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Applying New Universal Healing Principles in 4 Simple Steps

Friday, February 08, 2008 by: Kal Sellers
Tags: healing modalities, health news, Natural News

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(NewsTarget) Today you might find a vast array of healing options before you. How can you know what to do with all these options? What can you do to ensure success in healing or getting the results you are seeking? In fact, no matter what your healing approach, you are going to be using one or more of the four steps we shall discuss in this article.

If you are just beginning to work on a problem, you might just be using one of these steps. If you have been at it for a while, you probably have been exposed to all four.

It has been suggested that any disease can be cured naturally, using the remedies nature provides freely. What is secretly attached to that statement, though, is the individual need for variance. Even for one person, the need from issue to issue can vary widely.

You might, for example, heal your high blood pressure by using my version of Dr. James A. Duke's blood pressure juice remedy:

1) Fresh juice of 4 stalks of celery, 2 buttons of garlic, 1 dime-sized bundle of parsley and 2 carrots.

2) To the finished juice, add a healthy pinch of cayenne pepper.

3) This is used every day as often as any amount of blood pressure medication is taken usually as a one-for-one replacement for blood pressure medication.

On the other hand, you might have another condition, like arthritis, which might require far more than just taking one supplement to be symptom free. It is just not readily obvious what an individual's healing needs are. Because of this, great natural healers have developed a 4-part template that can be utilized to begin small and grow to whatever level is needed to create complete healing of any condition.

The four-part healing template goes as follows:

1. Reduce the burden

2. Use specific medicine

3. Change the image in your mind

4. Heal your life

Each of these needs some qualification and explanation.

1. Reduce the burden:

This might include cleansing, doing a juice fast or a master cleanser fast, eating raw plant food, eating vegan food, doing proper food combining, changing your circumstances to eliminate a social or physical burden, eliminating a bad habit, reducing caloric intake, getting into a hyperbaric chamber, getting a massage, getting a chiropractic adjustment, getting acupuncture, etc. This part could also include using electromagnetic therapies, which function largely to eliminate wastes and compression on the adjacent tissues.

The list of possibilities here is endless. I have my clients do some cleansing, go on the diet found in "Traci's Transformational Health Principles" and begin changing their thinking to have peace, optimism and gratitude in their hearts.

2. Use specific medicine:

This might mean using an herb that goes to a specific area, like ginkgo goes to the brain. The specific herb might get combined with something that will heal that area, like putting carrot tops with ginkgo to heal the glands in the brain. It also might include specific nutrition, dried animal parts, homeopathic preparations, essential oils, enzymes or an almost unlimited array of medicines, therapies and technology.

The idea is to target the area with healing energy and food. It also might include acupuncture or mind-body healing. Louise L. Hay's book "Heal Your Body A-Z" gives specific thought patterns associated with specific parts of the body or diseases.

3. Change the image in your mind:

This step is less generic than the previous two. Nevertheless, any person desiring to heal must be able to picture often or always an image of the area or situation needing healing as it is when it is perfectly well. It is ideal if the person believes that it has already healed and that they are just working out the details with their medicines and therapies.

This might involve transforming patterns of thinking that are negative into ones that are positive.

Frequently, I have my clients hold an image of the area of the body in question for just a fraction of a second. They see it as totally well, right now. Not in a process, but complete in that moment. Then they immediately let it go and they do not think about it again until they are reminded to do so by pain or something they see or think about, which reminds them.

They should try to do this 20-30 times per day and take no more than a second or two to do the whole process.

4. Heal your life:

This step might require opening up to an almost endless sea of possibilities too. Mostly, this means giving away, throwing away or selling about 1/3 of what you own in order to simplify things to a manageable level. It involves living cleaner and neater, taking better care of yourself (usually in ways that do not involve money), forgiving someone, forgiving yourself, liking yourself, loving yourself and serving others more and more sincerely.

Healing your life might involve some major changes sometimes. Often it involves taking another look at how spiritually congruent you are (meaning how well you live your ethical and moral standards and ideals).

It will definitely involve transforming yourself into someone who gets more joy and fulfillment out of helping others and doing kindness. It must be a balance of changing yourself and living a more whole life involving making it your business to do good to others as they need it.

It is sad to have to interject that we are not doing good to others based on what we think they need most, but rather based on what they really need and can benefit from right at that moment. It is equally sad to have to warn that the above pattern suggestion is not martyrdom where you abandon all care of yourself for others, but rather involves a relationship of taking care of yourself and others better than you are now doing.

There are not many Mother Theresa-type people out there and maybe if every one of us did a little better than we are now doing, there would not need to be any.

This is the four-step template. It works for anyone and everyone. It can work with just one small part or it might require a different part or perhaps all parts together to work well.

You can plug in herbs, foods, nutrition, homeopathy, massage, chiropractic, Chinese medicine, hydrotherapy or anything you are drawn to. My belief is that the remedies nature provides freely are the best ones, and yet all around you people are doing one or more of these in order to create healing for those who want to work with them. Choose one you like and go to work with this universal template and get what you need and want.

About the author

Kal Sellers, MH currently operates KalsSchool.com and teaches a 2-year curriculum for Natural Medicine, via live teleclasses.
Kal is a Master Herbalist and holds several other certificates and licenses for hands-on healing modalities. He maintains a current practice in the Atlanta area.
Kal and Traci have six children, the last four of which were delivered at home. They live now in Powder Springs, GA where they teach live classes on food and medicine. Kal is also a full time Chiropractic student.

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