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Five ways to protect your privacy in an increasingly intrusive world

11/8/2014 - We have moved into the age of Big Brother. Though not as crudely obvious as two-way TVs in everyone's dwelling the way George Orwell depicted in his novel 1984, all the electronic devices we use can be tapped into by Homeland Security, the CIA and the the NSA (National Security Agency). Let's get...

NSA spies actively work to destroy journalists through the Internet, leaked documents reveal

10/28/2014 - Documents made available earlier this year by former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden reveal that Britain's top spy agency, in conjunction with the National Security Agency, conspired to feed journalists and others misinformation, in a bid to discredit them and to implement a series of...

Millions of Americans installing 'perfect spying device' in their own living rooms: Amazon Fire TV monitors and records your conversations

7/15/2014 - Amazon.com is building the CIA's new $600 million data center, reports the Financial Times. (1) At the same time Amazon.com is building this massive cloud computing infrastructure for the CIA, the company is also shipping millions of Fire TV set-top devices to customers who are placing them in their...

Monsanto, DuPont equipping tractors with sensors, bolstering control with seed 'prescription' services

4/28/2014 - The biotech industry, including the likes of DuPont and Monsanto, is taking control of agriculture to a whole new level. Already engaged in controlling farmers' seed and turning crops into genetically modified science experiments, the biotech industry is taking control a step further by installing...

Maryland legislators introduce 'emergency' bill to cut water, electricity to NSA

2/17/2014 - The National Security Agency (NSA), which some have now dubbed the National Spying Agency, could soon be brought to its knees if an initiative launched by the freedom advocacy group Tenth Amendment Center (TAC) is successful. Members of the Maryland House of Delegates have reportedly introduced emergency...

Matrix - Who is Edward Snowden?

2/8/2014 - This article is a compilation of a number of pieces I've written about Ed Snowden and the NSA. It doesn't replace them, but it hits the high points... Let's begin here: If you absolutely must have a hero, watch Superman movies. If your need for a hero is so great, so cloying, so heavy, so juicy...

U.S. is now officially a 'police state' says NSA spook

1/21/2014 - During an appearance on Fox News Sunday, veteran U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said that, due to expansive domestic surveillance and spying by the National Security Agency, Americans are in danger of losing control of their country. "I think that we are going to maintain our ability to protect...

Swiss companies announce development of NSA-proof smartphone

1/18/2014 - With so much spying being conducted not just in the United States but worldwide by the National Security Agency, it was only a matter of time before some company developed a product capable of operating beyond its reach. A couple of Swiss-based firms - Silent Circle and Geeksphone - in a joint venture...

Freedom in America now lost as judge rules NSA spying on all your phone calls is legal and justified

1/10/2014 - It should have been a slam-dunk case of wholesale violation of the Fourth Amendment. But instead, the National Security Agency can spy on you anytime it wants, and without need for any bothersome warrants. That is the opinion of one federal court anyway. As reported recently by the Washington Post,...

Once called a conspiracy theory, NSA remote bugging of your iPhone is now confirmed

1/9/2014 - It has been said that one person's conspiracy theory is another's truth, depending on your interpretation of reality. Well, thanks to the rapid advances in technology - and a post-constitutional federal government, things that were once widely thought to be beyond the scope of reason are no longer so. Take,...

NSA intercepts computer purchases to install remote spyware on PCs

1/7/2014 - Federal judges may disagree about whether the National Security Agency's massive collection of Americans' data is constitutional, but what about the nation's premier spy service intercepting personal computers en route to purchasers to install spyware? That may be the next case up before a federal court...

Confirmed: NSA has broken into Google, Yahoo data centers and now monitors all web searches, Gmail

11/1/2013 - If the reports earlier this summer detailing how the National Security Agency monitors all data passing through the nation's internet service providers and tech companies was a little too much to digest or accept, that's understandable. After all, this is America, right? And the NSA isn't supposed...

Article updated with new message from the Health Ranger

10/21/2013 - The article which originally appeared here has been removed because it is no longer aligned with the science-based investigative mission of Natural News. In late 2013 / early 2014, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger), editor of Natural News, transitioned from outspoken activist to environmental scientist....

NSA chief admits counterterrorism successes were vastly exaggerated to sell 'benefits' of spying on Americans

10/17/2013 - It was a startling admission that in another era would have sent shockwaves through the nation's capital and caused heads to roll, arrest warrants to be issued and been the subject of countless news broadcasts for days. Earlier this month, the head of the National Security Agency admitted to lawmakers...

