More people ignoring government propaganda, choosing raw milk over pasteurized

Wednesday, February 05, 2014 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer
Tags: raw milk, government propaganda, pasteurization

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(NaturalNews) There is a raw milk renaissance sweeping America that is marked by swelling disregard for all the government fear-mongering over this all-natural, living "superfood." Writing for The Washington Post (WP), freelance journalist Whitney Pipkin highlights just a few of the many families throughout the Northeast and elsewhere that are embracing raw milk with open arms, despite oppressive restrictions on its sale and endless warnings by health authorities about its alleged dangers.

Raw milk is considerably hard to come by in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, for instance, as the District, Virginia and Maryland all currently prohibit the retail sale of raw milk. For families like the Jacksons, who recently moved out to the country to raise their own milk-producing animals and avoid the hassle, this used to mean having to cross state lines to access the whole food for their family of 13.

"Once we started to have the milk, that was it," stated Kendra Jackson to WP about the initial spark that led to her family eventually purchasing three cows that they now raise on their own land. "I really love the cows, and all of the kids love milk, so we found a place that was the best deal financially."

But most people probably lack the freedom and resources to just up and move to a farm in order to raise their own cattle for real milk. And the ones who wish to access it from someone else's cows or goats should be allowed to do so anyway, agrees the Gore family of Washington, D.C., who told WP that raw milk was the next step in their progression away from processed foods.

"I don't run around in hipster, crunchy-granola crowds," joked Hilda Gore, as quoted by WP. Her family has progressively embraced a diet composed of local meat, local eggs, no genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and now unpasteurized milk.

Let the people choose: Raw milk advocates call for end to prohibition

All throughout the region and across the country, there is a groundswell of interest in raw milk as lactose intolerance and other health conditions are proving to respond positively to it. More and more people are coming to the conclusion that pasteurized, homogenized milk product is not the same thing as fresh, wholesome, untouched milk directly from the udder.

But the vast majority of these folks will likely have some trouble accessing raw milk in their state. According to data compiled by the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, there are currently only 10 states that allow retail sales of raw milk, with most of the others limiting sales only to the farm. However, there are currently 17 states where raw milk remains completely prohibited.

"The modern milking machine and stainless steel tank, along with efficient packaging and distribution, make pasteurization totally unnecessary for the purposes of sanitation," explain raw milk proponents Sally Fallon Morell and Mary G. Enig, Ph.D., in their Nourishing Traditions cookbook. "Raw milk contains lactic-acid-producing bacteria that protect against pathogens."

The official story, on the other hand, is that raw milk is inherently dangerous no matter how it is produced. But people are learning the truth and demanding an end to raw milk prohibition, including in Maryland, where House Bill 3 is currently making its way through the state congress. If it passes, Marylanders will be able to legally participate in cow share programs for the first time since 2006 when cow shares were made illegal.

"Modern pasteurized milk, devoid of its enzyme content, puts an enormous strain on the body's digestive mechanism," adds Nourishing Traditions.

"In the elderly, and those with milk intolerance or inherited weaknesses of digestion, this milk passes through not fully digested and can clog the tiny villi of the small intestine, preventing the absorption of vital nutrients and promoting the uptake of toxic substances. The result is allergies, chronic fatigue and a host of degenerative diseases."

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