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Switching from cars to public transportation could save the world $100 trillion and reduce pollution by 40%

10/1/2014 - Rising carbon dioxide emissions generated by vehicles has contributed to an epidemic that's resulted in widespread sickness and death across the U.S. America isn't the only nation suffering; cities all over the world are experiencing decreased air quality due to pollution, causing many people to...

China's industrial pollution is so bad that it's dumping toxic mercury on Japan's Mount Fuji

10/23/2013 - China and India combined have more coal-burning energy plants than the rest of the world, and China has more than India. Japanese scientists are openly complaining that the almost 13,000 foot Mt. Fuji is coated with toxic mercury from China's coal burning plants. Some Chinese scientists have challenged...

Feeding Fish Oils to Cows Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Bovine Farts

7/27/2009 - Adding fish oil to the diets of cows and other ruminants may significantly reduce the amount of methane that the animals emit via belching or flatulence, according to a study conducted by researchers from University College Dublin and presented at a meeting of the Society for General Microbiology. "The...

Carbon Emissions Must be Cut to Near Zero to Avert Climate Disaster, Warn Researchers

8/16/2008 - A series of recently published studies have determined that humanity must cease all emission of carbon dioxide by 2050 to avoid catastrophic climate change. Currently, humans are responsible for roughly 10 billion tons of carbon emissions each year, a rate that continues to rise. "The question...

Urgent Carbon Emissions Cuts Needed to Save Earth From Climate Change Disaster, Warn Scientists

6/29/2008 - Preventing irreversible climate disaster will require carbon dioxide emissions reductions big enough not only to prevent the atmosphere's carbon load from increasing, but to allow the amount of carbon in the atmosphere to actually decrease, according to a warning issued by scientists at the 2007 meeting...

New Evidence Links Mercury Emissions to Rates of Autism

4/29/2008 - Researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center (UTHSC) say that "for the first time in scientific literature, a statistically significant association between autism risk and distance from the mercury source" has been established. Lead researcher Raymond F. Palmer PhD says, "This is...

Global Warming to Hammer U.S. Northeast with Radical Weather, Warn Scientists

12/15/2007 - A recent report has enumerated the catastrophic changes that the northeastern United States can expect due to global warming, particularly if local and global greenhouse gas emissions are not curbed. The report, "Confronting Climate Change in the U.S. Northeast," was a joint project of the Northeast...

Bush Administration announces effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through "wishful thinking" (satire)

6/1/2007 - (NaturalNews Satire) In a significant nod toward pro-environment politics, the Bush Administration yesterday announced a major initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by encouraging everybody to engage in "Wishful Thinking" to cut emissions without harming the economy. "Wishing for change is far...

EPA tightens tailpipe emissions of cancer-causing chemicals

2/14/2007 - The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released new regulations on February 9 intended to reduce emissions of the toxic chemical benzene from a variety of gasoline sources. The new standards do not take full effect until 2030, at which point they are expected to cut annual benzene emissions by...

Livestock ranching a leading contributor to CO2 emissions, global warming

2/13/2007 - According to a United Nations report published last month, raising animals for food is one of the single biggest causes of global warming, in addition to land degradation and pollution of air and water. "The livestock sector emerges as one of the top two or three most significant contributors to...

CO2 emissions to cause catastrophic rise in sea levels, warns top NASA climatologist

1/15/2007 - Dr. Jim Hansen, a NASA climatologist, announced in an interview with The Independent that the world is turning into a different planet due to manmade greenhouse gas emissions. Hansen stated that the Earth's population has less than a decade to stop global warming from changing the world forever,...

Coal emissions blanket China with pollution

1/4/2007 - China is enjoying dynamic growth of late, but the coal-fired economic boom has severe environmental consequences, including massive toxic clouds visible even from space. The great coal rush in China -- brought on by its voracious power needs -- is the biggest since the 19th century. Coal seems the...

India claims its emissions cause no harm to world's atmosphere

12/21/2006 - India is considered to be one of the world's top polluters in terms of emissions, but this week the country said this week that it's not doing any harm to the world's atmosphere, despite increasing emissions of greenhouse gases. Global temperature rises of 2 to 3 degrees Celsius are predicted in...

Cattle raised for beef cause more damage to planet than emissions from cars, report finds

12/14/2006 - Rising gas prices and global warming issues have spurred an increased interest in clean cars, but a report by the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization suggests that the real culprit for the latter problem isn't the car but the cow. The 400-page report, entitled Livestock's Long Shadow,...

U.S. government may be getting ready to regulate carbon dioxide emissions as pollutants, experts say

12/1/2006 - A case before the Supreme Court over whether the Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to refuse to regulate carbon dioxide emissions may actually be the first sign of impeding government regulation of greenhouse gasses, experts say. The case -- brought by Massachusetts, New York, California...

Coalition of EPA scientists calls for agency to regulate carbon dioxide emissions

12/1/2006 - EPA scientists from across the nation are in the process of petitioning the U.S. Congress to stem global warming resulting from human-created causes. A letter attached to the EPA petition states "We are writing to protest the lack of progress in addressing global warming." The letter and petition...

Global carbon dioxide emissions rapidly acidifying Earth's oceans

11/16/2006 - The world's oceans are absorbing excess carbon dioxide emissions, turning them acidic and threatening all forms of sea life, according to climate experts at a recent UN conference on climate change in Kenya. The oceans have trapped roughly a third of the world's carbon dioxide emissions, said professor...

Growth of global carbon dioxide emissions "spiraling out of control," report finds

11/13/2006 - In the past five years, growth of global carbon dioxide emissions was four times higher than the previous 10 years' growth, according to a new study by the Global Carbon Project. The study, which exposes critical mistakes in worldwide efforts to avoid harmful climate change, found that the global...

Climate change will devastate global economies if emissions are not curbed, warns top economist

10/30/2006 - Sir Nicholas Stern, former chief economist of the World Bank, issued a report to the UK government today warning that the damages caused by global warming will cost worldwide governments five to 20 times what it would cost to stem climate change. The report -- commissioned by Chancellor Gordon Brown...

Consumer Reports Tests Show E85 Ethanol Offers Cleaner Emissions but Poorer Fuel Economy (press release)

10/23/2006 - Tests and an investigation by Consumer Reports conclude that E85 ethanol will cost consumers more money than gasoline and that there are concerns about whether the government's support of flexible fuel vehicles is really helping the U.S. achieve energy independence. Findings from CR's special report...

Breast-Cancer Risk Linked to Exposure to Traffic Emissions at Menarche, First Birth (press release)

7/18/2006 - Exposure to carcinogens in traffic emissions at particular lifetime points may increase the risk of developing breast cancer in women who are lifetime nonsmokers, a study by epidemiologists and geographers at the University at Buffalo has found. Their study was conducted among women who lived in...

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