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Customs requirements for pets more stringent than for humans arriving from Ebola hot zones

10/7/2014 - In recent days, after news that the Ebola virus had spread to our shores, several U.S. officials have said that, despite the desire of millions of Americans to close our borders to travel from the affected West African regions, that just isn't going to happen. One of those to call for a travel ban...

Veterans with PTSD cope with help of nature, pets and yoga

9/24/2014 - Army veteran Stephen Simmons arrived home from his last tour in Iraq in 2008, but adjusting to civilian life has been difficult due to his post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). (1) It's not uncommon for those suffering from PTSD to experience feelings of shock, guilt and anger, while also having...

Research shows letting pets stay in same bed as owners diminishes sleep quality

6/17/2014 - Pet owners, listen up. New research presented at the 28th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies indicates that those who share a bed with their furry companions for more than four nights a week have poor sleep quality (1). Specifically, 63 percent of people aren't sleeping...

Pet owners increasingly using medical marijuana to help their pets feel better

11/27/2013 - As the social stigmas and taboos about marijuana that largely emerged during the "Reefer Madness" generation continue to be stripped away from the public consciousness, an increasing number of people are beginning to look at this all natural herb with fresh eyes, recognizing its incredible potential...

Improve the health of your pets with these nutritious fruits and vegetables

7/11/2013 - Feeding your pets the highest quality food items with the most nutrition does not have to break the bank, especially if you already grow your own organic produce at home. There are many different fruits and vegetables, in fact, that cats and especially dogs will gladly eat that can help boost their...

Seatbelts for pets have a 100 percent failure rate in crash tests

6/30/2013 - It may sound like nonsense to some of you, but there are those who travel with their pets and in doing so would like to keep them safe when they are on the road. Some innovative companies have honed in on this consumer "need" and have been working on products designed to lower risks to pets when...

Acupuncture proves successful for pets when drugs and conventional therapy fall short

3/18/2013 - Just when some naysayers and "science-based skeptics" ease off debunking acupuncture, or at least concede acupuncture offers a placebo effect, along comes some back page publicity regarding veterinarian acupuncture. Yes, people are getting acupuncture treatments for the pets, and some veterinarians...

Pets are good for child health

4/18/2012 - The New York Times came up with an article recently entitled "Can Fido and Whiskers Enrich Children's Lives?" Different medical researchers and scientists were consulted for this article, which begs the question: Does research money really need to be spent on this type of question? It's one thing...

Safely destroy fleas on pets - Finally, a non-toxic, natural way to kill fleas, mites, chiggers and other parasitic insects on pets and in the house

1/23/2012 - Nothing is more aggravating then finding fleas on the family pet. Even the best pet parents have their work cut out for them when flea season begins, and that doesn't include a possible infestation of chiggers or other creepy, crawling, mite-like invaders taking up residence in the home. Conventional...

For your pet - Natural remedies overcome fear of loud noises, thunder and fireworks

1/2/2012 - Most dogs and cats dislike unexpected, loud noises from thunder or fireworks. What may be a festive time for humans, turns into a night of horrors for many pets, making them run for cover or cower in fear at our ankles. Calm and protect pets from feeling vulnerable and anxious during fireworks and thunderstorms...

Make veterinarian visits easier on your pets - Use homeopathic remedies

1/1/2012 - Off to the vet again, amidst plaintive cries from the cat and a wrestling match with Fido as he backs out of his collar. Horrendous vet visits are easily soothed with a few doses of homeopathic medicine. Remedies are simple to administer and calm nerves, lessen fear and reduce the humiliation of being...

Homeopathy for pets - safer and more effective than toxic drugs

10/13/2011 - Homeopathy is a specific form of alternative (holistic) medicine which was developed by Samuel Hahnemann, M.D., a German physician, in the late eighteenth century. At that time, people were being treated with poisonous substances to get the "bad humours" out of them by making them vomit, have diarrhea,...

Heartworm drugs for pets; Big Pharma's cash cow

7/20/2011 - In a seemingly diabolical plot, veterinarians and pharmaceutical companies have teamed up in a marketing campaign to frighten pet guardians into giving year-round heartworm preventatives to their cats, as well as dogs. These so-called experts say they're doing this to improve protection for individual...

