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Extreme bias at Wikipedia on homeopathic medicine

11/13/2014 - A PERSONAL LETTER TO JIMMY WALES, FOUNDER OF WIKIPEDIA: In April, 2014, I had the happenstance of running into you on the streets of Vancouver. I was there to lecture to a group of medical professionals, while you were attending the TED talks. I expressed my appreciation to you for creating Wikipedia....

5 ways to increase your longevity and quality of life

9/4/2014 - Deep down, we all have a deeply rooted desire to live a long and high quality life. Modern medicine is certainly enabling us to live longer, but often at a cost that creates a much lower quality of life. So how do we live a longer life and also enjoy the high quality that we all wish we could capture,...

Glyphosate decreases yield, seedling quality of Roundup Ready soybeans; increases rate of fungal disease

7/10/2014 - The blockbuster herbicide glyphosate (marketed as Roundup) causes toxic effects even to plants supposedly engineered to resist it, according to a study conducted by Brazilian researchers and published in the journal Planta Daninha. The researchers found that use of glyphosate on Roundup Ready soybeans...

Liberal think tank ranks U.S. last in healthcare quality, first in healthcare expenses

7/5/2014 - A recently released report by a noted think tank has ranked the United States dead last in the quality of its healthcare system as compared to 10 other Western, industrialized countries, which the group says is the same place the U.S. has occupied in four previous studies. According to the report...

Natural News rolls out improved ad system: geographic and content matching ad placement now available to quality sponsors

5/6/2014 - We've just rolled out a new advertising system across Natural News with full support for geographical selections and content selections for advertisers. What this means is that a company in Canada, for example, can now have their ads appear only for users in Canada. A U.S. company can limit their ads...

Poor quality, disrupted sleep leads to more aggressive and faster growing tumors

2/20/2014 - When you lack sleep, you could feel tired, distracted, and irritable. Your ability to concentrate would be diminished and your immune system would not be functioning at an optimal level, leaving you more susceptible to infections and diseases. Now, recent research has revealed that poor quality sleep...

Bad air quality is bad for your heart

2/10/2014 - A study conducted by the ESCAPE project and published last week by the BMJ Group showed that long-term exposure to air pollution could increase the incidence of coronary events. The participants continuously exposed to bad air quality showed a 13 percent increase in the risk of developing a heart disease. Study...

Top six tips for choosing the highest quality supplements

11/8/2013 - Americans enjoy the fact that they have many choices in their lives. Yet, having too many choices when it comes to one's health can be confusing and daunting. The $27 Billion U.S. dietary supplement industry provides consumers with hundreds of thousands of products to choose from, and it is growing...

Coconut oil miraculously helps Parkinson's patient regain quality of life

10/23/2013 - Imagine for a moment that you are a 74-year-old man diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, and you are quickly losing your ability to think, move and function, despite adhering to an intense regimen of all the latest pharmaceutical offerings for this miserable disease. Then imagine that nearly all of your...

Over 100 science journals accept hoax scientific paper for publication, zero quality checks conducted

10/13/2013 - Online academic journals are losing integrity. It has now been proven that many open access journals trade truthful scientific information for a mere profit, as they accept flawed scientific studies just to earn publishing fees. This is generating a lot of poisoned, misleading scientific articles that...

Four natural remedies that improve hair quality and growth

7/9/2013 - Virtually all cultures in the world view thick, lustrous hair as a symbol of vitality, youthfulness, and healthfulness. Consequently, hair improvement products in all forms (shampoos, conditioners, hair loss creams, etc.) are international, billion-dollar industries. Some of these products receive good...

Windsor, Ontario air quality improves slightly, but still not impressive

5/4/2013 - According to a report released by the Ontario Environment Ministry, the quality of the air Windsorites in Ontario breathe in has improved. But in terms of pollutants and smog-causing ozone that affect human health, Windsor is still among the worst in the province. Some are optimistic about the direction...

Four ways to vastly improve your sleeping quality and dream life

4/8/2013 - Too much stress and too little sleep is the fool-proof recipe for declining long-term health -- including a weakened immune system, impaired cognitive/memory function, heart disease, mood disorders, premature aging and accelerated tumor growth, among others. And it's a true, albeit unfortunate, story...