Obama secretly reversed NSA surveillance restrictions in 2011

9/22/2013 - Maybe you don't remember - after all, it's been about five years now - but once upon a time, Dear Leader Barack Obama promised to have the most transparent, open government in U.S. history. The number of times that Obama has proven this to be a lie is too high to count, but the business of the National...

NSA pays tech companies millions to engineer backdoors into encryption protocols

9/13/2013 - There is a saying that says, when it comes to government, they've got you coming and going. No truer words are spoken when the subject comes to serial invasions of your privacy. Not only is the National Security Agency monitoring your every electronic communication, but the agency is paying your...

ACLU says NSA spy program violates the U.S. Constitution

9/9/2013 - It may seem self-evident to most Americans, but now a noted legal organization has weighed in as well. The American Civil Liberties Union says the overt spying on Americans' electronic communications - whether to simply collect "metadata" or to capture communications in their entirety - simply violates...

Revealed: NSA employees used government surveillance technology to spy on love partners

9/3/2013 - In the intelligence world, there are a number of acronyms describing the kind of intel that spy agencies gather. For example, there is "ELINT" - electronic intelligence - and "HUMINT" - human intelligence. Now, some analysts at the National Security Agency have invented a new one: "LOVEINT." What's...

NSA now admits spying on 75% of U.S. Internet traffic: Emails, texts, voice calls

8/30/2013 - When news first broke that the National Security Agency has been spying on Americans, I suspected then that, in truth, the spying would amount to much more than we were initially told. Sometimes it isn't good to be right. The NSA has now admitted that the agency was spying on three-quarters of...

Google, Facebook, others accepted millions from NSA to turn over spy data on its users

8/27/2013 - As bad as it is that the National Security Agency has been caught red-handed spying wholesale on American citizens' private electronic communications, it is even worse knowing that American taxpayers paid for the "privilege" of having their Fourth Amendment rights shredded. According to Britain's...

43 percent think NSA domestic spying violates individual rights in favor of 'national security'

8/14/2013 - The Digital Age has taken a huge toll on the Constitution, particularly when it comes to Fourth Amendment privacy rights, but it is also a force for good, as evidenced by a recent survey that indicates more Americans are waking up from years of slumber and rediscovering the Bill of Rights. In particular,...

Anti-GMO 'Santo' movie appears to have been the victim of an elaborate disinfo campaign involving social media operatives

8/7/2013 - A Natural News investigation has been conducted into the anti-Monsanto movie named "Santo," which has garnered an enormous amount of attention over the past few weeks. (Click here to see the movie preview.) You may be aware that the movie and the filmmaker have been under fire for the past two weeks,...

Enemy of the state: Your cell phone is now a tracking device for NSA to hunt you down

7/30/2013 - News of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA)'s covert spying activities on Americans has sent shockwaves throughout the nation, rattling what little rudiments of freedom and liberty still remain in this once great nation. But a new report by The Washington Post (WP) ventures even deeper down the...

Obama's image crumbles in Europe as truth about NSA spying comes to light

7/11/2013 - When elected to his first term, President Obama was as popular in Europe as he was in the United States - a popularity that stretched into the 2012 election cycle. European leaders extended their good will after Obama won reelection: "Your re-election is a clear choice in favor of an America that...

Obama declares NSA hacking of EU nations 'an act of war' right before hacking EU nations

7/9/2013 - The depth of arrogance and hypocrisy that defines the Obama administration knows no depths, as the president's missteps in managing the fallout from revelations that the NSA also hacked EU allies well demonstrate. First, a little history. Two years ago, in May of 2011, The Wall Street Journal reported...

72 percent of Americans believe NSA is blackmailing judges and members of Congress

7/7/2013 - Shortly after reports surfaced in early June that the NSA has been spying on Americans at home, President Obama attempted to put us at ease, telling us that the government "is not listening to your phone calls." That, of course, has turned out to be a blatant lie, but one in which the president,...

Is the NSA actually Blackmail Inc. for the military industrial complex?

6/29/2013 - Every director of the NSA is a general or an admiral. The NSA is organized under the US Dept. of Defense. Imagine that you are a powerful player who straddles two worlds---the Dept. of Defense and the private sector where corporate defense-contractors live and flourish. You've served many times...

