CVS Pharmacy announces plan to stop selling tobacco products - But is it auspicious?

Saturday, February 08, 2014 by: S. D. Wells
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(NaturalNews) Which "drug" store do you buy your cigarettes from? Is it Rite Aid, Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target, Kroger or CVS? Do you ask for extra-strength nicotine or do the packages not say how much you're getting? Isn't it kind of strange that the stores (pharmacies) of America, that are supposed to help you get well from illnesses, sell one of the leading causes of preventable disease - cancer sticks? Maybe your pharmacy that dishes out drugs should go "cold turkey" and quit the habit of selling the cause and the "cure" at the same time. Guess what? They just did.

CVS, one of the nation's largest drugstore chains, with over 7,500 locations, took what they're calling a "calculated risk" by ending their sales of tobacco products in order to... wait for it... boost their image. The full-fledged healthcare provider says they will lose $2 billion a year by ending cigarette sales, but will the Affordable Care Act be "subsidizing" their "clients" in new ways?

Unveiling the watershed "moment" for CVS

Decentralized healthcare in America is under construction folks, and it's getting easier to get "doctor's office treatment" at your local watershed (retail clinic). America is all about convenience, and that's why you can buy really cheap aged wine, cigarettes and toxic sinus and cold medicine, and get your prescription for anxiety filled all under one roof. It's one-stop shopping, and Walmart is the King, but CVS is no slouch. By removing tobacco products from their retail shelves, CVS will be better able to serve their patients (I didn't know they had their own doctors in-house), clients (for life) and healthcare providers (Obamacare exchange player's club), all while positioning CVS "Caremark" for future growth. But how can you grow your drugstore business if you don't sell cigarettes?

Barrack, the President of the U.S.A., was a smoker himself "back in the day," and praised the chain store decision, because they're setting a "powerful example" that will help his administration protect more families from themselves, as the administration does so very well now with HUGE government obfuscation. Walgreens and Rite Aid are reeling from the news and wondering how losing money can mean gaining money. What are the gross sales profits from the smoking cessation "products" (drugs) that are considered "viable alternatives" to smoking cancer sticks? Retail clinics know the answer to that question, as basic medical services grew quickly during the past recession. That trend will certainly GROW under the IRS-enforced forced care act (ACA).

So, although CVS becomes the very first big U.S. drugstore chain to drop Big Tobacco, they remain a HUGE "pharmacy benefits manager" (Caremark) for corporations and the U.S. government's Medicare program.

Which is worse: commercial cigarettes or drugs that make you crazy?

In its valiant effort to be the "good guy" drugstore, CVS hopes to replace some sales (losses) by signing up customers for smoking cessation programs, which will be their new selling point with potential corporate contracts. Have you heard any of the horror stories of Chantix and Zyban? You may want to do a whole lot of research online:

Chantix, the best-selling prescription drug for smoking cessation, was linked to an INCREASED RISK OF HEART ATTACK, stroke and other serious cardiovascular "events" for smokers WITHOUT a history of heart disease, as compared with smokers who did not use the drug. Oops. A Canadian medical journal let that cat out of the bag a few years back. Those findings added to previous warnings about the medication's connection to psychiatric problems, creating a new challenge for a product that has been prescribed to over 13 million people and that takes in about $750 million in sales each year.

So what was CVS saying again about loss of revenue? Chantix is manufactured by Pfizer - so are the CEOs of CVS on vacation with the CFOs of Pfizer, playing golf and talking about future dividends and hedge funds? Weren't they recently awarded the 2012 "Health Partner of the Year"?

And what about GlaxoSmithKline, which manufactures Zyban - are they in on the CVS image "revamp" also? Will they be the "health partners of the year" for 2014 or 2015? Only time will tell.

Hey, let me help you quit smoking so you can have a heart attack or stroke instead, my friend! CVS must have just realized that it's paradoxical to be both a seller of deadly products and a healthcare provider, says the CDC Director. Funny how CVS will still be both a "promoter" of "deadly products" and a healthcare provider, since the side effects of smoking cessation meds include depression, feelings of suicide and actually committing suicide.

"Potential Corporate Contracts" - There's the rub!

With their 800 walk-in "MinuteClinic" locations, CVS is the largest U.S. pharmacy healthcare provider, so then, it would only be wise to look at the bigger picture here. CVS is probably pulling a long-term publicity "stunt" here, so they look like the good guys, when in reality, most of what they do sell anyway are allopathic drugs that cover up symptoms of disease and disorder, along with foods and snacks that have a shelf life of about 20 years (thanks to toxic additives and preservatives), children's over-the-counter (OTC) meds that contain aspartame and toxic food coloring, and all those corporate products that fuel the sick-care industry. Maybe there's nothing to get excited about here at all. It sounds almost as thrilling as General Mills' GMO-free Cheerios and Post's GMO-free Grape-Nuts... wow, just think, a smoke-free pharmacy. Sounds almost like an oxy-moron. (

Maybe they just want to get everybody on psych meds so that it's in the Obamacare/NSA/IRS profile for when Big Pharma needs to "categorize" the masses for political, financial and economic agendas. After all, CVS, what's losing a billion dollars when Pfizer and the FDA are backing up Chantix sales? There you go CVS, replace the losses of those cancer stick sales by signing up those same customers for "cognitive behavioral therapy," where violence is 18 times more likely, along with thoughts of suicide. Can you say SSRI? Talk about customers for life!

"Pretending to care about our health is often just a part of the drug and other medical industries' overall strategy to increase their sales."
- Dr. John Abramson, Overdosed America

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