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A 21st Century View of the Benefits of Therapeutic Electromagnetism

Monday, May 12, 2008 by: Glen Gordon MD
Tags: magnets, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) Magnetic fields and specialized "antenna" elements that respond to them have existed since planet Earth locked into orbit, and those responsive elements are perturbed or disturbed by solar activity and lightning in a daily activity called the Schumann Resonance. In combination, these systems are the natural balance of things that oversee the evolution of all life on earth by providing information to control and power cell assembly and the functions of life.

The Schumann Resonance (SR) contains frequencies which sweep across planet earth to create several peaks each day at surprisingly regular intervals; one from noon to two PM, which is the period of greatest challenge, and the other from two to four AM, the height of "Restorative Sleep" as recorded by EEGs in sleep laboratories. Basic scientists and clinicians in overlooking the importance of paramagnetic "antenna" elements that transduce electromagnetic forces like the SR will continue to struggle with understanding the importance of the Schumann Resonance and life as we know it in our solar system.

Doctors covering hospitals recognize that increased deaths occur just after 4AM and studies show that Heart Attack deaths occur more frequently from 7:00-10:00 AM than at any other time of day. It is increasingly reported that these deaths reflect the time of day when these naturally occurring EM fields are near their lowest.

How does the Schumann Resonance work for us?

Very important chemicals that include oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, and calcium respond to these electromagnetic fields, and when incorporated into living tissues initiate an information system we could not live without since the signals in this system control protein performance including DNA, protein enzymes, and structural proteins throughout the animal kingdom including man, the whole enchilada you might say.

We know about iron and its response to magnetic fields, but other elements like Zn (600 enzymes and counting), Sulfur (present in several essential amino acids), and Magnesium (enzymes) are highly responsive and constitute a special group of atoms and molecules we call paramagnetic, while another responsive group of elements are called diamagnetic. Some of these elements and several amino acids can be both, however they all generate very specialized energy when stimulated by electromagnetic fields.

Proteins use this specialized energy as information to shape themselves into one of the hundred different ways needed for cell function and life, each shape unique to a different function. Life could not exist if that different shaping or "conformational adaptive response" did not take place at a precise tempo, and every living protein relies on electromagnetic fields to provide it the information and energy to accomplish both activities, i.e. shape change and the tempo of change.

When one's body is disturbed by a changing EM field, paramagnetic atoms begin vibrating differently as the force acting on them changes. In combination with similar vibrations developed in other paramagnetic clusters, they achieve resonance to allow distribution to other areas across substantial distance. This is energy completely natural to the body since it develops from chemicals designed to generate it and are called "normal" mode or elementary vibrations, and by the way, does that sound like a meridian system?

Brownian movement, the collision between atoms, generates energy to make chemical reactions possible. EM fields, via their transduction by paramagnetic/diamagnetic elements (atoms) generate energy and vibrational signals that are processed by proteins to protect the cell from threat or injury. The protein changes this energy makes possible are essential to life, and may explain why "Blockers and Inhibitors", a main drug theme, result in so many side effects and deaths. Blockers may be fine in a football game, but they are chemical overkill in the delicate game of life as evidenced by 200,000 deaths and millions of serious side effects annually.

To be restored to health, cells must have extra energy available, and EM fields are the way nature does it by using radiofrequency EM fields that penetrate deeply, produce little heat, and have no side effects; natural, safe, and effective. We can do the same, even hope for improvement, through technology. The best results for mankind is not to impose man-made solutions on the natural balance of things, but rather to observe and attempt to improve what our observations teach us.

To improve the condition of mankind, we must allow the body to select what, when, and how much energy it needs to heal and learn not to force man-made solutions upon several million years of natural logic. The "we know better" approach employing drugs and needless surgery is what placed us squarely in the middle of today's healthcare meltdown.

