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Just How Significant Is Your Life?

Saturday, June 07, 2008 by: Kal Sellers
Tags: self improvement, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) While creating healing strategies certainly fills a real need and can definitely help relieve suffering, sometimes, it is best to give living water to those who are ill or just anyone who is living life and finding it tough like the rest of us do from time to time.

Even if things are going great, you can benefit from a little peace and joy in your soul, poured in by someone who understands the nature of healing.

Though I am an herbalist, really that is not the most important thing that I am. I am far more valuable as a member of the human race who is compassionate and committed to leaving this world better than I found it.

I have certainly, like many of you, failed to do this from time to time. Sometimes, I have done far more harm than good. Even so, things are not always as they appear -- let me rephrase -- things are almost never as they appear.

Because of this, there are lots of things that we do that impact the world in ways that we cannot foresee or understand at this time.

I have long taught that the very best way to make the world better is to be better. I believe that we will find one day that the quiet, silent, hidden things we do that are good and the very best of their kind or that represent sacrifices to benefit others for which we received no acclaim, are the very things that made the most difference in the world now and for the entire future of it.

It is not the big-appearing battles we fight. Those things are relatively insignificant by comparison.

On that note, it is an interesting study to look at near death experiences and compare them. One does not have to read for very long to realize that the limited perceptions of this life are retained to some extent by the person having the near-death experience.

This is really the only explanation for the vast variations in stories. One thing that does not vary is that at some point, someone indicates that the person is to return to his or her body.

This implies that someone knows they are going back and they are not allowed to "not play by the rules." In other words, they see interesting things that are relevant and useful to them, but it is not necessarily that much more clear than what we see now, in this life, because they are not done with it yet.

Well, this discussion is probably moot, seeing that I have had no such experience and really have no frame of reference except comparison and it is comparison, not contrast that interests me.

To properly discuss comparison, it is important to know about the contrast. The contrast is glaring in NDE's, showing that there are really very few things that are totally agreed upon.

One other thing is always agreed upon in every case without variation. This element illustrates the point for this article.

The point of agreement is this: the things that made the biggest difference in life, to others and to the whole world were always the things that seemed totally insignificant.

I was at a self-improvement seminar and this point was being discussed and the seminar leader said, after highlighting this point, "...so everyone go out there and have an insignificant day!"

The message is this: we cannot plan to do great things because the whole world is wired so that the most good is done when we are not paying attention. All we really can do is work on being the best kind of person we can be.

By the same token, it is not just unlikely, but rather impossible for us to decide how much good we have been to the world. Instead, we only find dead ends when we try to assess ourselves for how much good we are doing in the world. If we decide we are doing good, we will be shocked to find that where we thought we were doing good made little impact, and where we thought nothing of good acts we did, the world shifted on its axis.

To wit, if you can remember the good act, it probably was not that good. If you cannot, you don't know about it. The point is still the same, we do thousands of amazingly good things all the time, though we remain unaware of them. The things we do, as with my healing practice, that seem like things we should pat ourselves on the back for, that is our whole reward and could be about as deep as our impact was -- a pat on the back.

The point I hope to convey, is that we are doing great good for others unaware. We are shifting the world on its axis every day and it is not the stuff we think is important.

This awareness may have been behind the statement of Ghandi, who said, "We must become the change we want to see."

I hope each person will get more committed and actually do more actions in life to make themselves better people with not so much as a shred of vanity in it. The world is wired so that those who think they are swell for doing good to others, actually cannot do much good, while those who work and slave and stress about life and do a thousand things that they are not even thinking about because they are just trying to be good people making life work for themselves and their loved ones, doing some service because it is needed and not for vanity, are the ones who do real good in the world.

This is not just about the interpersonal impact, it is also about the real shifts that happen in the energy of the cosmos when good people are good in private. The whole world is made better.

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. No one can say that s/he is only affecting his/her life. It is not so at all. Rather each of us affects all the rest of humanity and the health of the planet with our choices. This happens using an exponential wave that traverses the world every few seconds.

So choices we make in private, make a difference. This information is not new, actually, and yet, even among new age seekers from hippies to the aquarian cutting edge of today, there is little thought given to the actual implications of this in personal life. All is fine until one is really feeling a lustful urge for something and then all thoughts of a higher life and universal oneness are tossed aside (being awfully inconvenient at such moments).

So how significant is your life? Probably far more than you realize and yet probably less than it could be. The difference will not be found in something big, but in thousands of things small that are the product of the kind of person you become.

Thus, we should become the best people we can, privately, publicly, socially, morally and in all our actions and reactions. This will heal your life and heal the world far more than any other cause you could be involved in. It does require some faith to make use of this information, but it is where the real rewards are stowed.

I am not saying that big causes are unimportant, but historically they have a terrible track record where it is not at all uncommon for them to do more harm than good. Only individual commitments to be better people from within actually do only good in the world.

Until next time,

Kal Sellers, MH

About the author

Kal Sellers, MH currently operates KalsSchool.com and teaches a 2-year curriculum for Natural Medicine, via live teleclasses.
Kal is a Master Herbalist and holds several other certificates and licenses for hands-on healing modalities. He maintains a current practice in the Atlanta area.
Kal and Traci have six children, the last four of which were delivered at home. They live now in Powder Springs, GA where they teach live classes on food and medicine. Kal is also a full time Chiropractic student.

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