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Natural energizing powers? Why the Rambutan fruit is known for rejuvenation


(NaturalNews) An exotic red fruit that appears to have spikes protruding from its rind, is becoming more popular in the tropical regions of the world. Originally from Indonesia, the rambutan fruit is now commonly harvested in India, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and Ecuador. The attractive red rind harbors a white, spherical, sometimes oval-shaped fruit that sort of looks like a boiled egg. The sweet, delicious fruit also possesses an attractive, near-floral aroma. The scientific name for the fruit is Nephelium Laapaceum. The fruits can be seen growing in large clusters that weigh down the branches of the parent tree. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the fruit is the seedling-like hairs protruding from its rind. That is why the fruit was named Rambutan. "Rambut" refers to hair in Indonesia. These hairs are safe to touch.

The Rambutan fruit is not only attractive to the eyes, nose, touch and taste buds. It's also a nutritious super food that helps oxygenate the cells and energize the entire body.

Energy boost through efficient utilization of oxygen

While low in calories, the rambutan fruit is high in fiber. In this way, the fruit sustains the body, helping a person stay full longer. This characteristic alone makes the fruit a great weight loss food, helping a person control their appetite and beat those bad cravings.

As Rambutan is assimilated in the human body, it begins to deliver all important, blood-building iron. The body uses iron to build hemoglobin so that oxygen can be effectively transported throughout the body. In this way, Rambutan makes the purpose of breathing more efficient. Rambutan helps the oxygen coming in be more properly utilized in the blood, so it can be used more effectively by the tissues in the body. The payoff is greater energy in the body. People with low iron levels are sluggish, tired, easily overworked and stressed. An iron deficiency can make even a young kid go weak at the knees and feel dizzy while playing in the yard.

Reducing sports injuries

Rambutan is a truly hydrating energy drink. Since it has a high water content, Rambutan quenches thirst. It is an excellent source of energy because of its good balance of protein and carbohydrates.

Runners and athletes who want to have an edge will definitely want to eat a handful of these before they start exerting themselves. Rambutan provides real cellular energy. Drinks like Gatorade, PowerAde and other energy drinks ultimately create an acidic internal environment, weakening the body's ability to assimilate nutrients. If more sports teams ate superfoods like rambutan instead of slurping up their sponsors' toxic drinks, sports injuries would be few and far between.

Stronger bones, healthier skin

Since the fruit is rich in iron, phosphorous and calcium, it naturally strengthens the teeth, nails and bones. This fruit is a practical preventative medicine to help people avoid bone fractures and breaks. The fruit's nourishing properties strengthen the body at its core, and their healing effect can also be observed on the surface of the skin. In fact, rambutan's nutritional profile makes it a perfect medicine for improving skin health.

Internally, rambutan goes to work assisting the kidneys. As toxins are removed more efficiently from the body, the blood is purified, protecting the skin all over the body. The evidence of rambutan's cleansing properties can be seen by observing the health of the skin. Phosphorous helps the body remove waste through the kidneys, and is an important building block for cellular maintenance and repair.

Rambutan is gorgeous, inside and out, and its beauty is passed onto those who consume its bounty.

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