The Speeding Doctor (comic)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
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Comments by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

Doctors' egos are so massive that if you are unlucky enough to find yourself in their presence, you can actually feel the bending of spacetime around them, distorting all reality and scientific understanding into the "conventional medicine" bizarro universe. And in this distorted reality, everything that's real in the rest of the world is suddenly reversed. Vitamins will kill you, pharmaceuticals will save you, the human body has no nutritional requirements whatsoever, and as long as you keep screening for cancer every year, there's no real need to try to actually prevent it. Don't worry, medicine will save you. (And please ignore the fact that every single bill you get from the hospital is chock full of mistakes. They know what they're doing with everything else at the hospital. Honest.)

That's the universe of doctors, whose egos are so large that they are only exceeded by the size of the mental blinders they wear. There are exceptions to this, of course. Not all doctors are egomaniacs. Some are truly amazing scientists and lifelong learners who go on to become genuinely helpful medical practitioners, despite the failings of the system in which they operate.

But most MDs fail to break out of the system. Due to massive brainwashing in medical school and endless propaganda from drug company interests, they are so utterly steeped in the false beliefs of drugs and surgery that they unwittingly become card-carrying members of the world's most dangerous cult: the Cult of Pharmacology.

If you thought other cults were strange, check out this one. The Cult of Pharmacology programs its members to "save" others by ordering them to take synthetic chemicals that actually harm the human body. It's sort of like the Jonestown cult, except these prescription poisons take longer to kill you.

These cultists run around screaming about how dangerous nutritional supplements are (which is sort of like arguing that the Earth is the center of the universe, or that the world is flat) while insisting that nearly everyone is suffering from some sort of medication deficiency that must be treated with patented, high-profit prescription drugs. They even use mobile cult conversion equipment called "breast cancer screening trailers" to recruit patients and induct them into the Cult of Pharmacology where they are slowly euthanized with chemotherapy chemicals while surrendering their life savings to the Cult. Sound familiar, anyone? That's the cancer industry -- a particularly sinister branch of the Cult of Pharmacology.

If these cultists weren't in charge of our entire medical system, they'd probably all be locked up by now as permanent residents in asylums.

And at the end of their workday of barking orders to the nurses (who often have a lot more knowledge about how to help patients, by the way), a typical doctor will hop into a $100,000 sportscar, speed down the highway, endangering the lives of all the other drivers (who are mentally impaired thanks to the medications prescribed by doctors), and speed park into the four-car garage of a $3 million luxurious home filled with free knick-knacks, mugs, pens and pads of paper emblazed with drug company logos. (Just try hanging out with an MD for a couple of days. You can't escape all the drug company logos. They're imprinted on everything. I'm surprised doctors don't wipe themselves with Pfizer toilet paper...)

Of course, doctors will vigorously argue against this characterization. They're good at arguing, but their methods are usually limited to the tactic of arrogantly announcing that they're smarter than everyone else and, therefore, whatever they say must be true. It is from this flawed foundation of logic that doctors have argued things like (seriously, no kidding):

• Cigarettes are great for your health ("More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette!")
• People should take "radiation pills" to get more energy
• Municipal water supplies should be contaminated with poisonous chemicals called "fluoride"
• There are only four vitamins the body needs. Everything else is a waste of money that results in "expensive urine."
• The best way to heal an injury is to sit in bed, avoid sunlight and don't move except for eating processed hospital food laced with chemical preservatives.
• Sunlight is deadly and has no health benefits whatsoever.
• Synthetic chemical vitamins are identical to natural plant-sourced vitamins.
• Medicinal herbs have no purpose other than to be exploited by drug companies in search of new drugs to patent.

Arguing with a doctor about nutrition is sort of like trying to explain Calculus to a muskrat. It only wastes your time and annoys the muskrat. Besides, the doctor knows he's right, and he has a piece of paper on the wall, signed by other cultist doctors, to prove it. That's what they call "peer review" -- a fancy, scientific-sounding name for mutual cultist circular logic. Peer review has been so completely corrupted by conflicts of interest and a "circle the wagons" mentality by the desperate defenders of drugs-and-surgery medicine that today it looks more like a Big Pharma glee club "team spirit" exercise than anything resembling real science. The real science disappeared long ago in medicine, and it is now replaced by the illusion of health care, the illusion of medicine and the illusion of patient advocacy.

