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A Money Grabbing Tool is Owned and Operated by the Pharmaceutical Industry

Saturday, July 18, 2009 by: Christopher Gussa
Tags: health care, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) "Health care" and what we need doctors for are two 100% different things. Until we realize this and admit it within the medical system then "health care" will remain nothing more than "a money grabbing tool owned and operated by the pharmaceutical industry".

The following statement may seem like it goes against all you were taught in school or what your parents taught you and it may even seem like it goes against common sense. But in this day and age it could absolutely save your life. It will at least prevent you from having a compromised, drug addicted, much less then full healthy life. The statement is this:

"If you are concerned about a common health problem (Blood pressure, cholesterol, heart arrhythmias, angina, blood sugar, common flu and colds, etc.) or even if you suspect cancer or anything else but do not have a traumatic emergency (Broken bones, gunshot wounds, cardiac arrest, etc) then stay far away from the main stream medical system. Don't even get your toes in the water! The last thing you ever want to do is tell a common MD".

The biggest problem with our doctors is convenience. Doctors are best served in the emergency rooms for true life saving care. Anyone watching doctors work in the ER rooms can tell you they are really working (many times with amazing speed, endurance and efficiency)! These ER Docs are real life savers and true heroes.

However the word "Work" is not as easily accepted by most doctors. After they have "paid their dues" in the ER rooms, they all look forward to the opportunity to have a nice quite office. Here, they can juggle between 100 or more patients daily giving each one a few minutes of conversation and enough time to write an often deadly prescription dictated by Big Pharma. Ah! Now this is so much more convenient.

Many of us know drug companies are doing a great evil by dominating the commercial TV ads, convincing us that "this is the way to better health". It's quite obvious they control the doctors' protocol when in these ads they ask you to, "Ask your doctor". In this way they have their drug pushing technique in perfect line for executing! They can then simply lower their deadly ax on your health. Most people swallow this hook line and sinker. Then, in the most deceiving of all statements, they say, "Ahem, as you can see the life expectancy has gone up so much in the last 100 years; this is of course due to all the wonderful drugs we now have and are continuing to develop!"

This is of course, pure Hogwash! Did anyone ever stop to think that the work industry is now mostly not hard dangerous physical labor anymore? And we don't have to battle the elements of heat, cold, wind and rain like we did? And the fact is that many of us retire at around 55-60 which was when hard working men and women used to die. Then think about the fact that in spite of this the life expectancy is, as of late, on the downward curve. Then add this to the equation:

The estimated total number of iatrogenic deaths, that is deaths induced inadvertently by a physician or surgeon or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedure, in the US annually is 783,936. (2002) It is evident that the American medical system is itself the leading cause of death and injury in the US! By comparison, approximately 699,697 Americans died of heart problems in 2001, while 553,251 died of cancer.

In April, 2002 the Journal of American Medicine itself reported that "properly prescribed" legal drugs killed 106,000 Americans each year, due to toxic reactions. That's more than twenty times the number of Americans killed by illegal drugs, estimated at 5,212. Will politicians declare a War on the Pharmaceutical Drug Pushers? Of course not!

So why are we spending $17 billion on the War on Drugs and not including the biggest Drug Pushers and killers of all which are the pharmaceutical companies?

The cures are all in the plants, the whole plants, not isolated molecular compounds. If we had a medical system that truly cared about health instead of profits, doctors could do what most of them really want to do and we would have an average life span of at least 90 years with happy smiles on our faces! We need a medical system that cares about our health in the natural from its very beginning all the way to the end of our lives. God handed us this system with the plants of the earth. All we have to do is use it. It's still here and God's still here. They never left us at all! Why did we abandon them?

Sources: The late Dr. Wen Zhi from The U of A, Gary Null PhD, Carolyn Dean MD ND, Martin Feldman MD, Debora Rasio MD, Dorothy Smith PhD

About the author

Christopher Gussa founded Plant Cures Inc. which handcrafts over 150 Serious Herbal Medicine Products for Specific Disorders all created through clinical application. Their products are for Serious Disease and also Powerful Tonic Health. Please visit Plant Cures at WWW.PLANTCURES.COM or call them at 1-800 979 2027
Christopher Gussa is a formulator of Natural Medicine. He is also a TCM practitioner and Certified Master / Clinical Herbalist for 30 years. He is certified in both Western Herbal Therapy and Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine.
Chris Gussa: "Plant Cures is currently working with over 9,000 medicinal plants to bring about healing through the true science of combining the whole energies of whole plants. A plants energy is from its whole part. (flowers, fruit, leaves, stems, roots etc) While the "science" of seeing some of the isolated molecular constituents in food and herbs can be interesting at times, there is no "one magic ingredient" in any plant. (You would think it would be science trying to tell you this type of logic, instead of me) But no! They would rather play this childish game of trying to find the "Pot of gold" in a plant so they can synthesize it and dazzle the FDA with a "New Drug" that will most likely cause the usual death and destruction!
Here is a link to musicial message called "Pharmaceutical Drug Guys" Let's Give Big Pharma The Boot!

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