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Friday, July 27, 2007
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com (See all articles...)
Tags: the FDA, medical myths, conventional medicine

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Comments by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

As clear-thinking people, natural health consumers sometimes look at the actions of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and wonder what planet its decision makers seem to be from. It's like the FDA is living in a completely different world than the rest of us -- a world where nutrients are dangerous, but synthetic chemicals are perfectly safe for human consumption.

In fact, the idea that FDA bureaucrats and modern medicine promoters are living in a different reality is not far from the truth. I my view, FDA decision makers have no connection with reality. They're simply operating on a system of false beliefs and circular reasoning that justifies their efforts to protect Big Pharma profits by exploiting, misleading and directly harming the public.

Have you ever wondered what rules and beliefs actually drive FDA decisions in that alternate reality? As a service to NewsTarget readers, I've assembled a few in this article. These are the rules that define the dogma of modern "scientific" medicine and pharmacology marketing. These rules are followed by FDA bureucrats, drug company executives, psychiatrists, doctors, hospitals and everyone who's currently profiting from the failed system of medicine operating in the United States today.

These rules, by the way, are no joke. This is not a satire piece. This is a serious exploration of the beliefs under which much of modern medical science operates today. Once you read these and understand just how deeply they are embedded in the minds and actions of conventional medicine operatives today, you'll realize the magnitude of the medical collapse (and the related population collapse) that now awaits modern civilization. There is nothing in these rules that respects life, nature, compassion or humility. It's all about the power of man over nature, arrogance, control, exploitation and self delusion.

The 26 beliefs that drive modern medicine and the FDA

  1. All herbs are dangerous and might kill you.

  2. Vitamins and dietary supplements are not only useless; they're so dangerous that they should be regulated or banned.

  3. The only thing more dangerous than dietary supplements is allowing the public to have access to accurate information about dietary supplements. To maintain control, the public must be kept ignorant of the medicinal uses of all substances other than patented chemicals.

  4. Most diseases are caused by pharmaceutical deficiencies and can only be treated with pharmaceutical supplementation.

  5. Botanicals interfere with pharmaceuticals, not the other way around. There is no such thing as a pharmaceutical that interferes with an herb.

  6. Scientific progress is measured by the degree to which man dominates nature.

  7. Free speech should only be protected for drug companies, not nutritional supplement companies.

  8. The 300+ synthetic chemicals now found in the blood of nearly everyone are completely harmless and have no negative health effects.

  9. The FDA is incapable of making mistakes, and therefore, drug companies should be granted full immunity against consumer lawsuits surrounding the injuries and deaths caused by FDA-approved pharmaceuticals. It is impossible for an FDA-approved drug to cause the death of anyone, because the FDA is infallible.

  10. There is no need to safety test chemicals used in cosmetics and personal care products because the skin doesn't absorb chemicals. Unless, of course, we're talking about transdermal drug delivery products like the anti-smoking patch, in which case the skin readily absorbs chemicals.

  11. Nature cannot be trusted. All herbs must be "standardized" to be safe. And even then, they're still useless.

  12. Phytochemicals only act in isolation. Scientists can understand the physiological action of plant chemicals by isolating them, synthesizing them, and testing them one by one. There is no such thing as "synergistic action" with phytochemicals.

  13. The only use for plant chemicals is to serve as ideas from which drug companies can synthesize patented drugs. Phytochemicals (phytonutrients) have no inherent value and their use for preventing, treating or curing any disease should be outlawed and stripped from modern civilization's knowledge base.

  14. Shamans, medicine women, herbalists, midwives and healers are all engaged in quackery based on superstition or voodoo.

  15. There is no such thing as bioenergy, intuition, mind-body medicine, quantum physics or therapeutic touch. The entire universe operates only on the physical and chemical levels. There is nothing beyond those two levels yet to be discovered or explored.

  16. We already know everything there is to know. No new discoveries are necessary, nor are any paradigm shifts in scientific medicine. It is important that we all reject any new ideas or beliefs that threaten our existing ideas or beliefs.

  17. Drug corporations should be protected because they have the best interests of the general public in mind. The future health of the entire world depends on the research being conducted right now by drug companies.

  18. Americans are lucky to pay the highest prices in the world for medication. Everyone else has to settle for "bargain" pricing, but Americans get the honor of knowing their dollars help fund the shareholder profits of the world's wealthiest corporations, all of which deserve unlimited financial riches because they are saving the world from disease.

  19. Drugs from Canada are so dangerous that they cannot be allowed to be touched or swallowed by superior Americans. Canadian drugs might be suitable for exporting to third world nations, but not to America.

  20. The best way to help consumers is to control them by limiting their options and minimizing their access to information that might confuse them.

  21. Nutrition has no role in human health. Any talk about healing with nutrition is quackery.

  22. The human body is incapable of healing itself. Health can only be enhanced through chemical or surgical intervention. Patients have no role in determine their own health outcome.

  23. "Science" is whatever we say it is.

  24. Anything that disagrees with our definition of science is "unscientific."

  25. The "Scientific Method" is the process by which we decide what is science.

  26. Conflicts of interest don't count if we all mean well.

What's really interesting about these beliefs is that they stand in direct conflict to reality. In reality, for example:

• The human body is naturally biocompatible with foods and medicines from nature.

• Pharmaceuticals interfere with normal human physiology and inevitably cause harm.

• Medicinal plants operate through synergistic action that cannot be understood by isolating and studying their chemical constituents.

• Nature has infinite wisdom; man remains utterly ignorant of the wisdom available in the universe.

• The universe is energetic, not merely chemical or physical, and all things are energetically connected.

• The mind controls the body; beliefs become reality in the tissue.

... and so on. We could add substantially to this list, but you get the idea. Isn't is fortunate that the universe doesn't operate from the FDA's distorted viewpoint?

In time, by the way, our system of modern medicine will cease to exist. No system of medicine based on beliefs that contradict reality has any future.

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