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Morgellons: Trisha Springstead Shares Her Treatment and Prevention Protocol

Monday, March 30, 2009 by: Barbara L. Minton
Tags: Morgellons, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) Morgellons is the newest and most terrifying of the diseases that have emerged in recent years. It is currently under investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and is reaching pandemic status not only in the U.S. but in many other parts of the world. Its sufferers almost always report some history of exposure to dirt in some form, such as gardening, camping, farming, or involvement where dirt was being moved and particles were in the air. Agrobacterium typically lives in soil, and the widespread use of Agrobacterium in genetic engineering of plants coupled with the fact that Agrobacterium can infect human cells, points to the possibility of genetic engineering as the etiology of Morgellans. With the disease spreading like wildfire and so many unanswered questions remaining, the best approach for prevention and treatment is to get the body in a condition where it is not receptive to the disease, or to create an environment that is no longer hospitable to continuation of the disease.

Patient advocate, nurse, and authority on Morgellons, Trisha Springstead says the treatment for the disease is also the prevention. Keeping every aspect of the body in tip top condition must be a priority. This involves maintaining the body`s integrity on every level so that any invitation to Morgellons is cancelled. Trisha agreed to an interview to share her treatment and prevention protocol with NaturalNews readers.

Barbara: Trisha, your ability to reach out to Morgellons victims with compassion and caring really came through in the NaturalNews interview we did just a few weeks ago. I know you have been extremely busy responding to people wanting your advice and guidance.

Trisha: Yes, it`s been incredible. It took me three years to hear from approximately 600 people reporting their disease to me, and since the article I`ve heard from over 1,000 more, just in the matter of a few weeks. When it got to a thousand, I stopped counting. I really need to find a secretary. Wonderful people are also emailing me wanting to help.

People are reporting their disease from everywhere, Minnesota, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Massachusetts, Texas, Georgia. I`ve heard from people in Canada, England, Scotland and Australia. I received an email that was in Chinese that I couldn`t read. Most of them want to find a doctor. I am trying to get more doctors to see these people. So far there is Dr. Amelia Withington in Virginia; Dr. Cheryl Reed, in Tampa, Florida; Dr. Jergens Winkler in Oceanside, California; Dr. James Matthews in Maryland; and also Dr. Gary Smith in Alabama. There is Dr. Susan Kolb in Atlanta, and Dr. Peterson in Citrus, Florida, and few others. These are all really good people, kind doctors who don`t have any problem getting their patients on homeopathic medicine or natural products.

I`ve also been trying so hard to find MD Naturopaths who will see these patients. All these sufferers are screaming out for validation. I`ve even been asked by the Social Security Administration to become an expert witness for people who need SSI/Disability and who are really suffering.

In your articles you put together a picture that makes sense. People feel better about coming out of hiding. Finally they can look beyond all the misunderstanding and see the misuse of Agrobacterium in our seeds and crops. They can get some understanding of why they are sick. Biochemists and scientists are playing around with horrible things. They are Frankenscientists. Monsanto should be shut down along with Dow Chemical.

Barbara: I am happy to hear that the last interview made so many people confident enough to email or call you. I am afraid there are still many more people who have just about given up on themselves. What are you able to do for people who call you?

Trisha: I ask them questions about their symptoms. Some of the symptoms that really suggest they have Morgellons are:

Hearing buzzing in the head or high pitched sound
Seeing floaters behind the eyes
A change in the sense of smell
A change in the sense of taste
Problems with time and space, and forgetfulness
Feeling like they are a magnet, and like they are attracting things
Feeling like they are surrounded by strange debris
Seeing fibers coming from the skin
Seeing flecks that glow like Christmas tree sparkles

These fibers and flecks are not planetary smart dusts implanted in our bodies by aliens or from chemtrails like some people imagine. They are PCBs from the environment as a result of toluene toxicity. Vectors carry this too, so it is transmitted not only by long periods of exposure to toluene and its relatives, but it is also vector borne.

Lastly, I ask them if they have seen parasites, and I tell them they can be very honest with me because I am not going to judge them. Ninety percent of the people who have called me have answered "yes" to this question. I am crying tears of joy here, because you came into my life and so have all the wonderful doctors who have stepped up to the plate to help these patients. These doctors love truth. More doctors will get involved in an honest way when we can take the voodoo and conjecture out of this disease.

I counsel these people and talk to them about their lives. I try to tell them that God did not give them this disease but that God will take it away though the good people in life. It is going to be okay, through caring for themselves and going back to what their grandmothers used to do they will get better. I don`t want them to forget their spirituality and start viewing themselves as victims.

