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Troy Casey

Interview with Troy Casey: The Certified Health Nut

Sunday, April 12, 2009 by: David Hestrin
Tags: Troy Casey, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) Troy Casey is currently a field correspondent for Discoveryʼs Planet Green Network and a full time Dad. Through the popular internet medium YouTube, Troy is well known as "The Certified Health Nut" producing hundreds of thousands of views of videos on topics ranging from natural childbirth, native healing ceremonies, and the attitudes of so-called conventional medicine. I caught up with Troy in Los Angeles.

David: Forgive me... can you sum your work up in a nutshell?

Troy: The Certified Health Nut is multi-media edutainment to assist in the conscious shift and the co-creation of PEACE ON EARTH.

David: Fair enough. How did you become The Certified Health Nut?

Troy: Training started early; my parents were hippies in the Haight-Ashbury part of San Francisco during the 60ʼs so I was able to formulate thoughts outside the box from the get go. As a boy I lived in nature on a lake until at 14 my parents got busted by the FBI. I started out on my own so I had to learn to fend for myself and doctors just weren`t in the budget. I spent time incarcerated as a juvenile and learned how to build muscle and exercise. In my 20ʼs, I went to Europe for a modeling career and quickly learned holistic nutrition to keep healthy and lean. Herbs, juicing and fasting to clean my organs became my biggest interest as this cut to the chase of all traditional medicine! Living in the fast lane as a high fashion model I partied like a rock star and it developed into a serious problem.

David: So you were aware of holistic nutrition and lived life in the fast lane at the same time... did this feel like a contradiction?

Troy: Of course, but I was young. At the time, I was enjoying it and learning lifeʼs lessons the hard way. I would drink scotch for breakfast, chain smoke, snort coke and dance all night until I got sick... then do a juice fast, skin brush, saunas and take dandelion for my liver. It was a very exciting paradoxical balance. When I finally sobered up, it took me 4 1/2 years of relapsing; holistically, I realized I had to deal with the mental, emotional and spiritual components of my health to lick the addiction.

I had moved to LA for acting and comedy and realized for me it wasnʼt Sin City but the City Of Angels as I met so many people involved in health and healing. An actor turned me on to Vipassana meditation (10 day courses in silence), and this was an incredible conscious awakening/turning point for me. I started to take responsibility for every aspect of my reality. I began to attract many conscious people and learned about indigenous healers and shamanic medicine. I worked with traditional Maori Healers for 7 years who helped me release a lot of childhood trauma, concurrently studying Dr. Richard Shultzeʼs wild American herbs and cleansing techniques. Later a girlfriend reconnected me to nature with hiking and camping. I became inspired by the value of the natural world for restoring energy whilst living in the concrete jungle. Soon after I was introduced to sacred ceremony. During a ceremony in Mt. Shasta someone turned me on to wild Amazonian plants from the Amazon Herb Company. I had just finished a 10 day fast so I was clean, clear and high and those herbs took my health and consciousness to yet another level of awakening. Not only did the Herbs scrub mucosal plaque out of my recently cleaned body but I awakened to my purpose on the Planet. Having healed my alcoholism/drug addiction/self destructive nature, I started to share my information and teach people what I had learned in seminars on optimal health. During my first trip to the Rain Forest with "Amazon John" I stayed in the Amazon by myself for 3 weeks to do Ayahuasca. And during one ceremony I had the vision of the Certified Health Nut, the subsequent body of work can be seen on YouTube and is what got me hired for Discovery.

David: How did you get started with YouTube? How do you think it`s changing how information, knowledge, and wisdom are spread?

Troy: June 2006 I was in the Amazon researching natural medicine. I had a vision/knowing pop into my head about The Certified Health Nut that made me bust out laughing in the middle of an Ayahuasca ceremony. Soon after I came home, I realized YouTube was a new reality. I spent a grand on video equipment, started filming on all my trips, bought a Macbook and got one-to-one tutoring for editing at the Mac store. The natural progression can be seen on my "videos" page: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=certifie...

YouTube is incredible! It is the #3 visited site on the internet and is owned by the #2 site Google, which means video is now at the top of the #1 search engine on Earth! Videos and messages on natural medicine are getting attention that before only one dimensional text could convey. It allows me to level the playing field of disinformation/misinformation of mainstream media by giving people entertaining anecdotes they can THINK about. The attraction of YouTube videos is the raw/real feel. AND I got hired to work for Discovery right off the internet.

David: And you`ve got an upcoming television program?

Troy: Yes. My management team and I are producing The Certified Health Nut TV series, the essence of what is on youtube for Network. Concurrently developing it on a large scale for the internet and Podcast, as this is the future medium. The Hollywood pitch is: The Crocodile Hunter and The Daily Show meets Natural Medicine. On the prowl, engaging mankind back to nature, The Certified Health Nut scours the planet for the Truth and the Fountain of Youth.