Snowden, NSA, blackmail, and the boys in the back room

6/28/2013 - The NSA is spying on everybody. That includes a major, major, prime target: Congress. So imagine this conversation taking place, in a car, on a lonely road outside Washington, late at night. The speakers are Congressman X and a private operative representing a covert unit inside the NSA: "Well,...

Proof comes out: NSA needs no warrant to gather spy data on Americans

6/28/2013 - Before reading any further, it is important for Americans to understand something about our constitutional system: Just because some official "entity" - a federal court, a bureaucracy, a president - "authorizes" an action does not make that authorization proper or even legal. The Constitution is...

Article updated with new message from the Health Ranger

6/23/2013 - The article which originally appeared here has been removed because it is no longer aligned with the science-based investigative mission of Natural News. In late 2013 / early 2014, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger), editor of Natural News, transitioned from outspoken activist to environmental scientist....

Article updated with new message from the Health Ranger

6/23/2013 - The article which originally appeared here has been removed because it is no longer aligned with the science-based investigative mission of Natural News. In late 2013 / early 2014, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger), editor of Natural News, transitioned from outspoken activist to environmental scientist....

Join me in suing the NSA over illegal spying, says Rand Paul

6/21/2013 - As reports go main stream about the NSA spying on millions of Americans through massive phone and email surveillance programs, it seems like nothing is being done to stop this massive breach of privacy. As massive surveillance powers hover over Americans and people all across the world, how will this...

Obama apologists who defend NSA spy program are suddenly pals with Dick Cheney, too

6/20/2013 - For Americans who still believe we have a legitimate two-party political system, and that each party has its own set of principles, values and beliefs that are diametrically different than those of the other party, should abandon that fallacy pronto, because frankly, it just ain't true. While officially...

Skynet rising: Google acquires 512-qubit quantum computer; NSA surveillance to be turned over to AI machines

6/20/2013 - Most people don't know about the existence of quantum computers. Almost no one understands how they work, but theories include bizarre-sounding explanations like, "they reach into alternate universes to derive the correct answers to highly complex computational problems." Quantum computers are not...

Confirmed: NSA's surveillance of mobile phones specifically targeted Americans

6/19/2013 - "Official" Washington - the establishment political cabal made up of members of both major parties which has "ruled" the nation's capital for generations - has been frantically trying to downplay recent revelations that the National Security Administration (NSA) obtained the phone records from millions...

James Clapper admits lying to the American people in the 'least untruthful manner possible' about NSA spying

6/18/2013 - The tortured logic and pained explanations (and justifications) being given by top government officials and lawmakers in the wake of the disclosure that the National Security Agency snoops on every American is as astounding as it is pathetic. But then again, they are being made by people who are a)...

Tech expert urges Americans to 'quit Google, Facebook' over NSA surveillance revelations

6/17/2013 - In light of revelations that the federal government's massive spy apparatus has been unleashed on its own citizens, some tech experts are now advising users of social media and other Internet-based sites that have helped Uncle Sam pry into your life to stop using them altogether. While I do utilize...

Snowden critics say it's not treason to spy on all Americans; it's treason to expose it

6/17/2013 - Since Americans learned that their own National Security Agency has been used to spy on them, in violation of its mandate to conduct only foreign surveillance and in direct violation of the Constitution, there has been an outcry from tens of millions of citizens upset that the Bush and Obama Administrations...

Ed Snowden's magic thumb drive and other NSA fantasies

6/16/2013 - Well, they've solved the riddle. Ed Snowden was able to steal thousands of highly protected NSA documents because...he had a thumb drive. This is the weapon that breached the inner sanctum of the most sophisticated information agency in the world. This is the weapon to which the NSA, with all...

Article updated with new message from the Health Ranger

6/16/2013 - The article which originally appeared here has been removed because it is no longer aligned with the science-based investigative mission of Natural News. In late 2013 / early 2014, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger), editor of Natural News, transitioned from outspoken activist to environmental scientist....

Treasonous Feinstein accuses Snowden of treason; insists others should honor oath of office but not herself

6/16/2013 - It's a typical case of the pot calling the kettle black. If it wasn't so serious and hypocritical, it might even be comical. By now most Americans are aware of the National Security Agency's gathering of metadata on millions of Americans, in blatant violation of the Bill of Rights (never mind that...

