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Gary Null's Power Aging

by Gary Null, published by New American Library (2003-12-02)

Buy now from Amazon.com for $24.95
Amazon rating of 4.0 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 15462

Editor's Review:

(New American Library) Consumer text outlines a plan for reversing, eliminating, and controlling the signs of aging. Based on sensible science and mind-over-matter techniques and discusses the biological processes of aging, hormones affecting the aging process, and how to stay mentally sharp. Also provides healthy recipes.

Reader Reviews:

This book is just a clever rehash of his other books but just repackaged under "POWER AGING". Some of his books contain the title Gary Null Phd. and other books just say Gary Null- so this time it is Phd. Many of the supplements pluged in Null's book are sold by his company Gary Null Associates so it is hard not to look at this book as just another product placement. The idea that hundreds of millions of people of diverse cultures should eat a specific way is ludicrous. Gary Null writes his book as if he has all the information, but scientists still do not have much of the answers regarding aging, yet Gary gives the impression he knows everything there need to know about health. He soulds like the Jim Jones of health gurus. Gary Null knows that his diet is nearly impossible to follow for the normal average person working 8 to 6 pm 5 or 6 days a week and he creates products that fill the need. Instead of eating all those lbs. of organic vegetables and fruit each day just take his expensive concentrates and supplements and watch gary Inc get rich off (...).
I strongly recommend "Power Aging" as a practical guide to anyone who wants to live a longer and healthier life. It is a down-to-earth, solid book filled with details and easy to follow advice.

In its philosophy "Power Aging" reminds me very much of "Can We Live 150 Year?" by M. Tombak, which is another volume that everyone should read and own. I must compliment both authors for their non-commercial approach, easy-to-do-at-home recipes, and their commonsense approach to all aspects of health and overall wellbeing. I like Null's scientific expertise, but I also like Tombak's attention to internal body cleansing, proper breathing methods, keeping toxins out of one's intestines, kidneys, liver, blood, etc. Give them both a closer look. Gary Null did an excellent job of educating the brainwashed masses of America the importance of diet, exercise and nutrition to improve and prolong our health. Dr. Null's writing style simplifies the jargon, and communicates recent scientific studies about the importance of diet and exercise in a clear and meaningful way.

I'm angry about the way our public education system lets down our students. Fast-food and soft-drink distributors have infiltrated our schools (because they receive grants from these industries), while our educators and decision-makers slash P.E. classes and neglect the importance of teaching students the absolute importance of feeding our bodies right.

Is it any wonder the average college freshman gains 15 pounds their first year away from home? They don't know how to take care of themselves, for goodness' sake! It concerns me because this is our future generation, and they are going to take care of us?

Not to mention TV commercials and advertisements that endorse fast food eating, pizzas, junk foods for kids, over the counter medicines and pharmaceutical prescriptions for whatever ails you.

Gary Null (among many other similar authors) inform the general public that we can heal ourselves, we do not need to depend on prescriptions, and invasive medical techniques to "fix" a problem. And we can rid ourselves of our addiction to fast food and junk food.

Much of what he shares and discusses about is not new to me. I've been a health food "nut" all my life, thanks to the example and teaching set forth from my grandparents, who both lived to be 94 years old, and were VERY active until almost the last year of their lives. At a young age (I'm 52 now), I learned about vitamins, fresh fruits and vegetables, vegetarian diets, pure water, and exercise. Today, I feel like I did when I was in my twenties. And many people who first learn my age are surprised. I'm often told that I look like I'm in my thirties! I have to shop in the junior section for clothes, since ladies' sizes are too big... I usually wear junior size 3 to size 5. My hair has very little gray, and is styled in a naturally curly contemporary look. I'm not boasting, please understand, I only want the public to know that these authors all have the same thing in common: Gary Null's Power Aging, Joel Furhman's book: Eat to Live: The Revolutionary Formula for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, M. Tombak's book: Can We Live 150 Year?, Roy Walford's book: Beyond the 120 Year Diet: How to Double Your Vital Years, Dr. Cynthia Foster's Stop the Medicine! and Dr. Ann Wigmore's lifestyle endorsing wheatgrass and vegetarian diet (actually raw foods and a vegan diet). They all basically say the same thing and so my lifestyle for over 30 years has been pretty much the following:
Stick to the food that God created for us, keep it as pure and unprocessed as possible
Supplement with nutrients that you can trust are pure, fresh and undiluted, Do a whole body cleanse with natural juices and fasting,
Chew food slowly, do not eat when under stress
Buy only organic produce whenever possible
Eat only deep water seafood, like salmon, halibut, cod, etc.
Do not eat shellfish, shrimp, lobster, or catfish.
If you choose to eat meat or poultry, purchase only organic or all natural grass fed, and don't make it the main course, use meat sparingly to accent your other dishes, like beans, grains, and vegetables.
Do not eat pork.
Stay away from fast food resturants, for a real eye-opener, read Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal by Eric Schlosser, (or read his in-depth interview by Rolling Stone magazine: www.mcspotlight.org/media/press/rollingstone1.html).

