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Hackers in charge: Sony hack and theater pullback reveals new era of hackers trouncing multinational corporations

12/17/2014 - Note the day of December 16th, 2014. That day will mark a milestone in history because it was the first time a U.S. cinema chain censored the launch of a movie due to threats from hackers. "Carmike Cinemas has canceled the nationwide Christmas Day release of Sony's 'The Interview,' the first theater...

'Captain Phillips' movie starring Tom Hanks is a total lie, say crew members

10/16/2013 - The mainstream media and cinema have ways of making real life heroes out of those who never really were heroes in real life. A current example is a movie getting rave reviews, Captain Phillips, in which Tom Hanks portrays real life Captain Richard Philips as dedicated, calm and courageous during...

Anti-GMO 'Santo' movie appears to have been the victim of an elaborate disinfo campaign involving social media operatives

8/7/2013 - A Natural News investigation has been conducted into the anti-Monsanto movie named "Santo," which has garnered an enormous amount of attention over the past few weeks. (Click here to see the movie preview.) You may be aware that the movie and the filmmaker have been under fire for the past two weeks,...

Google Glass: obedience to the Matrix

4/15/2013 - It's now being suggested that Google Glass, the computers worn over the eyes, can be used to catch rogue stock traders before they wander off the reservation and destroy the firms they work for. Google Glass records everything the wearer sees and says. So if all brokers are ordered to have them,...

26-year-old with Down Syndrome asphyxiated while resisting cops over movie ticket

2/25/2013 - To say he was killed over a movie ticket is startling enough, but when you know 26-year-old Robert Ethan Saylor, who suffered from Down Syndrome, likely died at the hands of police is, frankly, disheartening. According to reports, Saylor, of New Market, MD., died in January after officers forcibly...

What would you do if the Red Dawn movie became reality?

11/13/2012 - In 1984, at the height of the Cold War, John Milius wrote and directed "Red Dawn," a movie about the beginning of World War III. The plot was simple. Following a series of geopolitical events, the U.S. found itself standing alone against a world increasingly dominated by an all-powerful Soviet Union...

Learn the scientific truth about vaccine dangers while supporting 'The Greater Good' filmmakers

9/10/2012 - Through Wednesday, September 12, "The Greater Good" is available for purchase through the NaturalNews Programs store, which allows unlimited streaming views of the full video, with no expiration. (It stays in your NaturalNews library forever.) Watch the astonishing movie trailer now by clicking here. This...

Why did no one fight back? Questions linger over James Holmes Batman movie theater shooting

7/21/2012 - One of the most shocking realization emerging from the James Holmes Batman movie shooting rampage in Aurora, Colorado is the fact that nobody apparently tried to stop the shooter. This is absolutely baffling. Out of at least 70 moviegoers (and maybe more, as numbers remain sketchy at the moment), it...

Batman movie massacre a reflection of violent video games, TSA violence against citizens and psychiatric drugging of young white men

7/20/2012 - Medical student James Holmes of Aurora, Colorado reportedly opened fire on moviegoers who had filled a theater late last night to watch the newly-released "Batman" movie -- an orgy of violence and Big Brother propaganda. Dressed in riot gear and wearing a gas mask that resembled the fictional evil character...

The Hunger Games movie review - a glimpse of our own future if the cancerous growth of government is not checked

4/2/2012 - The Hunger Games is a wildly popular new movie set in a dystopian future where an all-powerful, high-tech centralized government rules over "districts" of impoverished populations barely surviving in third-world conditions. The film, based on the book of the same name by Suzanne Collins, is important...

Hollywood begins mass brainwashing campaign to get people ready for the next bioengineered virus release

7/16/2011 - The entertainment industry is no stranger to government propaganda campaigns, and the latest Hollywood flicks are no exception. A quick look at the trailer for the upcoming release of the movie Contagion ( reveals what appears to be a massive brainwashing campaign...

Dirt! The Movie explores the vital importance of soil and why we must do everything possible to preserve and protect it

3/5/2011 - Life on earth depends on the health and vitality of a seemingly simple and often overlooked natural element -- dirt. Ignorance, greed, and plain lack of appreciation has led to the widespread decimation of this precious resource throughout at least the last century. A documentary Dirt! The Movie tells...

Movie Review: Wall-E from Pixar is the Best Animated Film of 2008

1/29/2009 - Released in the Summer of 2008, the animated feature film "Wall-E" from Pixar is flat out one of the best animated feature films you'll ever see. It easily takes the title of best animated film of 2008, and perhaps of all time. If you haven't seen Wall-E yet, you owe it to yourself to pick up this movie...

Netflix Roku vs. Blockbuster OnDemand Set-Top Box: Which Works Better for On-Demand Movie Downloads?