Ginseng improves quality of life and fatigue in multiple sclerosis patients

3/25/2013 - A recent double-blind, randomized pilot trial has found evidence that regular ginseng supplementation may reduce fatigue caused by Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Researchers at the Isfahan University of Medical Sciences also found that ginseng supplementation may improve patients' reports of quality of life...

High quality raw milk enhances health while pasteurized milk contributes to illness

3/4/2013 - Raw, whole milk has been consumed for centuries and has long been acknowledged for its health benefits. Several research studies show superior growth and health for those children drinking raw milk compared to pasteurized milk. (http://www.realmilk.com/brochures/real-milk-brochure/) Raw milk has...

Sperm quality in young Spanish men declines by 38 percent in 10 years

2/4/2013 - A worldwide decline in sperm quality has been a pressing concern for a long time, and there is no shortage of studies to verify this worrying trend. According to a new study by researchers from the Department of Preventative Medicine and Public Health at the University of Murcia in Spain; however, the...

Guard your home's indoor air quality with these simple measures

1/30/2013 - As air quality worsens, so does health. Oxygen intake is necessary for growth, maintenance and detoxification, but many areas suffer from both low levels of oxygen and high levels of damaging pollutants. To increase personal oxygen intake, drink clean water and vegetable juices, eat water-rich foods...

COPD Treatments: Easy lifestyle changes to improve quality of life

1/22/2013 - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) is mainly caused by smoking. Subjecting the lungs to cigarette smoke for a prolonged period of time degenerates and damages the healthy cells of lungs and with time, breathing becomes compromised. Much of the COPD treatments are aimed at preventing further...

What dolphins can teach us about high quality diets

12/5/2012 - A new study carried out by scientists by the University of British Columbia and the University of La Rochelle, in France, may shed some light onto the importance of having a balanced diet, by looking at some unusual subjects: dolphins and whales. More importantly, this research highlights the importance...

Better indoor environmental quality in healthy homes means better health

8/24/2012 - North Americans spend 90 percent of their time indoors, sucking in air that has two to five times more pollutants than outdoor air (in some cases 100 times more). Given those statistics, it's surprising that so much thought is given to reducing smog and cleaning up outdoor air, when relatively little...

How to keep your dog healthy

7/6/2012 - In the last 50 years or so, the health of domestic dogs has declined dramatically. Dogs are getting serious diseases at younger ages and are living shorter lives. Clearly something is profoundly wrong with the current model of canine health care. What has happened in these years to so change the health...

Mediterranean diet not only prevents heart disease and diabetes and improves quality of life

6/20/2012 - Countless studies have conclusively demonstrated that a Mediterranean diet significantly lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and many forms of dementia. Nutrition scientists explain that the diet provides a very well-rounded mix of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals...

Natural ways to purify the air indoors

5/21/2012 7:15:33 PM - People spend around 90 percent of their lives indoors, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Unfortunately, indoor air quality is sometimes two to five times more polluted than the air outside. Poor air quality in the home and office can result in people developing health conditions like...

The raw foods diet greatly increased the quality of life of individuals struggling with fibromyalgia

5/12/2012 - In 2001, a study was conducted in North Carolina to investigate the potential effects of a meat-free raw foods diet on the physical and psychological well-being of individuals with fibromyalgia. Less pain, more gain Fibromyalgia patients are afflicted with chronic pain that affects muscle tissue...

Quality protein is critical for muscle fiber growth and rejuvenation (Opinion)

10/21/2011 - Healthy lean body tissue depends upon an adequate supply of high quality protein. The protein acts to repair damaged muscle tissue and provide growth factors that improve muscle fiber growth and rejuvenation. It is significantly more important to value the quality of the protein source than the quantity...

Walnuts rank as top nut, providing highest level of quality antioxidants

4/20/2011 - The result of a new study presented to the National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society found that the noble walnut packed the highest level of quality antioxidants of any nut species. Not only do walnuts provide plenty of high-quality protein that delivers a perfectly balanced assortment...

Exposure to pesticides leads to poor semen quality, infertility

3/30/2011 - The organochloride pesticides used every day on many conventional food crops is responsible for lowering semen quality and causing infertility, according to a new study out of Spain. Clemente Aguilar from the Medical Research Laboratory of the University Hospital San Cecilio, Granada, and several colleagues...

