to her sisters too but these sort of mention them by name.
Of course, it helps if you know that there is a magical spiritual reality available that comes deep cleansing and often major dietary upgrades. It's also why Jesus was teaching the same thing, if you find his teachings in the Essene Gospel of Peace. In this text, he even says things like, "You'll never see the father unless you clean your colon." But, this is paraphrased...
In the Bible Jesus says things more like, happy are those who wash their robes, as they can enter the tree of life. The tree of life is elsewhere explained as God's paradise. He also said, first clean the inside of the cup and then the outside will also be clean.
Kim's book Cleaning Up! is here http://www.cleaningupcleanse.com. You can also preorder The Sacred Prophecies Have Been Fulfilled
here. It shouldn't be long.

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