Is Monsanto spreading this propaganda in your child's school?

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(NaturalNews) The propagandizing of our youth in government-approved schools around the country has been in full swing for decades. Left-wing social engineers figured out long ago that one of the best ways to "influence" thinking to their point of view was to integrate their agenda into primary education. In fact, that is the t10th plank of the Communist manifesto: "Free education" in schools where the government controls the curriculum (the most recent attempt to control your child's mind and outcome is called "Common Core").

But there is a new "player" competing for the minds of our nation's youth, and it is not a revolutionary philosopher or a big government nanny; it's a mega-corporation: Monsanto.

In fact, according to reports, Monsanto has been routinely sending representatives to schools to inform 12-year-olds about all the "good" that they are doing in the world as a leader in agriculture. As Natural Blaze frames it, this warning is not meant to "attack" schools for permitting Monsanto to "infiltrate" them, but instead as a siren bell in the night and a warning that Monsanto could soon be coming to a school near you.

Telling 'fables'

One of the more recent incidents occurred at a school in May, as recounted by the Cornucopia Institute:

One parent filmed his son when he returned from school recently to report that Monsanto had taken over his gym class, showed a power point presentation and passed out a deck of playing cards to students with the Monsanto logo emblazoned on it. Each card had a contrived fact on it, one stated, "the US produces 30% of the world's soybeans." Obviously there were no cards that told the truth about what Monsanto does -- namely illegally profiting by taking over seed production all over the world and sewing genetically altered crops that require ever-increasing amounts of cancer-causing glyphosate to grow.

The father said he asked his son if the Monsanto rep had mentioned anything about the chemicals that they sold, which are sprayed on our foods. His son responded, "Nope." The father said he then asked if the rep told the class how Monsanto does business throughout the world, and again, the reply was no. Rather, the Monsanto rep told the class that the agri-giant creates jobs for people and that they help feed the world.

The institute also said that Monsanto told "a fable" about how one farmer attempted to get rid of Monsanto seed and the chemicals they sell to be sprayed on crops, and that it caused the farmer great trouble. Also, the Institute said, the company warned against saving heirloom, organic seed, though that particular term wasn't used.

"When this child's parent tried to contact the school about the uncanny way in which the Monsanto Corporation was trying to brainwash his child," the Institute said, "he was referred to his child's handbook."

As it turns out, the school's principal was actually the one who set up permission for Monsanto to speak to the children.

Well, kids are just government property, right?

The father, Steve, added:

I wanted to make the point that as much as I despise Monsanto, this is about more than just them. This is about our children having the freedom to go get an education without entities with ulterior motives forcing them to sit and listen when it has nothing to do with their education.

He added that, as a resident of St. Louis, he would be just as upset if Budweiser sent a rep to his son's school extolling the supposed virtues of their products.

The principal eventually apologized for allowing Monsanto to preach to his and the other kids, but he could not guarantee that the agri-giant would never be permitted back on campus, the Institute reported.

Heather Callaghan, writing at Natural Blaze, noted that propaganda has been going on in schools for at least 15 years, as noted in her own experience:

"The intro to my seventh grade school handbook/homework planner alerted us expressly that we were Human Resources for that state and that during school hours we belonged to the state and school."

"But hey, if we are property of the school/state, why should we be then subject to corporate bylines? Why should government money, resources and time be spent this way?" she asked.


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