The Horrors of Commercial Pet Food

6/28/2011 - The global commercial pet food industry is astonishingly profitable and continues to grow (sadly) by leaps and bounds. Let's define commercial pet food, for our purposes, as anything that is packaged in cans or bags, even if labeled holistic or natural. Hundreds of generations of pet guardians have...

Minimizing Vaccine Side Effects

6/23/2011 - "My veterinarian made me do it! I love my veterinarian so much, that I do exactly what he/she tells me to do. I hear all the alternative practitioners warning about the potential side effects and how vaccination is not a simple thing but is a true medical procedure with risks and benefits just like...

Protect pets during a nuclear emergency

4/2/2011 - As radioactive clouds from Japan reach the United States, serious health concerns are raised for those of us living in the United States. While much of the public tried to stock up on dwindling potassium iodide and follow plentiful advice on other measures to take in the event of dangerous fallout levels,...

Aggression in pets - Deal with the cause

3/5/2011 - At one time, aggression in pets was more or less limited to trained guard dogs or the protective behaviour of a mother guarding her young. However, aggression in pets has become more common in latter years, especially in cats. There may be a multitude of reasons why this is on the increase, but perhaps...

Acupressure Provides Many Benefits to Dogs and Other Pets

10/21/2010 - When most people think about acupressure they tend to think only about the benefits it can have for people. However, acupressure can also provide great benefits for dogs and other pets. Dogs, for example, love to be touched, petted and massaged, and they respond very well to this type of therapy. Used...

The 2008 Biggest Stupid Act in Pet Food Award

1/7/2009 - Similar to Hollywood's Worst Dressed List or (if you're old enough to remember) Laugh In's Fickle Finger of Fate Award, Truth about Pet Food announces the first annual Biggest Stupid Act in Pet food Award. The Award will be given to the organization or manufacturer that during the year showed the most...

Research Proves Nutrition Plays Critical Role in Optimal Health for Pets

12/10/2008 - A report from the Royal Veterinary College in London, Professor D.L. Chan, points out that veterinarians should begin to look at nutrition to play a larger role in the health of pets. Similar to human doctors, most veterinarians don't write 'prescriptions' of nutritional supplements for their pet patients....

Taxing Veterinary Services: Benefits are Questionable

11/27/2008 - Governor Schwarzenegger of California has proposed a new tax on veterinary services; specifically on veterinary services and treatments. If the California bill gets passed, or if other states plan the same taxation, will the proceeds benefit pets and/or pet owners? A new proposal in the California...

A Discussion on Raw: Taking Your Pets Health into Your Own Hands

11/4/2008 - For many, the discussion of feeding your pet a raw food diet can be a scary thing. There is so much work and knowledge that is involved, not to mention all the health factors to take into consideration for both you and your pet. Or at least this is what your vet and mainstream media may lead you to...

Protect Pets from Salmonella with Electrolyzed Water

10/17/2008 - The most recent pet food recall from Mars Pet Care - due to salmonella contamination - appears to be becoming habit. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Mars Pet Care products have been having Salmonella problems for several years. Two years in a row, the same pet food plant has been known...

Pets Can’t Lie, but Pet Food Manufacturers Legally Can

9/20/2008 - You come home from work and notice your dog or cat peeping at you from around the corner, you immediately know something's up. Regardless whether you discover a 'present' left on the living room rug or a broken vase from the cabinet they aren't supposed to be up on, pets can't lie -- they tell us the...

FDA Pet Food Safety Policies Comprised of Twisted Logic

9/12/2008 - The FDA is supposed to protect our pet's food. Congress took note of the deadly pet food recall last year and mandated the FDA to clean up its act. Human food and pet food regulations are supposed to be updated and in working order by September 2009 according to the Amendments Act. I have my doubts....

To Raise a Healthy Pet, Read Between the Lines of Its Behavior

9/10/2008 - Not to sound too 'out there' but I'm a big believer that pet food manufacturers and our pets show us 'signs'. The point being to urge you to always be aware of the signs presented to you with your pets and the products they consume. Earlier in the year there were reports of pets becoming sick from...

Study Finds Pets Suffer From Household Pollutants

9/3/2008 - A recent study performed by Environmental Working Group (EWG) proves our pets are exposed to chemicals and toxins in far greater amounts than people. In a ground breaking study, EWG found dogs and cats to be contaminated with 48 different chemicals –- 43 of which were at higher levels typically found...