David: A lot of your work is focused on the power of herbs. Have you seen major health changes through use of wild herbs?

Troy: Increased energy, mental clarity, balance and harmony to my endocrine system exhibited as lean muscle mass without lifting weights, increased libido, regeneration, rejuvenation, a new level of life experience, so much so that after years of meditating I was guided to stop because of the clarity I felt I no longer needed it. It makes sense when you get into the biochemistry. Strong genetic codes come from biodiversity; the Amazon is the most bio-diverse place on Earth. Wild is the top of the food chain for power, grown in virgin soil so your body has available the complete mineral matrix: including Gold and Platinum, in a BALANCE for conductivity, subsequently giving and receiving information with more ease resulting in deeper relaxation.

David: So you have been seeing direct results...

Troy: Everyone loves the herbs! "I have never felt so clear" is the #1 statement I hear. Everyone has incredible stories! My fellow Amazon Ambassador, Nick Mastripietro, was on Lexapro for depression, and after one month on Pure Camu he does not need drugs! My friend Don, in Miami, whoʼs dad took Graviola and a Health Pack for a few months before scheduled brain tumor surgery, cancelled it after the doctors could not find the tumor. As an Explorer CEO, "Amazon John", contracted Hep. B from rocky mountain spotted fever and had a near death experience only to be revived by an ancient shamanic blend of botanicals we now use in our Treasure Tea, the impetus for the company 18 years ago. Or me, who had genital herpes all my adult life and havenʼt had an outbreak in 3 years since our Pure Camu came out. There is massive documentation and R&D (Research and Development) on these plants by big pharma trying to make them into drugs. 42% of all drugs get their footprint in the Amazon but obviously drugs create toxic side effects; wild food grade herbs do not as they have the co-factors intact to balance and harmonize the energy.

David: I see you interviewing Doctors on your show and they seem flabbergasted! What did you talk to them about?

Troy: Nut is curious and The Nut engages medical doctors like anyone else; this usually gets their panties in a twist because in our society we put them up on a pedestal. The AMA, FDA, CDC and our many laws mandate their expertise but when you scratch the surface you see that they are very limited in their scope. These people are human and make mistakes all the time, especially prescribing toxic drugs that later get recalled. So Nut likes to ask where they get their info and most quote drug reps/salesmen. The Nut is curious as to why that is! The Nut is simply on a mission to ask basic, simple, "stupid" questions circumventing complex nonsense propagated as fact that pervades the "civilized" world. Common sense was given up long ago for biased "scientific" research. This is what makes him a Nut: He has no degree; his thoughts are left field; and he believes the natural world has intelligent design. The modern world clearly is designed to benefit the bottom line at the expense of our fellow brothers & sisters and the Nut wonders why... out loud. Let me be very clear though, emergency medicine is handy in a pinch and I am grateful for the expertise of some medical knowledge.

David: It sounds like you`re achieving higher states of being without drugs! That`s what I love about the energy in your work - you`re confronting the major issues while having a great time.

Troy: Yes, I feel the conscious shift we are all going through on this planet right now is about awakening to just that: It is an absolute gift to be a human being living on planet Earth! We are not slaves; we humans are the most technologically advanced piece of equipment in the universe, POWERFUL co-creators. You ever hear how we only use a small percentage of our brains? We have gotten so far away from the natural world and our direct connection to source by the subjugation of the human mind through religions, governments, media, education and corporations. It is unsustainable and clearly coming to an end quick. What is emerging is an emanation of the infinite that is in all of us waiting to be awakened. The time is now and as the Hopi say - "we are the ones we have been waiting for". 2012 is the transformation of consciousness and the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT. I hold the vision we clean the air, water soil and co-create peace on earth! How high will we all be swimming naked, mainlining free super foods on a daily basis, enjoying life instead of this weird mechanism we call work and traffic?

David: That`s a powerful message! What`s the reaction like?

Troy: The reaction has been great. Most people write me to say they are inspired by where I go, how I live and what I do. They like that my message is embedded in the "nuttery" and how the nut does not take himself seriously. Many often write about how inspired they are to change their lifestyle and how I helped shift their attitude or remind them of the beauty of the earth. I hear the gratitude for OPTIONS on choices like natural child birth, Ayahuasca instead of chemo or working with Amazon John and being involved in sustainable business as an eco-entrepreneur in today`s economy.

David: We`ll have to speak again about sustainability and eco-entrepreneurship. For now are there any words you`d like to leave the readers?

Troy: The great Maori shaman Papa Joe taught me about authenticity and purpose stating: "If you are not creating a legacy for the benefit of your grand childrenʼs great grandchildren (7 generations) you are wasting others peoples oxygen! The Certified Health Nut is my contribution to consciousness.

About the author

David Shlomo Hestrin is the author of The "Cure" For Blur an e-book written to help people improve their eyesight naturally by improving their relaxation and enjoyment of life. He also does health and nutritional research for the Better Earth Institute.

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