Paid government trolls rove internet in search of resisters who oppose police state tyranny

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(NaturalNews) One of the biggest threats to government authoritarianism in today's world is the internet, which still allows for the relatively free flow of information between members of society apart from state-sanctioned media and other forms of societal control. But even the web is now being used as a covert tool of manipulation and brainwashing, with paid government trolls actively intervening in online conversations and targeting individuals who resist police state tyranny, sometimes falsely branding them as mentally ill.

These insidious trolls typically pose as regular folks, pretending to have honest opinions on matters of real substance such as food freedom and gun rights. But secretly, their agenda is to sway readers toward the state agenda, which in both of these examples involves promoting heavy restrictions and government control. Paid government agents are also now using the fraud of psychiatry to brand dissenters as having mental illness, an egregious tactic of tyranny that has been around since the days of Hitler and Stalin.

The way it works is government agents rove online forums, news article comment sections and other hubs of digital discourse, looking for "troublemakers" that threaten state power and control. Users who draw attention to the privately owned Federal Reserve, for instance, or who expose the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a corporate-controlled front for processed food conglomerates and drug companies, end up being monitored and targeted by the state for silencing, by whatever means possible.

"Those who are particularly expressive when it comes to the litany of corruption that exists within government, can point it out to other people in a poignant manner, and have the capacity to get people to pay attention to the true intent behind government largess and the anti-terrorist 'see something, say something' paranoia that has gripped the nation, are in danger of being scrutinized and targeted by the same corruption that they speak out against," explains a piece on the subject recently posted at HubPages.

Branding political dissenters as mentally unstable: the bread and butter of totalitarianism

Using the psychiatric profession as a catalyst, those pulling the strings in the U.S. government have resorted to using the same tactics employed by oppressive dictators throughout history -- branding political dissenters as mentally unstable. If and when this tactic is successful, those given the insanity label for bucking the system end up becoming ostracized from the national conversation, and are thus discredited in the minds of the masses.

"Waving the insanity charge around while speaking about people who are engaged in politically protected speech is meant to have a chilling effect, while the actual calculated use and abuse of political psychiatry can have the very real result of silencing voices of dissent that should be heard by the people," adds the HubPages piece.

You might be thinking that this type of thing isn't actually happening in America. But if you take a closer look at the so-called "bible" of psychiatry, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), you will see that each successive iteration of this document over the years contains an ever-expanding list of behaviors that constitute mental illnesses, at least in the eyes of the "experts." And these made-up illnesses are the impetus behind efforts to strip away freedom of speech, the right to bear arms and other liberties that the nation's founders put in place for the protection of the people.

"Those who care about the rights of citizens should take a close look at this issue, for it is operating as a Trojan Horse, which has been sneaked in under radar and has the very real potential to undermine the values that many people hold dear," states the HubPages article.

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