Certain Pets Targeted for Euthanization Because of Breed Profiling

8/16/2008 - A recent article in the Leaf Chronicle, Clarksville, TN newspaper has got the fur flying. The Leaf Chronicle reported on euthanizing procedures for the county Animal Control. Horrendous standard procedures flatly euthanize particular breeds regardless of the dog's history or circumstances. Simply because...

Pentobarbital Is Killing Eagles But the FDA Says It's Safe for Pets

7/28/2008 - Just when you think you've seen it all and nothing would be too shocking to learn or read about the pet food industry, you stumble across something that causes your jaw to drop. I stumbled across something that proves once again –- you can't be too careful about the food and treats you give to your...

Pets Can Improve Your Health and Aid in Recovery

6/18/2008 - There is now evidence showing that domestic animals not only provide great companionship, but they can also help prevent illness. A recent study conducted by the University of Minnesota has highlighted the importance of regular contact with pets. The study showed that having a cat for a pet can reduce...

Interview with Dr. Hank Liers Part 5: Superior nutrition for pet health

12/30/2007 - The following is part five of an interview between Mike Adams and Dr. Hand Liers, the chief formulator of products sold by Health Products Distributors, Inc. (HPDI) ( To see all parts of this interview, search this site for "Dr. Hank Liers." Dr. Liers: I feel our animals...

Workable Solutions to Pet “Problems”

12/16/2007 - It is not surprising that almost 65 percent of households have at least one animal companion. There is more than ample evidence that having companion animals can have all kinds of benefits. According to the Center for Disease Control, pets can decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride...

The Healing Power of Pets

11/17/2007 - How does the person with the most stressful job in the country relieve the pressure? President George W. Bush does it by playing with his dog. Stroking a pet, holding a purring cat, hearing a bird sing and chirp, and even watching a fish swim in a tank can have a calming effect. Playing with pets or...

Big Pharma takes over veterinary medicine; dogs and cats drugged with chemicals for profit

7/17/2007 - Big Pharma has successfully completed its takeover of veterinary medicine in the United States and other first-world nations. Knowing that massive profits could be generated through the bodies of pets, drug companies have spent two decades pursuing an aggressive campaign of rewriting vet school curricula,...

Purdue Veterinarians Discuss Bird Flu Issues for Pets (press release)

8/14/2006 - Pet owners can combat animal illness with cleanliness and educated observation, and wellness veterinarians from Purdue University recommend the same procedure in the case of bird flu. "Commercial products can kill viruses because the flu is not resistant to disinfectants," said Steve Thompson, director...

Pet nutrition revealed: the Health Ranger interviews Dr. Lisa Newman on pet nutrition and pet food ingredients (part 3 of 4)

12/22/2005 - Mike: Whenever I talk to pet owners, whose pets have joint problems, pain or disease, I hear a distorted line of reasoning -- the same in human medicine -- which is that it's just genetic. I hear that all the time. Newman: Oh, I know. Mike: What's your take on that? Newman: My take on it is...

Pet health supplements, disease prevention and miracle pet cures: an exclusive interview with Dr. Lisa Newman, formulator of the Azmira Holistic Pet Care products (part 4 of 4)

12/18/2005 - Mike: Let's talk about supplements for a minute. You have a line of supplements. What is unique and interesting about these supplements? Newman: First of all, we have the most concentrated supplement line on the market. Concentration is very important. A dog or a cat doesn't want a tablespoon of...

The true horrors of pet food revealed: Prepare to be shocked by what goes into dog food and cat food

10/21/2005 - If you check the labels on grocery store foods, you've probably already begun to see that the list of ingredients doesn't always tell the whole truth about what's in your food. The same goes for your pets' food. Behind innocent-sounding words like "meat byproducts" and "meat meal" are horrific manufacturing...

Feeding everyday groceries to pets is animal cruelty

12/5/2004 - Veterinarians know far more about nutrition than most doctors. Pets generally don't have health insurance, and it's much cheaper to prevent disease in your pet through good nutrition than it is to treat it with drugs and surgery down the road. Veterinarians both understand good nutrition and preach...

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