Barbara: Let`s talk about your treatment and prevention protocol. What you told me when we discussed this interview made it sound a lot like an anti-cancer protocol.

Trisha: It is an anti-cancer protocol. Hulda Clark had it right when she wrote, The Cure for All Cancers. Environment is crucial. Everything harmful in the environment should be removed. No dangerous pesticides and cleaning products. Clean with vinegar, baking soda and salt. Use only organic cleaning products. This stuff breeds in petroleum and the skin care products used by people in this country are loaded with methylparabens, propylparabens, ureas, and dangerous chemicals that are causing horrible endocrine disruption. Use no fragrance products or oils. They are made up of 400 undeclared chemicals. Use only 100% organic plant derived essential oil fragrance. Do not use antibacterial soaps or products. They are neurotoxins and not effective ways of dealing with this emerging pandemic. Don`t use chemical strippers on your skin that contain mineral oils, petroleum, or parabens. Women must stop abusing their skin in the name of beauty. High acid products are pulling the proteins out of the largest organ of their body, their skin. Use only organic soaps that are made the old fashioned way with plant derived oils, not lanolin or tallow.

Clean green. Laundry products should be plant derived. No chemical surfactants, bleach, or ammonias. Use only safe cleaning products and disinfectants, the kind your grandmother used. There are products and foggers that use cedarwood and other essential oils as active ingredients that can be used for killing bugs in the environment. There are also sprays for the home that contain these ingredients. Get all the products made from petroleum out of your house, anything that has the word proply in it. Get rid of paint cans, glues, adhesives. If you just bought a new house made with paperboard or particle board, get out of it. The glues used in particle board are killers. That new house smell is toxicity. The same for new house additions. It takes several years for the toxic level of a new house or a remodeling job to come down.

Don`t spray DEET on your skin and do not use Roach Prufe or Lemon Scented Raid, which people are using out of desperation. There are non chemical bug repellants on the market that are made with all plant derived ingredients like witch hazel and rosemary. Bugs will not go near these natural repellants.

As for people who already have the disease, they should absolutely use no steroids because they are making the people more ill. And absolutely no chemotherapy. It will kill the disease and the people too. We have a patient in Pennsylvania whose MD wanted to put him on Amphotericin B. Barbara, this will blast the bone marrow and the immune system of these sufferers. I call it Ampho the Terrible because it is so dangerous.

People have got to get their pH levels toward the alkaline end of the spectrum. If they can`t do it with diet at first they can use pH buffers. Use only homeopathic parasite cleansers and colon cleansers. The urine should be kept at a pH of 7 to 7.35. People can get test strips and test their urine twice a day to make sure they are staying to the alkaline side in this range. This is absolutely critical, because parasites like an acid environment.

Vitamin D3 is also critical along with a high quality natural food source multivitamin product. Dr. Cannell from the Vitamin D Council is a really good man and fine doctor. He is right on the money that we have been telling people the sun is bad for them and the incidence of skin cancers has skyrocketed since we started using chemical sunscreens. We need Vitamin D at much higher doses.

Diataomaceous earth is used in cattle feed to kill parasites, funguses and bacteria. It is fossilized hard shell algae and can be used by people too. One teaspoon in four ounces of water for anyone 100 pounds and under, two teaspoons if the body weight is 100 to 150 pounds, and one tablespoon for more than 150 pounds. This should be taken right before bed and nothing else should be consumed until morning.

Many Morgellons patients have mouth problems and are losing their teeth from this. They can mix 16 ounces of hydrogen peroxide with 20 drops of clove oil to make a mouth rinse. Teeth should be brushed with baking soda and salt. People having blurred vision and floaters behind their eyes can use borax eye wash every day.

For people with neurological symptoms there are products on the market that will help by blocking the neuroreceptors so that the toxins do not cross the blood brain barrier. These can reverse the brain fog in some of the sufferers.

The diet must be cleaned up and upgraded. Only organic produce should be consumed if at all possible because it is so critical to avoid anything with petroleum spray residue and chemical fertilizers. And of course all genetically modified food should be strictly avoided. No soy, corn, canola or cottonseed oils should be consumed because these are genetically modified by Monsanto. Jeffrey Smith who wrote the book Seeds of Deception talks about the dangers of genetically modified foods. There is also his website www.theseesofdeception.com. He is a whistleblower on the practices of Monsanto`s misuse of Roundup.

