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David Rainoshek

David Rainoshek Part III: The Who, What, When, Where and Why of Juice Feasting

Monday, July 06, 2009 by: Kevin Gianni
Tags: David Rainoshek, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Rawkathon, which can be found at http://www.Rawkathon.com. In this excerpt, David Rainoshek shares on juice feasting.

Rawkathon with David Rainoshek. David Rainoshek is raw foodist and co-creator of juicefeasting.com.

Kevin: You're the juice feasting guy. Tell more about juice feasting.

David: I'm one of the juice feasting guys. I'm one of the representatives of this thing out there, this entity that we call juice feasting. The person who discovered it was my good friend and colleague, John Rose, in Houston, Texas. He'd been doing it for about 10 years when I came onto the scene. John was calling it juice fasting, sometimes he'd use juice feasting as a descriptive term. They had coached several thousand people at the point they came in contact with me.

I was so sick; I was willing to hear anything. He said, "You need to eat raw foods and you need to go on this juice fast." I said, "OK, tell me what to do." He said, "You need to get a little press-style juicer and you need to drink about a gallon of juice a day, or more." I said, "Whoa! I've juice- fasted in the past, but that was like a couple of quarts of juice, max. I mean, I didn't really have any amounts." So I started drinking a gallon of juice every day. In three months all my symptoms were gone, I'd lost 50 pounds; I felt amazing. I said, "I've got to teach other people about this."

It took me about two-and-a-half years for it finally to [knock noise] dawn on me that we really needed to call this "juice feasting." And the reason that I call it "juice feasting," is because it's really not a fast; it's a cleanse. But you're giving your body every calorie that it requires. You're getting all the fat, all the protein, all the carbohydrate that you need, all the phyto-nutrients, probiotics and so forth. All the nutritional elements that we want out of our food, you're getting from a juice feast, with the exception of fiber.

You're not getting fiber for a very good reason. It's because you actually turn your body onto houseclean, just as if you're on a water fast or a juice fast. When your body doesn't have to work very hard to access the nutrition, it will start to clean house. When there's no fiber, or very little fiber going through your intestinal tract and your colon, all this other matter that's been in there for a long time that's caked onto the sides, starts to fall away. Stuff that's in diverticuli that people may have in their colons start to come back out and leave the body. And because the colon and the intestinal tract empty out, the body realizes that, oh, hey, I can move more stuff down there, and so it will do that.

Four goals of juice feasting or any cleanse: You want to cleanse; you want to rebuild, re-hydrate and alkalize. We want to cleanse out the 65,000 toxins that are in the environment that humans have created--we want to get all of that stuff out of there. We want to cleanse out all of the toxic fats that are in our system. We want to cleanse ourselves of any other heavy metals that are there. We want to rebuild.

Rebuilding, what does that mean? You've got cells that are damaged from the diet that you've been eating, the fact that you've been dehydrated--which we'll get to in a second; you want to rebuild all those. You want your body to shed the old cells and rebuild new ones. You want to save the cells that are kind of healthy, but they just need to be rebuilt a little bit. So you've got to rebuild in that way. Also you want to rebuild your musculature. A lot of us (have) been sitting at the computer for a long time--you know how that is--and so you want to feel good enough that you actually get out and exercise and start to build some muscle. Because the more muscle you have, the lower your blood sugar is going to be and that's really good. About 1/3 of Americans right now are pre-diabetic and they don't even know it. That's about 100 million people, right now. So, strong body and active body, really good.

So cleanse, rebuild, re-hydrate--we're about 90% water when we're born. We're closer to 50 or 60% water when we die. Being dehydrated, basically, compromises every function in the body: the ones that you're going to see, the immune system function, mental functions.. Your joints are also going to dry up though, and they're going to start to hurt.

So, a lot of people come to us to do juice feasting and they have osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. That gets fixed. [snaps fingers] Just like that. They've got problems--in big joints, it even works. They've got acid reflux disease. That gets fixed, actually just by re-hydrating yourself. That's what I had. I was just dehydrated, basically. I had low alkaline minerals.

So cleanse, rebuild, re-hydrate and alkalize. That's the last one. The most important alkalizing mineral--organic sodium. Where's a good place to get that? Bok choy or celery--two really good sources of it. We suggest on a juice feast you get in about a head of celery every day, enough to re-supply organic sodium. The reason it's so important is because organic sodium lines the lining of the stomach to keep the stomach acid in your stomach from burning a hole right through the wall of your stomach. The other thing that it does is it serves to alkalinize the acid mixture coming from the stomach down in the small intestine. This may sound boring, but it's really important because when that acid mixture comes down the small intestine if your body cannot alkalinize it, if it doesn't have enough organic sodium, then it will line the intestinal wall temporarily with mucus. What that also means is you don't absorb the nutrition from your food. This happens for a lot of people with the lower parts of the spectrum of diet. They've got a lot of mucus lining the small intestine, and they're not accessing the nutrition they get.

How much nutrition comes through the wall of the small intestine? According to Dr. Richard Anderson who wrote "Cleanse and Purify Thyself", about 90 percent of your nutrition comes through the wall of the small intestine, and it has to be alkaline first because your blood is alkaline. That's one of the reasons that we know that we are herbivores. Our blood is alkaline. Our saliva is alkaline. Our urine is alkaline. Carnivores: acid blood, acid urine, acid saliva, all three.

Kevin: So what are three important qualities that you can develop in order to move up the spectrum?

David: So I like to talk about Roshi Philip Kapleau and the Three Pillars of Zen. He talks about these three things that you develop - faith, doubt and determination. Faith, faith in yourself. Faith in the diet that you're eating, whatever level on the spectrum that you're at. Faith in the people that are teaching you at that level of the spectrum. You've got to develop that. It's got to be a rock-solid, unshakeable faith in what it is that you're doing at the point that you're at. That's faith..

Doubt. Doubt that your current level of health, or your current reality, is the way it's going to stay because everything is impermanent. You've got to doubt that. You've got to develop a strong doubt mass, is what they call it in Zen Buddhism, a doubt mass that what conventional society is telling you about the importance of food is not the case and that food is far more important than we've ever been told. We're being sold information that's not true. So a huge doubt mass. A doubt mass that you're going to stay at the place that you're at. You are actually going to transform and you doubt that things are going to stay the way they are.. When you feel really bad, like, "There's no way I could possibly feel better," not true. The possibility for healing is infinite. So find out how you get the spectrum of diet to access that.

Faith, doubt, the last one is determination. Determination comes from Vegan 2.0, getting out there with other people and seeing people's success. That drives your determination. It also builds faith too. So doing that. Also, determination comes from knowledge. So reading the really important books out there at whatever level of the spectrum that you're at and saying to yourself, "I'm determined not to stay at the place that I'm at." Write down your goals and make sure that your goals are not just at an ego-centric level but they're also socio-centric and world-centric. I eat as an act of love for the benefit of all beings. That's it.

Those are the three things - faith, doubt and determination. Absolutely imperative.

Kevin: Wow, that's great. Say that again, I eat for--

David: I eat as an act of love for all beings.

Kevin: Great. I want to thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate it.

For more from this excerpt of the Rawkathon, plus 14 other amazing raw food interviews, please visit http://www.Rawkathon.com.

About the author

Kevin Gianni is a health advocate, author and speaker. He has helped thousands of people in over 85 countries learn how to take control of their health--and keep it. To view his popular internet TV Show "The Renegade Health Show" (and get a free gift!) with commentary on natural health issues, vegan and raw food diets, holistic nutrition and more click here.

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