Fake cancer woman sentenced to jail for bilking the public with fraudulent fundraiser

Saturday, September 28, 2013 by: PF Louis
Tags: fake cancer, fraudulent fundraiser, jail sentence

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(NaturalNews) A 38 year old woman in Springfield, Ohio, was recently convicted for collecting over $5,750 in donations from small impromptu fundraisers during 2012 and 2013. The fundraisers were informal work place and local restaurant affairs that were raising money for her treatment of lymphoma.

Not a bad idea if you're without insurance or even have insurance with large deductibles or co-payments and believe in mainstream medicine's expensive, dangerous and usually ineffective treatment measures. But in this case, Michelle Mundy didn't have cancer at all.

Her co-workers, who had already staged impromptu fundraisers, had decided to visit Michelle on April 25th, 2013, at the local Greene Memorial Hospital, where she claimed she had been receiving treatments. But she wasn't there.

The day after that, Michelle resigned from her position at the Springfield Ohio Masonic Home, one of three retirement and assisted care homes in Ohio. Her employers notified the Springfield police, who investigated. Soon after, Michelle turned herself in.

Michelle received 90 days in jail, was ordered to pay back the money raised and sentenced to two years of community control, which in Ohio could be anything from halfway house residence to normal probationary supervision.

Michelle asserted that her misdeed wasn't for the money, it was her way of getting affection. That's likely, considering the small amount of money directly contributed by associates and co-workers over several months.

What about legal fraudulent cancer fundraising?

Groups like the American Cancer Society and Susan G. Komen for the Cure are legally sanctioned, and their activity is for big money and ultimately just as fraudulent.

Contributing to Big Pharma to protect their game of pretending to search for a pharmaceutical cancer cure while using their partner, the FDA, as an enforcer to crush existing alternative safe and effective cancer cures seems like a huge racket that's maintained with mainstream media complicity.

Instead of promoting real cancer protection through diet, lifestyle change and supplementation, the "charitable organization's" idea of protection is early screening. All that does is get more customers into the cancer industry's racket sooner rather than later.

They're not helping others prevent cancer. They're helping themselves get customers for expensive, harmful and ineffective treatments. The overall mainstream medicine five-year cancer-free cure rate is still around 3%, as it has been for decades since the official 1971 "war on cancer" declaration. More die from the treatments than the cancer, by the way.

And the money they raise from contributions and various fundraising activities handles all their operating expenses and more. The CEO salaries are in the half-million dollar range, while lower level execs pull in around a quarter-million or more annually. That's not including bonuses.

Then there are travel and lodging expenses for personnel and lobbyists to be paid. What's left of their huge, annual half-billion-dollar-takes goes to grants and researchers who are shilling for Big Pharma only.

Here's an excellent cartoon rendition of the cancer research follies: (

Everyone involved in the cancer industry wins financially, with job stability as long as they perpetuate the illusion of someday ridding cancer with Big Pharma's silver bullets. And with media support pushing the fear and pity buttons, folks continue contributing and lining up for those cancer charity organized runs and walks.

Mainstream "war on cancer" fundraising aids the medical mafia in ruining alternative cancer practitioners and keeping the public ignorant of more effective, safe and inexpensive alternatives.

The gal who ran her fundraiser scam and others like her are chump change lightweights compared to the billion-dollar, legally sanctioned fundraisers of the fraudulent cancer industry.

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