U.S. mainstream media tells senseless truths with great detail, but vital information is vague and covered in lies

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: mainstream media, vague information, lies

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(NaturalNews) The politics of war, Wall Street and Big Pharma all spill over into Big Food, so it's time to talk about it and point out why it's so important to understand politics in order to avoid politics. You have complete control over your choices as a consumer, and believe it or not, this can affect Big Food and Big Pharma in the long run. How will you step up your "game" and be a part of your own health solution, not your own problems? First of all, you have to identify the hoaxes, the lies and the staged drama that has the sole intent of influencing your "consumer" decisions in all the wrong ways. It plays out on televisions, on radio, in magazines and on the internet. It's all about perspective and interpretation. Here we go.

Useless info and vague, massive lies

Here are the best examples of specific useless info and then vague, massive lies:

No details about Malaysia Airlines flight 370? No radar, no debris, no black box. Really? Are we in the "Bermuda Triangle" or the "Twilight Zone" here?

Feds found a terrorist's passport intact on the streets of New York City on 9/11. Great detail! They must have thrown that one out of the plane window just before hitting the building. Sure! ( Great detail!

Justin Bieber is more important than the U.S. Congress in the news! What, Bieber is in court? -- Quick, rudely cut off the interview with a Congresswoman and get to Bieber's judge, live! America must know if he egged a neighbor's house or drove somewhere drunk and got caught!

Sandy Hook Mass School Shooting -- No photos or video have ever been produced of the alleged "killer" on school grounds. All we ever saw was a three-year-old snapshot of a kid who was never there. But the police were hiding kids from the "killer" in the rooms where children were already killed? What? Listen to a retired cop and educator who questions the entire Sandy Hook investigation. This guy trains schools on the very thing!

Mall shooting in Kenya has gruesome, detailed video footage available on the news everywhere, but no video from Sandy Hook where the school had just installed a new, massive security system the summer before the incident. Oh, so we get to see this video on TV over and over and over, of this guy shooting people repeatedly in a mall, but we don't ever see ONE PHOTO or VIDEO CLIP of the alleged shooter on school grounds at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut? -- We're not talking about showing victims here, or even the crime, just the perpetrator on school grounds. Where's THAT video, CNN?

Forty-seven-story Building 7 imploded demolition style in New York on 9/11, and architects and engineers across America have since confirmed it with research and their own investigations. Mass media has completely blacked this out, only discussing office fires as the cause. John Kerry has something to say about demolition! Listen: (

The politics of cover-ups spills onto your food!

It all plays out the same, even in food politics. The TV commercials and advertisements in magazines tell you, in great detail, the ingredients that are good for you (or that are supposed to be), but FAIL TO MENTION the toxins, the chemicals posing as food and the known carcinogens, you know -- those ingredients that suffocate your cells, and mutate them, thus driving the "cancer treatment" protocol and profits. First comes surgery, then comes chemotherapy and then radiation -- three very invasive, dangerous approaches to containing or eradicating a group of cancer cells which originated in acidic blood from a chemical overload to begin with!

Obama promises to label GMOs: (

Obama promises transparency: (

Obama hires Monsanto's former vice president and lobbyist to run the FDA -- he's the Food Czar! (It's like the Hitler of GMO food running America!)

Pay attention to the MASS MEDIA LIES. They are running amuck. They always give you lots and lots of details when the truth doesn't matter, but when they have a hidden agenda, you get nothing but VAGUE LIES. Take the test and make sure that YOU are not hypnotized by the fake news:

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