Top 10 deceptive food marketing ploys that make you sick

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(NaturalNews) Oh, the tricky world of food. Millions of people spin in circles like chickens with their heads cut off, blindly shopping for things to put in their mouths and on their skin, like nothing matters. Then you have the other millions of people who think that they know what they're doing, because they saw commercials on TV or read articles in fad magazines, but they are getting fooled across the board too.

Once upon a time, about 80 years ago, German and U.S. scientists together began developing pharmaceuticals and food agents, the ultimate toxic "candle" that burns a wick at both ends. The end result would be millions of Americans needing doctors to heal their food-borne ills. Little did those folks know (nor do they now) that the food they eat and the water they drink will keep adding to the chaos of their FAILING HEALTH, all while doctors (MDs mainly) prescribe pharmaceuticals to kill the pain and reduce the swelling, and surgeons cut out infected body parts and organs that you don't necessarily HAVE to have to survive. Then, as health deteriorates more and more, these same folks are prescribed useless antibiotics, extra vaccines (mercury and aluminum injections), chemotherapy (pesticide) and radiation (cancer fuel) and scheduled for regular treatments (more lies) until they leave this world. (

It doesn't have to be that way. Get smart. Learn the top 10 deceptive food marketing scams and hoaxes, myths and busted legends, and you can free yourself and avoid all of the BIG health traps of "Big Food" and "Big Medicine" that lay before you:

#1. All fats are bad for you!

Wait, they got you, didn't they? Did they tell you about the fat from an avocado? Oh, they forgot? What about if you eat coconuts and use coconut oil instead of hydrogenated GMO vegetable oils? Is there good cholesterol? Why, of course there is, but how long was America in the dark, and how many people are still "in the dark" because their allopathic doctors prescribe drugs and do NOT educate them about good cholesterol and the foods that fuel it? Doctor Oz has something to say about the benefits of coconut oil: (

#2. Your cholesterol is high and you need medication!

Do you have high cholesterol? Should you be on medicine while you keep eating what is giving you high (bad) cholesterol? How hard is your heart working right now, to rid the body of waste, of gluten and pesticide, of refined sugar and insecticide?

#3. Science has not proven that artificial sweeteners are bad for you

Have you heard of the film Sweet Misery? Did you know that 75% of all complaints to the FDA regard health detriment from aspartame? Do you know what aspartame is and what it does to the central nervous system? Research is in!

Also, check out Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World (

#4. Most diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's and heart disease are hereditary (actually, 85 - 95% come from food/water/bad medicine)

These PREVENTABLE diseases didn't exist in America 100 years ago. The Native Americans lived off organic food from organic soil that wasn't polluted by chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, algaecides, toxic fluoride imported from China (tap water), seeds that contain DNA from insects, genetically modified alfalfa, corn, soy, cotton and sugarbeets and the like. Back then, American Indians didn't die from overdoses from prescription pharmaceuticals and painkillers. They didn't take rat poison for blood thinner. They didn't need blood thinner. They didn't have erectile dysfunction from chemical foods, and the tobacco didn't contain 7,000 chemicals.

#5. Sugar is sugar - doesn't matter if it's white, brown, molasses, agave, local honey or organic maple syrup

Refined sugar is the leading cause of diabetes, including high-fructose corn syrup. HFCS is like concentrated sugar, and Americans drink it in every soda and just about every conventional fruit juice on the shelves of grocery stores, Kmarts and Walmart superstores. Every restaurant serves up the same soda and bread loaded with HFCS, which is genetically modified and contains pesticide, the number one killer of good bacteria humans need for immunity to disease. The body is a machine and tries to expel poisons, but processed and refined GMO sugars and artificial sweeteners are massively different than local honey or organic maple syrup. Check into this thoroughly.

#6. Salt is salt - doesn't matter if it's refined and processed or from the Dead Sea

It does matter! Get sea salt and check out Dead Sea salt and how many natural minerals it carries that your body craves and needs!

#7. There's not that much difference between conventional and organic food

There is a world of difference! In fact, there is not much gray area anymore between organic and food that contains pesticide and herbicide. Research this.

#8. Animals can suffer if it's in the name of feeding mankind, then it's okay

Wrong. We are all one. This planet is an organ (of the sun) and we need to treat it holistically, just as we treat ourselves and every living thing.

#9. Water is water - it doesn't matter if it's from the tap, bottled, filtered, distilled or from the springs in the mountains

There are three types of water: fluoridated and chlorinated tap water that is toxic to humans, distilled water that is neutral and then spring water with minerals that humans need to survive and thrive.

#10. If you eat less red meat, then you will be healthier

Wrong. All meat is hard on the digestive system, and meat is just a middle man to get to amino acids. Try green vegetables, raw nuts and seeds! Compare spinach to steak, if you don't think this is true. Protein-packed plants include asparagus, cauliflower, spinach and quinoa - they are all nutrient-dense and are complete proteins! If you're eating a good mix of fruits, veggies and legumes, then the body collects what it needs from the "amino soup" that your digestive system absorbs.

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