Every morning, I make about a quart of organic juice from carrots, dark leafy vegetables and an apple, for my husband and myself to enjoy in the morning and again at noontime. We take green powder mixed with diluted organic apple juice twice a day. I have my own blend of wheat germ, brewer's yeast, ground flax seed and lecithin that I put in our oatmeal or muesli, or add to a blended frozen fruit smoothie for breakfast. We only consume filtered water, and as much organic produce as possible. I only buy organic or Alaskan salmon, and we do eat beef occaisionally, but only organic, grass fed beef. We get our nutrition products from Dr. Foster [...] because of the high quality of herbs and vitamins she makes. I sprout beans and seeds, and we use them in our salads and other dishes regularly. I use Dr. Foster's bowel cleanse program about once every six months, and do all natural organic 3 day juice fasts once a month. I totally endorse consuming as much organic food as possible, which may seem expensive, but it averages out, since we never buy sodas, processed boxed or canned foods, cookies or candies, chips, etc. The amount of hidden pesticides and preservatives that we consume and are in our food is a big reason why there is such an increase in diseases and chronic ailments in America today. Not to mention irradiated and genetically altered food, both of which has been proven to be harmful and cancerous in animal studies.

We take walks as often as possible, and enjoy each other intimately, (yes! sex is great exercise!)

There is no mystery to living a healthier and more active life, it's just that most Americans are under nourished and wondering why they are sick or have diseases.

In his book, Null also explains that good nutrition means eliminating animal foods, caffeine, sugar, dairy, wheat, hormones and antibiotics from our diets. He describes the revolution in nutritional research, and demonstrates that there certainly are safe, effective, less expensive, and superior natural alternatives to man-made pharmaceuticals.
The book also deals with alternative approaches to heart disease, cancer, the aging brain, and anti-aging in general. There is no reason for us to feel old or age prematurely if we pay attention to what we put into our bodies. And I would take that one step further: avoid household chemical cleaners, drug store variety hair and skin products, aluminum deodorants, etc. All of these things can be purchased at health food stores or on online.

Many people may think, "But that is expensive, I cannot afford to buy organic health food, or shampoo from the health food store!" My response to that is yes, I know it costs more, but you have to think of it as an investment in your health. Can you put a price on improving the quality of your life in your senior years? Or do you want to spend that same money later on doctor and hospital costs, and over priced prescriptions?

I myself am working against all odds: My father died at an early age of leukemia and my mother suffered most of her life with a rare and crippling spine disease until she died. There was no cure for her, and she lived until she was 71 only because she followed many of the same lifestyle habits that Gary Null's book talks about. Because of my family history, I'm even more determined to pay close attention to my nutrition intake and exercise habits.

Keep this in mind: For every sincere doctor and nutritionist that publishes a book educating the brain washed Americans about the importance of healthy foods, etc, there are crazy people who feel threatened by Null's (and other similar nutrition doctor's) ideas who work feverishly to attack and discredit him. Null's powerful message poses a danger to the profits of the food, meat and drug industry; industries that have billions of dollars to spend on advertising. The rise in nutrition books that endorse fruits and vegetables and a disdain for junk foods, fast foods, and beef and poultry containing hormones, pesticides, and preservatives will unquestionably cost these industries untold millions in lost sales. They make large investments to discourage the ever-increasing popularity of Power Aging and similar books and plan appropriate counter-attacks against them.

One such group is called the "Center for Consumer Freedom" established with a grant from Philip Morris (its funding now largely derived from the liquor and fast-food industry). They have previously been hostile to Mothers Against Drunk Driving and have also stood in opposition to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, The Center for Disease Control, numerous animal protection groups and The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. In reality, the group seeks to impair consumer choice. They achieve this by disrupting the discussion and dissemination of information by anyone's message that details the dangers of certain (unhealthy) foods and substances. Their approach is simple: "If you can't argue with the message, shoot the messenger." Rather than intelligently discussing health issues, CCF attacks health advocates, like Dr. Gary Null and Dr. Joel Fuhrman, and many other nutrition and naturopathic doctors.

With Gary Null's Power Aging, we can make proactive choices to stay active and youthful for longer periods than ever before. You will not want to miss out on the critically important information contained in this book from Gary Null. It may very well save your life!!
I turn to these reviews to help me decide on a purchase. Unfortunately, in this case, the reviews are almost worthless because they are obvious plugs by the publisher, author or their friends. There are even two identical reviews back to back. This system needs some screening to make reviews of these types of products relevant and not self-serving hype.I found that Gary has put much of is knowledge of aging into an easy to read format. I loved it, and am using may of his ideas to help me stay young longer.

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