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A Holistic View on Stuttering

Sunday, November 16, 2008 by: Sheryl Walters
Tags: stuttering, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) Stuttering is all too often a frustrating, embarrassing, debilitating disorder that keeps people from achieving their potential. No one is quite certain why one stutters, so it can be difficult to get to the root cause. However, taking action holistically can help to peel off the layers and eventually transform this often painful disorder.

Many young children stutter, but only a small percentage will carry on into adulthood. It is more common among boys, twins, and those who are left handed. It is highly advised to seek help immediately when a stutter is noticed, as it is far easier to help a young child than someone who has been stuttering for years.

Researchers suspect stuttering is stress related and habit forming. Stress increases the tension on the vocal chords. Relieving the body from all types of stress, including nutritional, environmental, and emotional can greatly reduce or even eliminate a stutter. There are also a number of techniques that can keep the vocal chords open and relaxed resulting in an improvement in the stutter.

There is evidence to suggest a connection with Candida, a fungal overgrowth in the body that is associated with tiredness. Anything that causes the body to lack energy can contribute or even cause a stutter. Candida can also affect brain integration. An herbal or homeopathic approach is best to clear it.

Under active adrenal glands are also connected to exhaustion, and have been linked with stuttering. They may be balanced with nutrients such as vitamin C and B, or a change in lifestyle. Coffee, cola, E numbers and sugar are all adrenal gland zappers. They also encourage muscle and vocal tension. According stutter expert Dr. Schwartz, sugar reduction has completely eliminated a stutter in some children, and improve speech overall.

Zinc deficiency has also been known to be a factor in stuttering and other speech disorders. Since Copper fights zinc, it may be helpful to reduce the amount of copper in the environment.
Homeopathy has successfully reversed many cases of stuttering. Take:
•Stramonium when the person is imaginative, red-faced, excitable, and when speech is erratic and irregular.
•Hyoscyamus for those who talk too fast and trip over words
•Zinc for general twitching of limbs
•Caprum is for nervous spasms of face and limbs and when laboured speech gets worse when frightened.
•Agaricus is for nervous tics and when stuttering gets worse with nerves.
•Mercurius for a trembling tongue and too much saliva in mouth
•Nux for people who are irritable and over-critical

Flower essences are another safe and easy way help alleviate the underlying anxiety associated with stuttering. The California essence Cosmos is taken when there is overexcitement and "information overload" (when the mouth can't keep up with the flow of thought). For people who have no problem speaking to friends and acquaintances but stutter when speaking in public, Trumpet Vine may help.

The Australian Bush remedies Bush Fuchsia for courage and clarity when speaking, and Five Corners for rejuvenated self esteem can be taken as a powerful combination.

Some tips that are given by speech therapists and doctors who specialise in stuttering include:

•Pausing and slowing down rather than attempting to keep up with others,
•When muscles tense up, let arms, shoulders, chest and stomach slump and relax. Loosen the tight throat by letting out a little air through the mouth
•Record the stuttering to have a better idea of how it works.
•Practice natural breathing. People who stutter often try to get a sentence out in one breath.

The McGuire Program has helped many people overcome their stutter, including singer Gareth Gates. It is a holistic, sports oriented program dealing with the whole person, as opposed to concentrating upon the mechanics of speech. The program provides techniques to physically overcome the speech blocks and challenging words, while considering the physiological and psychological aspects of stuttering.

It encourages self-acceptance and empowerment through three or four day intensive courses. It helps one to overcome fear of speaking by concentration, assertiveness and non-avoidance techniques, and deals with relapse and what to do should it occur. It facilitates how to challenge and change lifelong negative traits. Personal coaching and support groups are provided, along with a wealth of other supporting services.

About the author

Sheryl is a kinesiologist, nutritionist and holistic practitioner.
Her website www.younglivingguide.com provides the latest research on preventing disease, looking naturally gorgeous, and feeling emotionally and physically fabulous. You can also find some of the most powerful super foods on the planet including raw chocolate, purple corn, and many others.

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