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The Drug Crisis and the Natural Balance of Living Things

Tuesday, April 15, 2008 by: Glen Gordon MD
Tags: chemicals, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) Nearly a half-century ago, Rachel Carson's Silent Spring exposed chemical insecticides as, "man-made solutions forced upon the natural balance of things that diminishes the experience of mankind". The din of outrage by chemical companies was deafening, yet dying of breast cancer she persevered. Eventually the impact of DDT and other chemicals netted respect around the world for Ms. Carson as a courageous scientist and voice too early silenced in the modern environmental movement.

Ms. Carson's wisdom echoed through my mind recently as I read that medicinal chemicals in cholesterol-lowering agents, blood pressure medications, and heparin are made in China and India with little to no oversight. Did Merck and Bayer, knowing of fatalities from Vioxx and Trasylol, say nothing while "studying the data"? The most staggering gestalt about drug therapy, "200,000 Americans die annually from prescription drug side effects", which experts, and some studies, indicate may be a magnitude of order too small! That number does not include suicide or recreational deaths from prescription drugs; these deaths are while under the care of a professional.

Blunt questions are called for. How many American deaths annually from supervised prescription drugs will be needed for an inquiry instead of excuses? If we fear lead in toys, what about the quality of medicinal chemicals we consume daily? And what of honest disclosure? How many bypass recipients knew they had received Trasylol or that it could result in death as long as five years later? Is consumer access becoming more limited as risk skyrockets? Who is it our agencies and legislators are protecting?

Is there a better way?

There has been since antiquity, and it does reflect the natural balance of things! The tired old saw, "you don't know the mechanism", regarding energy medicine is no longer true. In addition, since only 20% of current medical and surgical care is based on rigorous science, that crippled objection has to end.

Life, the composite outcome of individual cell function throughout our body, is possible only when two energy systems closely synchronize their function to keep cells on track. The primary control of cell function is a low-energy information system that primes proteins to activate a secondary high-energy completion system. If proteins did not process information, their actions would be random and life would be chaos. Imagine expecting to arrive on destination in an airplane with no pilot to co-ordinate information and advance engine power. Proteins are electromagnetically driven human computers that have piloted the levers on life for billions of years.

Recovery from illness and injury mandates that each of the 10,000 proteins making up every cell in our body process information to achieve an outcome - every second of our life. Healing results when the dictionary of signals they receive from outside the cell or outside the body cause proteins to change their shape like a chorus line of dancers to support cell survival; there is nothing random about it.

A billion and a half years after this sophisticated system of computational processing was established in all proteins, the first nerve network appeared in jellyfish; cranial nerves and a brain weren't to appear for a half billion more. How can it be said this system isn't feasible because it has no nerve connections? It did just fine without them for billions of years.

The chorus line precision of protein shape change or computational adaptation must occur at all times. If a "blocker" chemical slows, stops, or alters this protein tempo of life, it compromises cell recovery from illness or injury, which increases vulnerability to inflammatory chemicals that can rapidly kill it, the organ system or you and I.

Knowing how this information control system functions will allow us to design technologies that duplicate nature to get us over an illness or injury. Technology, not drugs, will allow pre-emptive prevention of cell death or injury by stimulating "chaperone" proteins, like HSP 70, that assist cell survival before they are threatened. Columbia University scientists demonstrated one 20-minute treatment decreased death rates in heart attack from 80% to 20% in white rats. Imagine what that could mean for the 60% of human heart attacks that are incomplete when first seen in clinics and emergency rooms. That's the natural balance we should all expect for our lives.

About the author

Considered a senior scientist in the field of pulsed electromagnetic field technology Dr Gordon speaks internationally on this topic. Beginning in 1980, he has accumulated the largest clinical experience in the United States in treating human illness and injury.
An admirer of Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, Dr Gordon agrees with her that, "man made solutions imposed upon the natural balance of things diminish the experience of mankind". He sees drugs and surgery reflective of such man-made solutions and has been a pioneer in establishing the universal force of electromagnetism as "the natural balance of things" in tissue restoration after injury and illnes.

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