More Johnson & Johnson drug factories cited for terrible quality control

11/9/2010 - Only months after a massive recall of over-the-counter drugs due to quality control issues, Johnson & Johnson subsidiary McNeil has been cited by the FDA for similar problems at another factory. The Lancaster, Pa., factory, which makes the gas and heartburn drugs Imodium, Mylanta and Pepcid, received...

Prevent heart disease with quality multivitamins

10/8/2010 - Taking quality multivitamins is a great way to supplement one's diet with high doses of nutrients that are often lacking in modern-day food. And a new study out of Sweden has found that women who take multivitamins help to reduce their overall risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack. For...

All conventional prostate cancer treatments harm quality of life

10/2/2010 - All major prostate cancer therapies reduce men's quality of life through increased urinary incontinence and hampered sexual function, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh and published in the Journal of Urology. Researchers followed 1,269 men who had been...

More Pills Means Diminished Quality of Life for Kidney Patients

5/11/2009 - Around 26 million Americans have chronic kidney disease (CKD), according to the National Kidney Foundation. And some 200,000 of them have such limited or failed kidney function they have to go through dialysis, a several-times-a-week procedure that filters waste from the blood. CKD patients on dialysis...

The Quality of Your Health can Depend on Where You Live

3/12/2009 - Researchers have known for years of the connection between race and income and healthy eating. And lately, as our society struggles with issues of racial inequality and financial turmoil, news articles have been making the connection between healthy eating and avoiding disease. In the midst of all...

Grow It Yourself: Save Money, Help Earth, and Improve Your Quality of Life

2/23/2009 - The Telegraph reported that "26% [of residents in Britain] are growing their own fruit and vegetables" [1]. One-quarter of British populations now choose gardening at home in order to improve their quality of life during difficult times. As a result, this has helped many UK residents to considerably...

Peanut President Involved in Salmonella Outbreaks Serves as Industry Quality Adviser

2/5/2009 - The president of the peanut company that has been involved in a nationwide salmonella outbreak serves on an industry advisory board that assists the U.S. Department of Agriculture in setting quality standards for peanuts. Stewart Parnell, the president of Peanut Corporation of America, was initially...

Hypnosis Improves Quality of Life for People With Dementia

1/25/2009 - Hypnosis therapy can significantly increase the quality of life for dementia patients by slowing the decline of their cognitive, physical and social abilities, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Liverpool and the Abacus Clinic in Newark, N.J. Researchers split a...

Criteria for Selecting a Quality Healing Clay

12/11/2008 - More and more, people are realizing the dangers of side-effect-riddled traditional medicines and they scour the Internet to find an all-natural solution, such as Bentonite Clay. Certain Bentonite Clays are recognized for their effectiveness in drawing out impurities and excess oils from the skin, as...

Buying the Presumably More Expensive Dog Food or Cat Food Can Save You Money

9/27/2008 - It's almost overwhelming when you visit a pet store and wander down the mile long aisles of pet food. Thousands of pet food brands all seem to say the very same thing -- 100% Complete Nutrition and 'Premium' and 'Choice'. The brand your vet sells costs around $30.00 for a 20 pound bag, the brand your...

Five Principles for Lifelong Blood Sugar Regulation

9/16/2008 - Blood sugar issues lead to problems with every system of the body. Everyone knows about these problems and most people are mildly to moderately worried about them. Blood sugar that is too high can exhaust the pancreas, damage all tissues, including neurological and cardiovascular tissues, throws the...

The Health Ranger Answers Common Questions About Nutritional Supplements (transcript)

9/4/2008 - The following is a transcript of a broadcast of The Health Ranger Show. You can find the downloadable audio of this program here: http://www.naturalnews.com/Index-Podcasts.html What is the biggest myth about nutritional supplements? You've often wondered about that haven't you? There is a lot of...

Shopping for Your Pet: How to Compare Pet Food Prices

7/25/2008 - I recently received an email asking my opinion about a couple of different types of pet foods –- what I thought about the quality of the foods. Both of the pet foods he asked about (which he was feeding his 'family') were what I considered to be very inferior foods. I informed him of this and his response...

Heparin Contamination Fiasco Reveals Dirty Secret of Drug Industry: Their Pills are Made in China!

5/1/2008 - Remember a couple of years ago how the FDA warned Americans not to buy prescription drugs from Canada because they might be "contaminated by terrorists?" I'm not making that up: That was the official announcement of an FDA spokesperson, and it was part of their fear strategy for enforcing a monopoly...

