Nearly half the children born in the last decade are at risk of diabetes

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(NaturalNews) According to News Daily, a CDC study has determined that two out five people born between 2000 and 2011 are expected to develop diabetes type 2.

This rate is double what it was two decades ago for men, and it's a 50 percent increase for women. Currently, 29 million people suffer from mostly diabetes type 2, which is acquired over time largely through too much sugar and refined carbohydrate consumption accelerated by lack of exercise

Obesity, which is often an early entry into diabetes, has soared over the last couple of decades as well. What's changed the most over the last few decades? The amount of added processed sugars in fast foods, processed foods and beverages that have supplanted real food.

The food processing industry and their paid media shills in print, radio and TV advertising are guilty of foisting bad health and disease on the population. You could call these activities crimes against humanity.

Many of them are victims of their own crimes, with refined sugars and high-fructose corn syrup added not only to obvious sweets but also to many other not-so-sweet processed foods as well.

The processed food industry's dealing with sugar addictions

Some experts claim sugar is addictive as cocaine. So putting more and more in sodas and sweets is conducive for repeat business. And why not add sugar surreptitiously into just about any processed food worthy of attracting repeat customers?

Processed salt is added to sodas to make sure more sugar could be placed into those beverages, making them more addictive. It's not only obvious sweets like candies, cakes, donuts and sodas that contain large amounts of added sugars.

Other processed foods like breads, fast food French fries, bagels and soups contain added sugars to keep you coming back for more. And those low- or non-fat dairy yogurts and dairy products use added sugar and chemical thickeners to imitate the taste and sensation of the fat that's been taken out.

The medical myth that fats make you fat was a boon to processed food manufacturers who came up with sugar solutions, just as they have with non-gluten packaged foods now. False evils are replaced with real ones. Healthy fats, even saturated fats, don't make you fat. But added sugars sure do.

High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) has replaced cane sugars in most sodas and other beverages as well as many other food products. HFCS is sweeter per volume than sugar and is cheaper too. Good for the profit margin. But it's even worse for one's health than sugar. HFCS became the new sugar for many products, especially beverages, in the 1970s.

Since then, it has increased exponentially to become the sugar of choice in most sodas and other beverages. By the way, it can also be called "corn syrup" on those labels. Too many have caught on to how bad HFCS is, so that industry is doing what they can to conceal it from consumers and sneak it into their guts to cause a plethora of problems.

The fructose in fruit is not problematic because of fruit's fiber and other compounds that compensate the fructose, ensuring a metabolic transition that doesn't harm the liver. Normal processed cane or beet sugar (sucrose) is one part glucose and one part fructose.

So there is some metabolic damage from sucrose with the fructose part, while the glucose is readily metabolized for that energy rush that sugar addicts enjoy. Some sucrose does get stored as fat throughout the body to be used as energy later. But later doesn't come, as long as one keeps eating processed foods, and the fat remains.

But high-fructose corn syrup is extremely concentrated fructose that goes straight to the liver instead of the gut from where sucrose sugars are taken into the bloodstream to create usable energy. The liver doesn't know exactly what to do with those sudden surges of fructose, so it gets stored as fat, which can lead to fatty liver disease and eventually cirrhosis and possibly cancer.

HFCS also has less impact on hunger sensations than sucrose, which goes through the digestive tract to create energy and allow a sensation of satisfaction. This way, HFCS leads to eating or drinking more than one can tolerate, raising one's serum triglyceride levels and making one susceptible to cardiovascular disease.

The process of manufacturing HFCS produces toxins and leaves residues of mercury. The for-profit medical monopoly and Big Pharma should be grateful to the processed food industry for the increased business that it sends them.

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