When you eat grocery store fried chicken, what chemicals are lurking in that fried bird?

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(NaturalNews) Saturated and loaded with genetically modified and hydrogenated oils, fried chicken is your heart and brain's worst nightmare when it comes to "staple food." Inside that oily breaded mess of toxins lurks artificial hormones and antibiotics your body does not want to have to process. Then there is the meat, which comes from an animal that probably lived its whole short miserable life inside a CAFO "barn."

GMO Feed

Confined animal feeding operations are running rampant in the USA, as corporations struggle to keep up with the fast food encompassing demand for cheap chicken meat. It can be processed, bleached, contain toxic ammonia -- whatever -- the fast food joints all have their own "secret" recipe (MSG and sugar grease) to put taste back into the dead abused chemical-laden bird. That goes for the GMO potatoes and fries too. These chickens are fed food that comes from genetically modified plants, like corn meal, soy meal, canola and even candy. The chickens and the fowl suffer digestive infections, mutated genes (DNA), reproductive disorders and their babies have birth defects. Still, all these animals are slaughtered, usually inhumanely, and get thrown into the grinder, then re-pattied and processed to look fresh. Then they go into the frier and the hydrogenated oils and MSG is loaded on.


When chickens in CAFOs become sick and start dying from eating the wrong food, like the ones who can't walk or have infections and must rest on the floor, they can become "feed" themselves. Plus, some corporate farms feed the chickens meat, from other animals, like gelatin and well, chicken. Farmers who have no morals and ethics will use whatever is the cheapest food -- after all, they have bills to pay, for their tractor and their land and seeds. Plus, corporations don't care if the animals or the humans that consume them are sick . They are in the business to make a fortune and that's it. Fried chicken makes them a fortune while animal suffering is given no meaningful consideration.

Factory farming now accounts for more than 99 percent of all farmed animals raised and slaughtered in the United States. Nearly every fast food branch, franchise, grocery store and supermarket sell fried (or broiled, barbecued or baked) chicken of this kind. From caged laying hens to broiler chickens, extreme overcrowding, cannibalism, heart failure, eye problems and respiratory problems from poor ventilation are just a few intolerable "prison like" conditions these birds suffer. Cows, pigs, turkeys and even farm raised fish experience similar torture. Humans are eating diseased poultry and looking for doctors to prescribe chemical pharmaceuticals to quell their ills. It won't work! What's it really doing to the human body?

Trans-fat, digestive disorders and mutated cells

Did you know most cancer drives actually have sponsors of foods and products that CAUSE YOU CANCER? It's true. Watch out who you "march for" or "walk for" because you may be supporting infecting humans with dangerous trans-fats and cell mutations, while you think you're doing the right thing and helping. Nobody deserves to be sick or support greedy corporations, especially by accident! Get it right. Get the Natural Health News on real organizations that support sustainability, organic living and authenticity. Don't eat GMO fried chicken at your "march for the cure."

You can't "cook out" cancer

Too bad you can't cook out the toxins, right? You could have ALL the fried chicken you want. If you could cook out the hormones, the antibiotics, the bacterial infections, the viruses, the e-coli, the MSG and of course, the sadness. Since you are what you eat, if you eat chickens that led a depressed life, sick and tortured, sad and miserable, then what does that make you? If you still eat fried chicken or BBQ GMO, you better switch. Get some organic chicken and cook it yourself in coconut oil with organic, non-gluten flour, or just become a vegetarian and boycott the whole CAFO nightmare. Be the difference!

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