Mostly because of the huge egos, by the way.

They say that science only advances when the old defenders of outdated science finally croak. You know, when they buy the farm. Bite the dust. Kick the bucket. There's a good reason for it, too: tenured professors hate to rewrite their lectures. You even hear protests of this in surrounding conversations about homeopathy. "Well gee," says some arrogant doctor. "If that were true, we'd have to rewrite all the medical textbooks!"

Which means, of course, that they have no interest in defending anything other than the past. The want to preserve the textbooks from decades ago, simply to avoid having to expend effort learning or teaching some new discovery. That's why modern medicine is actually stuck in the 1950's. Except for a few new gadgets and imaging devices, the bulk of medicine practiced today in the Western world is based on the nutritional knowledge that was state of the art in about 1956. And since that time, medicine has staunchly defended the status quo, refusing to rewrite textbooks and refusing to acknowledge anything, absolutely anything, that did not promote the sales of drugs or surgery.

(This is actually a bit of an exaggeration. They did reluctantly agree that Vitamin C would prevent scurvy, but only after testing vitamin C deficiency on tens of thousands of sailors who lost their lives due to medical arrogance. But that was way before 1956 in the first place, and yet even today, the FDA will pursue criminal charges against anyone who sells Vitamin C and claims that it cures scurvy...)

Thus, we've lost two generations of nutritional opportunities to raise healthier children, prevent cancers and enhance health. We've missed out on decades of disease prevention know-how that could have resulted in our current population being virtually free of diabetes, obesity and depression. The members of the Cult of Pharmacology have dragged us all back into the Dark Ages of medicine, and they've kept us sick and diseased while they bleed us for the financial benefit of the drug companies. It's almost as if the entire U.S. population has been captured and plugged into The Matrix where their bodies are exploited while their minds are programmed by television ads to think these barbaric chemical treatments are somehow good for them.

And who are these cultists who have pulled off this remarkable feat of brainwashing and human exploitation? They are the MDs graduating from the Cult of Pharmacology Temples -- the medical schools. They're also the FDA decision makers (the cult leaders) and drug company executives (the cult financiers and money launderers). They're the psychiatrists (the cult interrogators) and mainstream media reports (the cult propagandists). Together, they have constructed and maintained the most dangerous, and costly system of oppression and human suffering ever witnessed since the war crimes of Nazi Germany.

And all because these people have fragile egos. They're too smart to be corrected. They're too certain of their own beliefs to investigate anything new. And they're too convinced of their own impartiality to even suspect that they might be pawns of the drug corporations.

Humility is not in the vocabulary of modern MDs I mentioned the word once to a doctor, and he thought it was a bone in the upper thigh.

Seriously, though, doctors are a true danger to society. We'd all be healthier and better off if 98% of the doctors simply quit tomorrow and stopped pretending to practice medicine.

What do we need the other 2% for? Emergency rooms, accidents, corrective surgeries and such. It's always nice to have a surgical master around when you get stabbed by Vicodin junkies after buying psychotropic drugs at Walgreens. Somebody needs to stitch you back up and prescribe more painkillers, after all.

About 2% of the doctors in the United States have a genuinely useful purpose. The other 98% are little more than drug-dealing Big Pharma robots or surgery hucksters, and they actually harm more people than they help. Just about everything that's a mainstay of modern medicine -- coronary bypass surgery, mammography and chemotherapy, gallbladder removal, statin drugs, artery stents, bariatric surgery etc. -- is based on pure B.S. The whole system is a circus of egomaniacs who pretend to practice medicine by impressing each other with increasingly minute technical details on subjects that have no relevance to genuine human health.

Watching doctors try to help patients overcome degenerative disease is like watching a troop of naked, hairless grease-covered monkeys fighting over a crazed chicken. It's busy, for sure, but don't confuse it with real medicine.

FACT: The #1 leading cause of death in America is modern medicine. Source: Death by Medicine at

Doctors and drugs kill more people than cancer, or heart disease, or strokes. But don't tell them that. Their egos are too large (and fragile) to even hear of it. While there are exceptions to this (some of the brightest and most humble people I've ever met were doctors), by and large the profession is dominated by dangerously arrogant egomaniacs who are far more interested in defending their own beliefs than helping patients prevent disease or get off dangerous medications.

As a frustrated nurse once told me, "It's not just the proctologists who are working with assholes around here."

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