12/2/2008 - From time to time, I divert from the usual topics on this site and review technologies that appear to be revolutionary. One of the most exciting transitions in technology taking place right now is the availability of on-demand video downloads using set-top boxes. These devices allow users to tap into...

Reel Fulfillment: What Can You Learn From Movies?

8/13/2008 - This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Fountain of Youth Summit, which can be found at ( . In this excerpt, Dr. Maria Grace shares on using movies to teach concepts about self-development. The Fountain of Youth World Summit with Dr. Maria Grace, psychologist,...

All Jacked Up: The Explosive Junk Food Documentary the Food Companies Hope You Never See

1/17/2008 - Back in early 2007, I was invited to participate in a pioneering new documentary that dared to explore the harmful effects of processed foods and soft drinks on teenagers. I flew to Los Angeles, spent two hours being interviewed on camera, and went back home, hoping my efforts would help educate parents...

Movie Review: I am Legend, Will Smith and the Dangers of Playing God with Food and Medicine

12/21/2007 - Will Smith's latest blockbuster hit, I Am Legend, opens with the premise that medical researchers engineered a cure for cancer that required injecting (or "infecting") patients with a genetically-modified virus that blocks the growth of cancer tumors. Early human trials were extremely successful (a...

Movie review: Idiocracy starring Luke Wilson, directed by Mike Judge

2/5/2007 - Every once in a while, a really smart movie comes along that shows you just how stupid modern society is by shoving it in your face. "Idiocracy" is precisely such a film. Filled with purposeful profanity (it actually drives the storyline) and brilliant parody, Idiocracy manages to cough up nearly 90...

Media giants want to criminalize personal copying of movie DVDs to portable electronic devices

1/14/2007 - With so many portable video devices emerging on the market these days, there's a growing question about intellectual property and whether or not it's appropriate to rip video to formats that will play on these devices. One question is, for example, is it appropriate for you to rip your DVDs to a format...

Qflix technology for burning movie DVDs supported by major studios

1/8/2007 - Concerns about piracy have hampered consumers' ability to buy and burn to DVD digital versions of movies from the internet, but a new Hollywood-backed technology and licensing arrangement from Sonic Solutions Inc. could change that. Sonic Solutions' Qflix ads a standard digital lock -- called a content...

Fast Food Nation movie meets with mixed reviews from critics, moviegoers

11/27/2006 - Fast Food Nation, a fictionalized movie version of Eric Schlosser's best-selling nonfiction depiction of fast food companies' negative impacts on American life, opened over Thanksgiving weekend to mixed reviews from both critics and the public. The film -- by "Dazed and Confused" director Richard...

Review of Sony DVDirect: A standalone DVD burner and video capture device that works flawlessly

8/7/2006 - With all the video content consumers are creating today, there is a need for a device that will burn DVDs in real time from a video feed. Ideally it would be stand-alone so it does not require a personal computer for ripping or capturing video and then burning it to DVD. Sony has come out with such...

Movielink to let consumers burn downloaded movies to DVD

7/17/2006 - The online movie service Movielink has announced a licensing deal with Sonic Solutions to use its DVD-on-Demand software to allow users to download movies from the internet and burn them to DVD. "This gives consumers a more flexible product while providing copyright holders with adequate protection...

Movie Review: The Island starring Ewan McGregor explores timely theme of corporate exploitation of human beings

5/22/2006 - "The Island" is one of the best science fiction movies I've seen in a long time. Aside from its obvious strengths, which include stunning action sequences thanks to director Michael Bay, "The Island" also explores important science fiction themes that are reflected in today's culture of corporate ethics,...

Product review: Vongo movie downloading service

4/19/2006 - Peer to peer networks have stirred up quite a hornet's nest on the internet, as people share copyrighted files of every nature without paying a dime. Although I'm not about to publicly cast a vote for or against such a practice, movie buffs now have a legal alternative called Vongo. Although the...

DVD copy warnings, movie studio paranoia, and the effort to turn customers into criminals

4/13/2006 - Pop quiz: What's the first thing you see when you watch a DVD? The answer, of course, is a threat to imprison you or fine you up to $250,000 if you dare copy that movie or display it for non-home use. Movie studios and the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) are downright paranoid about the...

"Side Effects" movie targets Big Pharma's sales tactics on the big screen

9/27/2005 - Big Pharma has enjoyed years of positive publicity in the mainstream media through large financial expenditures toward lobbying and advertising; indeed, the industry spends more money on self-promotion than it does on product research. Now, however, a new kind of exposure is looming on the horizon...

Why America is still a great place to live: thirteen things I love about this country

9/7/2005 - Although I find plenty to complain about with the United States of America, and I'm convinced this nation's freedoms, economy and leadership could use some major reforms, there's still a lot to like about the USA. I'm dedicating this essay to the top things I think are really great about the United...

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