Why doesn't USDA's seal of 'certified organic' check for heavy metals?

Tuesday, March 11, 2014 by: S. D. Wells
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(NaturalNews) The industrial contamination of farms has reached alarming levels in the United States, and Mike Adams, Editor-in-Chief of Natural News, is sounding the alarms. This is like Paul Revere carrying THAT message, but this is for your health and sanity, instead of just your right to your land and your income.

Foods being imported and exported all over the world are contaminated with heavy metals at unconscionable levels, and nobody is doing a thing about it, except for Consumer Lab and the Natural News Forensic Food Lab. We can thank our lucky stars right now that Natural News is the largest health news website on the planet and can spread the message to its 6 million-plus monthly visitors, and this vital information will springboard from there.

USDA heavy metals allowances are "consuming" Americans' health

Having a lowered I.Q. can lead any person blindly into a world of hurt. As humans, we are capable of making split-second decisions, intelligent ones, every moment of every second of every day, but the toxins we consume hold us back, and about 75% or more of the humans walking this earth cannot make quick, intelligent decisions at "any given moment" right now. Think of mixed martial artists and Navy SEALs who must make intelligent, mid-second decisions over and over that can affect the entire outcome of their careers or even their life.

By consuming heavy metals, you could be making poor decisions all day, every day, leading you down a destructive path regarding your health and even your safety. Why did you decide to get the flu shot? Did you weigh the consequences first? Why do you check for the organic seal on foods, or did you forget that it really needs to say "Certified Organic" and that it better not be from China?

FDA and EPA are not looking out for you concerning heavy metals

Since the early 1900s, the AMA, the American Medical Association, has only educated doctors in regard to chemical medicine and has removed nutrition from the equation entirely. If you don't believe me, check it out. It's a long history lesson that you need to read. Just plug the name "Morris Fishbein" into your search engine with any insidious word your brain can still think up, and you will find the true history of how Big Pharma merged with Big Food and created the dynasty that we know today. You know, that five-cornered dynasty known by their famous acronyms: FDA, CDC, AMA, ADA and EPA.

Should the USDA be "lumped into" this non-regulatory bunch of criminal agencies that support genetically mutated food and polluted soil? Should we trust them with anything anymore? How many people in powerful positions at the USDA have or have had affiliations with Monsanto, Bayer, Dupont, Dow Chemical, Syngenta or other Biotech giants? Where does the buck "stop"?

Monsanto's weed and bug-killing "food"

Most of the high levels of heavy metals in foods, according to new research, come from the industrial contamination of farms. If you think that the EPA and other environmental regulatory agencies in America are super slack, you would be horrified to know what goes on in China. Just like here, corporations run just about everything, and they dump their toxic waste into waterways, landfills, oceans or just right there in the city sewers, if they can get away with it. Corporations and ruthless food killers are all around, dumping pesticides and insecticides full of toxic heavy metals all over farms to try to save production losses caused by weeds and bugs. Humans who consume heavy metals regularly are as dumb as bugs and are dying like weeds.

Conventional is a dirty word, my friends. U.S. regulatory agencies are not protecting the environment; in fact, they are getting paid off to keep quiet about the horrors of GM wheat, soy, corn, alfalfa, sugar beets, canola and much, much more. "Big Food" companies and corporations do not even have to worry about contamination of foods from lead, cadmium, mercury and tungsten, because there are no inspections for it. The story runs deep, and if you're drinking fluoridated water, getting vaccines and flu shots, and eating "organic" food from China, or conventional food from the USA, you can't even think straight to comprehend what is happening to you. Think now of people you can save from this nightmare by informing them and helping them change their "staple diet."

100 years of agricultural insecticide pollutes Wisconsin soil

More than 100 years ago, Wisconsin began using a wide variety of pesticides all over the state for agriculture. One pesticide in particular is of great concern, and that is a lead arsenate (lead and arsenic) based pesticide, which was used extensively to control agricultural pests in fruit orchards until the late 1950s. Indirect exposure to this lead and arsenic can occur with residues found in the soil today, because they bind tightly to the surface soil layer. This can even be hazardous to children who play in it regularly. Though these metals can be found naturally occurring in certain soils, those levels are not considered toxic. We are talking here about major health concern levels coming directly from pesticide dumping and spraying, and for years. Some of the highest levels and concentrations are found in apple orchards.

Some ways that people come into contact with arsenate include: gardening, digging, children playing, eating without washing hands and face, and eating unwashed vegetables grown in these soils. Arsenate also contaminates groundwater, so anyone living near these polluted areas should test their private well water or municipal water for lead and arsenic. Arsenic consumption, over time, leads to cancer. Infants exposed to these high levels of lead have impaired brain, kidney and nervous system development. You've heard of "lead paint" warnings in old homes, now you're hearing "lead food" warnings, and you better take heed. (

The organic food revolution begins now

The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, informs us from the Forensic Food Lab: "A company can be 100% GMP-compliant, certified USDA organic and even certified 100% non-GMO and still be selling a product loaded with very high levels of toxic heavy metals. In fact, if you want to see a bunch of organic seaweed products that contain substantial levels of all sorts of heavy metals, just check out these results at the Forensic Food Lab."

Mike Adams goes on to inform us: "A long list of USDA certified organic products -- especially those grown in China -- are in fact heavily contaminated with lead, cadmium, mercury and tungsten."

"Natural News has now reached agreements with all the top protein manufacturers representing well over 95% of the U.S. rice protein market, and to my knowledge, this is history in the making as such an agreement has never before been achieved in the natural products industry."

Who else on the planet is doing this? Besides Mike Adams, who else is testing for heavy metals AND informing everyone in the emphatic manner that is so very necessary? This is revolutionary, and we are in a food revolution right now. It's World War III -- Big Food, GMOs and Monsanto versus Organic and Sustainable. Be smart. Don't lose. Get educated and stay that way. This is the organic food revolution. Fight for your rights!

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