Organic canola oil; Is that an oxymoron?

Saturday, September 14, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: organic canola oil, oxymoron, rapeseed

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(NaturalNews) First of all, if canola oil is processed from rapeseed oil, which is highly toxic to humans, can canola legitimately be labeled "organic," just because the farmers aren't using pesticides or chemical fertilizers? Let's go back to the drawing board on this one and figure this out before we all consume a boatload more of "organic canola," thinking the coast is clear. The organic farming movement arose in the 1940's in response to the industrialization of agriculture. Seventy years later, there are strict regulations and vigorous inspections to make sure anything carrying the USDA organic seal is legitimately organic. Organic food also means that there is no irradiation, no synthetic inputs and absolutely no GMOs (genetically modified organisms) or chemical additives. Though organic food is safer and healthier than conventional food, no companies can make that claim, so how does canola fly under the radar and gain that organic seal when it comes from rapeseed? Did you know that bio-diesel is also derived from rapeseed? Rape is actually a weed and even insects won't eat it, so why are millions of people eating canola every day whether it's organic or not? Is "organic canola" really inorganic? Let's figure this whole thing out. (

Canola oil, organic or not, inhibits enzyme function

Wait, did you think there was a canola plant, like corn, soy or sunflower? Did you think making canola is just about pressing seeds? Want to put a "hex" on your health? Insert "hexane" and wait for problems to rear their ugly head. Hexane, a vapor component of gasoline, is used to process oils and has been since WWII. Yes, hexane is flammable. So how is this organic? Good question. Hexane is a chemical made from crude oil, the mainstream solvent extraction method of the entire Western world. So how does rapeseed oil magically turn into canola oil? Is it bleached, deodorized or cooked at high heat to remove the stink? The omega-3 fatty acids of processed canola oil are transformed during the deodorizing process into trans-fatty acids. The reason why canola is particularly unsuited for consumption is that it contains a very long-chain fatty acid called erucic acid, which under some circumstances is associated with fibrotic heart lesions.

One study indicated that "heart healthy" canola oil actually created a deficiency of vitamin E, which, as many of us know, is essential to our cardiovascular health. Also, because of canola's high sulfur content, it goes rancid easily, so baked goods containing canola develop molds quickly. Plus, it exacerbates problems for anyone allergic to sulfur or who has bronchial or asthma issues.

All food grade canola, including the varieties sold in health food stores, are deodorized by 300 degree Fahrenheit high-temperature refining to remove its natural terrible stink. You cannot cook a vegetable oil at that temperature and leave behind anything beneficial. That's why corporations love it. But the poisonous hexane residue left behind is why corporations are MARRIED to it. Still, food scientists and the FDA explain away the danger of hexane by saying that it evaporates when heated, "either through direct or indirect contact with steam," so the food no longer contains enough to be harmful to humans. Nice try. So if I get some canola, pour on some gasoline, bleach and pesticide, and then steam it really well, we're all good to go?

What's next, organic mustard gas?

It is a known fact that canola oil comes from the rape seed, which is part of the mustard family of plants. Mustard gas was made from rapeseeds and used in World War II for genocide. Rape seed is the most toxic of all food-oil plants, much more toxic than soy oil, yet Canada annually exports over 3 million tons of canola seed, over 700,000 tons of canola oil and a million tons of canola "meal." And guess who Canada's #1 buyer is ... yep, the U.S.A. (

Even if canola is labeled organic, major doubt remains about its value to the human body. Canola oil is high in glycosides, which means it inhibits enzyme function. Over the long term, this destroys the protective sheath (coating) surrounding nerves. Once that sheath is gone, nerve damage is being done. So, for the most part, canola oil makes your body more vulnerable to cancer. Now let's back up a little here. Rape oil itself causes emphysema, respiratory distress, anemia, constipation and blindness in animals, including humans. So what's the bottom line? Canola oil actually carries the mutated genes, no matter what kind of "processing" the food "product" is put through. (

Canola oil manufacturers' "healthy" argument is hinged on the fact that the processing techniques of "crushing and extraction" are similar for most vegetable oils produced from the seeds of plants, and even though canola oil is developed from the rapeseed plant, it has been marketed as a "wonder oil" that is low in saturated fats, with a beneficial omega-3 fatty acid profile. It is recognized by the American Dietetic Association and the American Heart Association based on the belief that the absence of saturated fats alone makes it healthy. However, it is now believed that "rapeseed" has a cumulative effect, taking almost 10 years before symptoms manifest.(

These symptoms may include:
• tremors and shaking
• uncoordination when walking or writing
• slurred speech
• deterioration of memory and thinking processes
• fuzzy or low audio levels
• difficulty urinating/incontinence
• breathing problems/short of breath
• numbness and tingling in extremities
• heart problems/arrhythmia
• nervous breakdown

In April of 1997, Monsanto announced that it was recalling genetically engineered canola seed, because an unapproved gene slipped into the batch by mistake. The canola seed had been genetically manipulated to resist the herbicide toxicity of Roundup, Monsanto's top money-making product. The recall involved 60,000 bags containing two types of canola seed, which is enough to plant more than 700,000 acres. Both types of seed have the wrong gene in them. The genes in the recalled seed have not been approved for human consumption. "As for Canola, on the whole, as far as natural and organic products go, this product may not have the sort of pedigree that some would think desirable. Less might be more. Or none." (

The good news is that there are simple alternatives for canola. Grape seed oil withstands higher heat than most oils. Or you can simply use coconut oil and preserve your body - the temple of your soul. (

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