Obama's policies 'complete the cycle' of human child trafficking, says border agent

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(NaturalNews) A U.S. Border Patrol agent who has been regularly speaking out about the burgeoning disaster of mass illegal immigration along the U.S. Southwest border has accused the U.S. government and, by default, the Obama administration, of being complicit in human trafficking.

The agent, Hector Garza, said in a recent interview on Fox News Channel's "Hannity" program that the federal government is "completing the smuggling cycle" of unaccompanied illegal alien minors and others into the country, asking rhetorically, "Why would anyone want to hire a smuggler when the U.S. government is actually doing it for free?"

Continuing, he said that "we apprehend [unaccompanied minors], we process these illegals and then release them to family members in the U.S." meaning, "we just completed the smuggling cycle." He also said that the U.S. is giving illegal border crossers from countries other than Mexico a "free pass."

People coming from terrorist-sponsoring countries

As noted by Breitbart News:

Garza added that the surge of unaccompanied minors and the violence directed at Border Patrol agents by cartels has placed a strain on the Border Patrol, and as a result "resources are running dry and morale is at a very low level," but that despite this "agents come to work every day with their head up high."

During the interview, Hannity said he had listened in on briefings earlier in the day and that he was told "people from Syria, Pakistan, Yemen, other countries, Afghanistan, are coming in [and] are being apprehended." Many of those countries have active conflicts currently taking place, as most Americans know, but they are also home to terrorist organizations.

In addition, Hannity said agents have told him they have been shot at, have come under attack from aliens throwing rocks at them, and that some members of the various drug cartels that exist in (and run much of) Mexico have used military tactics against them.

Garza confirmed all of that and added agents are under constant threat, and that in some instances, in Texas and Arizona, Border Patrol agents have come under attack from Mexican military units (see the interview here:

"For our government to come out and say the borders are now more secure than ever, that is a very naive statement," Garza said.

No, the laws are not being enforced

Incredibly, Attorney General Eric Holder, Jr., one of the Obama administration's more controversial figures, told ABC during a July 13 interview that immigration laws were being enforced.

"Yes, the immigration laws are being enforced," Holder told correspondent Pierre Thomas.

"We are faced with an extraordinary situation where thousands of people, young people especially, are fleeing Central America for economic reasons, to get away from endemic violence in their countries," Holder said, echoing the administration's current narrative on why, now, so many Central American men, women and especially children are crushing the U.S. border.

"Can you see where the critics are coming from when you see buses of people being brought inland after they come here illegally?" Thomas asked.

"Let me just say this: our immigration laws are broken. It's why we need comprehensive immigration reform," Holder responded, again mouthing current administration talking points and narratives.

Fact is, America's immigration laws are not broken; Holder is being disingenuous when he says they are being enforced. That is simply not true; in fact, if that were the case, then Americans would be seeing mass deportations as well, and that just isn't happening.

Furthermore, if immigration laws were being followed, there would have been a nearly 2,000-mile-long fence along the southwestern border; on three occasions - the 1986 amnesty signed by President Reagan; the Clinton immigration reform in 1996 and the Secure Fence Act of 2006 - required Congress to fund fencing along the entire length of the border, with exceptions for ports of entry. On every occasion, successive congresses have chosen not to do so, and what's more, there is legal precedent (the courts have said so) giving them the right to make that decision [].

Finally, Holder's call for "immigration reform" is nothing more than a code for, "My boss wants to give amnesty to tens of millions of illegal immigrants already here."

Ronald Reagan was duped into doing that in 1986 and the problem did not end there, as we can clearly see when we look south.

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