Flashback: NSA intercepted and mocked soldiers' phone calls as far back as 2008

6/15/2013 - Tens of millions of Americans are upset over the serial privacy violations committed during the Obama years by the National Security Agency, the CIA, the FBI and other federal spy and law enforcement organizations, and rightfully so. But it's important to remember that these kinds of violations were...

Liar! Obama claims 'nobody is listening to your phone calls' - but they are, of course

6/13/2013 - "When it comes to telephone calls, nobody is listening to your telephone calls. That's not what this program is about." That was President Obama following a speech he gave in San Jose, Calif., June 7, in response to a report by The Guardian newspaper that the National Security Administration (NSA)...

Did someone help Ed Snowden punch a hole in the NSA?

6/13/2013 - Ed Snowden, NSA leaker. Honest man. Doing what was right. Bravo. That still doesn't preclude the possibility that, unknown to him, he was managed by people to put him the right place to expose NSA secrets. Snowden's exposure of NSA was a righteous act, because that agency is a RICO criminal. But...

Article updated with new message from the Health Ranger

6/12/2013 - The article which originally appeared here has been removed because it is no longer aligned with the science-based investigative mission of Natural News. In late 2013 / early 2014, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger), editor of Natural News, transitioned from outspoken activist to environmental scientist....

Senator Al Franken: from SNL spoofer to NSA surveillance hawk

6/12/2013 - Al used to be a funny guy. Now, he's not. Make no mistake about it, if Bush were president at the moment, Little Al would be attacking him mercilessly. But with Obama in the White House, Al sings a different tune. The NSA spying is A-OK. No problem. "I can assure you, this is not about spying...

Did NSA already use its massive surveillance apparatus to hijack the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare?

6/11/2013 - "Any analyst at any time can target anyone. Any selector, anywhere... I, sitting at my desk, certainly had the authorities to wiretap anyone, from you or your accountant, to a federal judge, to even the President..." - NSA spy grid whistleblower Edward Snowden. And so it begins: the power to tap...

NSA, the secret AT&T spy room, and 2 Israeli companies

6/10/2013 - Boom. Explosive revelations. The NSA is using telecom giants to spy on anybody and everybody, in a program called PRISM. But the information is not new. Three books have been written about the super-secret NSA, and James Bamford has written them all . In 2008, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now interviewed...

Breaking: NSA spy grid whistleblower Ed Snowden steps forward in mind-blowing video interview with Glenn Greenwald

6/9/2013 - The NSA spy scandal has just exploded beyond the worst fears of the highly-secretive U.S. government. The whistleblower behind the leaked PRISM slides has just stepped forward, offering a mind-blowing interview to investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, who broke this story in The Guardian. (Wow,...

Breaking: New PRISM slide leaked by the Guardian: NSA has direct access to servers of Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo, Apple and others

6/9/2013 - Breaking news -- this is one of the biggest stories of our lifetime -- it is critical for all internet users to read and understand this. The Guardian has just released a new slide today from its collection of 41 PRISM slides detailing the top secret NSA spy program that has, for years, granted the...

How Google, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo and AOL are all blatantly lying to their own users in denying NSA spy grid scheme

6/8/2013 - What do Google, AOL, Skype, Facebook, Apple, Hotmail and Yahoo all have in common? They have all been caught turning over private user data to the government's spy agency, the NSA. All these companies routinely turn over the emails, voice calls, text chats, photos, files and even logins and passwords...

Big Brother is tapping your mobile phone: Obama admits NSA routinely spying on all Verizon phone customers in the USA

6/6/2013 - The USA is reeling today from the explosive discovery that the Obama administration has been spying on all Verizon phone customers by surveilling their phone usage on a daily basis for the last several years. This is a wholesale, routine spy surveillance program that has "Big Brother" written all over...

The federal government is spying on every single American, say NSA whistleblowers

8/4/2012 - Two former high-ranking officials at the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), a federal bureaucracy that collects data and intelligence on foreign communications for national security purposes, have come forward with allegations that the NSA actively monitors Americans as well. According to testimonies...

NSA building massive spy 'data center,' tracking all private communication

3/29/2012 - Regular readers of NaturalNews know that we've been busy of late keeping track of your privacy in this Information Age, which is not easy considering all of the entities - public and private - who want to know everything these days about you and what you are doing 24/7/365. But that's impossible,...

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