What You Should Know About Any Energy Device

Low field strengths are highly effective -- more is not better! Use energy devices that duplicate the earth's weak fields, and the faster the pulse the better the outcome. These antenna compounds respond to harmonic signals and the faster the pulse moves the more harmonics it contains, a fact first demonstrated by a French scientist named Fourier.

Earth's field 0.7 gauss (gauss is a force measurement and forces move objects)

Gravity is a universal force that moves apples and electromagnetism moves electrons that make chemical reactions happen within your body to create the biologic responses we call life.

Therapeutic Field - 1.5 gauss

Diagnostic MRI (static field) - 35,000-50,000 gauss (50 million/yr in USA)

You have to ask about the FDA labeling therapeutic fields "potentially dangerous" when we do 50 million MRI's annually and nobody is looking. All that pales in comparison to electro-pollution which is highlighted by cell phones -- Billions of pulses per second (contrast that to a heart beat at 1 per second) -- that also emit very strong electromagnetic signals so that they reach satellites and cell towers.

A recent Swedish study found more cancer on the side of phone use -- be careful, know the difference between therapeutic and electro-pollution. Use cell phones for 1 hour or less a day, use remote ear-pieces, use cord based home phones (don't allow children under 10 to use cell phones); these are all reasonable efforts to work toward.

What is today's quest?

We must understand more about the capacity to restore equilibrium between antioxidants and free- radicals when the latter surge to sweep us toward death with an injury or illness.

Scientists from Cambridge to Stanford have reported that EM fields can improve antioxidant efficiency up to a hundredfold -- almost immediately. No waiting on the body to play catch-up, EM fields put antioxidants on a level playing field by speeding their ability to change shape to intercept dangerous free-radicals and convert them to harmless water and carbon dioxide. It takes the body 6-12 precious hours to do that normally, and death can occur in the interim.

Our Defense Department (DOD) is brutally slow, but seems interested in using EM fields to stabilize wounded soldiers sliding toward death as they await treatment in combat casualty centers. I have reminded DOD that the Chinese military bureau considers the study of electromagnetism to stabilize wounded soldiers, "a matter of national priority in biophysics".

Imagine what effective electromagnetic technology will mean in Medic One, EORs, Intensive Care Units, Disaster Care Units -- there is no end to the use of this safe, non-invasive universal force that is the natural selection of our body to restore itself -- from 2-4 AM, but we can take it from there!

Here is a place we can do nature one better. We are now able to provide restorative electromagnetic energy any time the body needs it -- That should be the goal for all of us today...

What is tomorrow's promise?

Dr. Reba Goodman of Columbia University is known around the world for her work in electromagnetism and, in working with Columbia University cardiologists and cardiac surgeons, they found a drop in heart attack mortality from 80% to 20% in a test mammal using an old electromagnetic device, which she believes can be done even better with a more modern pulse design.

Dr. Goodman believes the heart attack model makes the use of electromagnetic fields in wounded soldiers -- also facing organ failure and death -- " a no brainer". Many of us believe she is completely correct in that assessment, and what a tragedy if we continue failing them as their lives slip away in the early hours after injury.

Several respected scientists are on record as saying EM technology will replace many drugs and several surgeries, which if not suppressed by powerful interests is tomorrow's promise. Join me in making that promise happen -- let's join together to create a force that initiates electromagnetism's "Tipping Point". It is in our interest to have safe, effective, non-invasive care when we are ill or injured.

About the author

Considered a senior scientist in the field of pulsed electromagnetic field technology Dr Gordon speaks internationally on this topic. Beginning in 1980, he has accumulated the largest clinical experience in the United States in treating human illness and injury.
An admirer of Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, Dr Gordon agrees with her that, "man made solutions imposed upon the natural balance of things diminish the experience of mankind". He sees drugs and surgery reflective of such man-made solutions and has been a pioneer in establishing the universal force of electromagnetism as "the natural balance of things" in tissue restoration after injury and illnes.

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