Interview with Alan Friedman from Good Cause Wellness about Antioxidants, Agave Nectar and Chia Seeds

3/31/2008 - This is an exclusive interview with Good Cause Wellness founder Alan Friedman, who talks about antioxidants, superfood powders, agave nectar, chia seeds and his personal passion for health. Following the interview, I negotiated a discount for NaturalNews readers on one of Friedman's top-selling products....

Poor Americans Struggle to Find Affordable Quality Food

1/21/2008 - As obesity soars in America, studies are finding that access to good food is a problem for less affluent Americans. HealthDay recently reported that poorer Americans not only have issues with affording quality food, but they have fewer places to buy good foods. One prime suspect: the convenience store...

Guide to Better Vitamin Shopping

11/6/2007 - When it comes to buying vitamins you must consider some guidelines in order to get the better, if not best, brand available for your particular reasons or condition. As with any product on the marketplace, you'll encounter quality vitamin brands and those that are anything but effective no matter how...

States sue the EPA over air quality standards

12/29/2006 - The state-based lawsuit was filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, and it states as a main argument that the EPA has ignored the advice of its own scientists. The suit suggests that the EPA should lower the acceptable level for airborne soot -- known as fine particulate...

Study Finds For-Profit Health Plans Deliver Lower Quality Care Than Not-For-Profit Health Plans (press release)

8/29/2006 - Federal policy has encouraged enrollment of Medicare beneficiaries in health plans, the majority of which are for-profit plans. Eric Schneider, MD, MSc and Arnold Epstein, MD, MA, from the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and Alan Zaslavsky, PhD from Harvard Medical School, analyzing quality of...

Quality standards issued for testing herbal products (press release)

8/17/2006 - The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has issued the first suite of Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) in a planned series of reference materials for botanical dietary supplements. The dietary supplement industry has exploded in the past...

Review of Sony DVDirect: A standalone DVD burner and video capture device that works flawlessly

8/7/2006 - With all the video content consumers are creating today, there is a need for a device that will burn DVDs in real time from a video feed. Ideally it would be stand-alone so it does not require a personal computer for ripping or capturing video and then burning it to DVD. Sony has come out with such...

Participating in yoga during treatment for breast cancer improves quality of life (press release)

7/21/2006 - In an ongoing effort to scientifically validate the age-old belief that mind-body interventions have a beneficial impact on the health of cancer patients, researchers at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center have shown that breast cancer patients who participate in a yoga program during...

Loss of central vision with age may be linked to quality of dietary carbohydrates (press release)

7/19/2006 - Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is one of the leading causes of vision loss in older adults and a person's risk may partly depend upon diet. When it comes to carbohydrates, quality rather than quantity may be more important, according to new research by Allen Taylor, PhD, director of the Laboratory...

Hypnotherapy improves quality of life for people with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (press release)

7/11/2006 - Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) who took part in hypnotherapy sessions reported reduced symptoms and improved quality of life, according to research published in the June issue of Journal of Clinical Nursing. Dr Graeme D Smith from University of Edinburgh studied 75 patients with IBS...

Apple under increasing fire for faulty products and quality gaps

7/11/2006 - Apple's strong reputation may be suffering from some quality issues reported in their newest products. Apple customers have gotten used to paying a little more for their goods, but the cost is usually offset by the superior quality of the product. But recently, reports have been emerging about MacBook...

New Study Shows Need for a Major Overhaul of How United States Manages Chronic Illness (press release)

7/6/2006 - Staggering variations in how hospitals care for chronically-ill elderly patients indicate serious problems with quality of care and point toward unnecessary spending by Medicare. Lower utilization of acute-care hospitals and physician visits could actually lead to better results for patients and prolong...

Interview: unrefined coconut oil from Quality First International

6/7/2005 - Steve: I'm speaking to Michael Goodry. He is a national distributor for Quality First International. Is coconut oil your product? Goodry: Yes, we focus on high-quality products, but this is our premium product. It's called Virgin Oil de Coco Crème. It's a trade name given to this specific coconut...

Titan probe failure demonstrates pattern of quality control failures at NASA

1/30/2005 - Here is a real whopper in the history of stupid space exploration tricks. The spacecraft that recently arrived on Titan was supposed to transmit images and experimental data on two data channels: channels A and B. But as it turns out, someone forgot to turn on channel A and so only channel B was available....

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