No foods should be eaten that have been injected with hormones, or lunchmeats that have been sprayed with viral phages like deli meats. I am sure there are some good meats out there, but I would ask what preservatives were used on them. If people have to eat meat then it should be free range chicken only.

It is important to keep hormones as strong as possible. So many people have issues with their thyroid. Taking iodine helps keep the thyroid strong and balanced. But I don`t mean the kind of iodine you put on a cut. I mean the nutritional supplement kind. Take it twice a day with either vinegar tablets or a shot of apple cider vinegar. It takes awhile to get the thyroid rebalanced. No chemical hormones should be used in the body for any condition. Bioidentical hormones are the only ones that should be used.

There are good homeopathic antifungal products, and wild Mediterranean or Spanish oregano oil is great for the chest congestion that some get with this disease. I have some that are coughing up worms and mites. Many people want drugs as antifungals, but they are liver toxic so if you must have drugs be sure your doctor checks you liver profiles. 24 hour urines tested for silicone and heavy metals are showing up a lot, and we have to demagnetize these people because some of them feel like "Pig-pen". I have heard complaints that they are attracting everything around them.

Barbara, this is a lifestyle change. People have got to get it that they can not continue to eat low quality food that is devoid of nutrition and loaded with chemicals. They have got to start reading labels and accept responsibility for their own health. We can`t rely on the FDA to tell us what is okay to eat. We have got to figure it out for ourselves. Research ingredients in household and personal care products at the Environmental Working Group site, http://www.cosmeticsdatabase.com/splash.php?.... Empower yourself.

Wash your fruits and vegetables and your hands with 30 drops of liquid grapeseed extract in 32 ounces of clean water. Don`t use common plastic. Everything should be packaged in either glass of non leeching plastics. Drink clean water with lemon or lime in it. Do a cleanse for kidneys, gut and liver. Remember how our grandmas used to clean and what they did before pesticides were invented. They used borax, and they planted gardens with marigolds, geraniums and rosemary around them to keep the bugs away.

Antibiotics should be shunned at all costs unless there is absolutely no alternative. Probiotics should be used to keep the immune system at its best and to make sure the nutrients in food get digested.

I do believe one of the electrical frequency machines on the market would be an acceptable therapy. I haven`t heard of anyone being cured of this with this kind of therapy, but then people who are cured have lost so much of their lives that they just want to forget about Morgellons and get on with it and try to revive their lost years. Morgellons patients are like magnets, and everything in the environment is attracted to them. They have to be demagnetized, and these machines will help, but they also need a good heavy metal detox, along with cleansing. I just received a letter from a family that says they have been cured with the use of stabilized oxygen tablets.

Barbara: A frequency machine would be a form of chelation therapy then?

Trisha: Yes, but many people cannot afford one of these machines. So many of the people I hear from are broke because they have spent a fortune on going to doctors to be abused and told they are delusional. There are doctors out there that are charging thousands up front to dump chemical steroids, antibiotics and antiparasitics into their bodies because that is all they know. I know people have to make a living, but God Almighty, they are making a killing on the misery of these people.

Barbara: It seems that several members of a family may have Morgellons. What can parents do to care for their children who have the disease? And how can parents with the disease keep their children safe?

Trisha: I heard from an infected woman who has a one month old and 8 year old who were just starting to show signs of the disease. She was a smart woman and made some very good points like telling me that with babies and children you have to be so careful not to expose them to chemicals. Babies and small children can be treated with cedarcide products or pure botanical products. She bathed her baby in a small handful of salts and olive oil and rinsed her. Then she bathed her in special botanical soap, and allowed some of the soap to remain on her skin until the next bath. She applied special baby balm over the damp soapy skin. She also left the soap full strength in the baby`s hair. She added olive oil to her hair and let it remain. This all dries clear, and cannot be detected after it is dry. Babies have great immune systems and they bounce back really quickly.

With the eight year old it was much the same. He showered on his own, then applied botanical soap until he was covered in a white lather. He would then blow dry the soap on himself with a blow dryer. Every other day he would follow the same routine, only rinsing lightly, and applying the balm.

If any one reading this wants to report their disease to me so they can be counted in a data base, or if they want specific information about products, they can email me at [email protected].

Barbara: Thanks so much for this information, Trisha. I have do doubt that many people will be helped by it. You are an angel.

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About the author

Barbara is a school psychologist, a published author in the area of personal finance, a breast cancer survivor using "alternative" treatments, a born existentialist, and a student of nature and all things natural.

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