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At least one major company has admitted to adding flavoring chemicals to its farmed fish to make it taste more like the wild-caught varieties that consumers prefer

Farmed fish
(NaturalNews) HQ Sustainable Maritime Industries (HQSM) bills itself as an eco-friendly aquaculture company in an industry notorious for appalling practices such as the widespread dumping of chemicals and antibiotics into the world's oceans. It even markets a specific brand of farmed tilapia (TiLoveYa) under the prominent label "natural" and promotes a "Bill of Rights" touting its green practices.

Company officials have admitted, however, that TiLoveYa tilapia contains flavoring chemicals designed to make it taste more like wild-caught fish. It's unclear how that makes the fish in any way "natural."

The artificially flavored fish is widespread and hard to avoid; TiLoveYa products are available in a wide variety of retail stores, and the company also aggressively markets them to restaurants. And if one company is adding artificial flavors to its fish, you can bet that others are doing it too. In fact, no law prevents chemicals from being added to wild-caught fish either, as long as no false claims are made about the product.

So how do you know whether the fish you buy contains anything other than fish? The answer is the same as with most questions about this poorly regulated industry: It's very hard to tell.





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