How do you eat cancer?

Monday, September 09, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
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(NaturalNews) Just as our lungs need clean oxygen to thrive, our cells do as well, yet day in and day out we feed our cells with synthetic and chemically altered food that slowly suffocates these cells until they mutate, and then the mutations multiply uncontrollably and turn to attack our good cells. The common sense cure for cancer would then be to cleanse the body of the toxins that you have "put in" your system for years. You certainly can't cleanse with more poison, so you have to cleanse with whole organic food.

Put it this way; if your life were being threatened and some stranger came along to save you and said, "I will save you now, but you MUST AGREE that I can kill you anytime in the next five years, and not go to prison for it," would you agree to be rescued, only to live out that rather short, cruel fate?

Most conventional cancer treatments should be ILLEGAL because they are aimed at doing just that; extending your life one to five years, and that's it. After that, they just "let people know" when it's time to die. Sound reasonable? It's not! What's even worse is that the last five years are often full of unnecessary pain and suffering, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Those last few years usually completely drain a person until they are emotionally and financially bankrupt. Wake up and smell the coffee.

You need organic food and organic food ONLY to prevent and cure this chemically driven disease, but that's not what is being prescribed in America, for the most part. Meanwhile, the so called "search" for the cure for cancer has been a running joke since the Nixon Administration. Get your head around that and you can stop believing all the other myths about cancer, and in turn live cancer-free. (

Chemo is big business

Get your mind and body ready for the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The "War on Cancer" NEVER EXISTED, and that is not a conspiracy, in fact, it's a rather simple concept, once put in layman's terms. The business of disinformation in the scheme of food and medicine in the U.S. is a VERY LUCRATIVE, UNETHICAL BUSINESS, and it's spiraling out of control. Cancer is attacking every other man and every third woman, and there's only a 50 percent survival rate. ( Chemotherapy virtually destroys the immune system. (

Survivors of chemo and initial cancer treatments often relive the cancer nightmare later because the chemo is a toxic drug that strangulates mitochondria cells, depriving them of oxygen, causing more cells to mutate, thus causing more cancer to develop. As the chemo "phases" do their collateral damage, new healthy cells become mutated and begin to multiply. Then, those same mutated cells go after damaged body tissue or a damaged organ, and when cancer reaches the lymph nodes, it then catapults out to the rest of the body. This is when the doctors tell people they can't save them, but it's all a lie.

Surgery itself can release cancer into the blood and that's how some of the cancer "gets away." Tumors are actually the body's defense to containing the cancer. After surgery, if you get follow-up chemo and radiation, those toxic chemicals kill the very cells that could kill the cancer that got away. You are actually killing your last and best line of defense with more chemicals. (

The total destruction campaign

Cancer victims have heard the same 75-year-old story from their doctors about their chemically driven disease: "We gotta get those bad guys outta there!" What bad guys? You mean my own cells that have turned on my good ones? The ones that are running a total destruction campaign in my body? So you're saying I should send gangsters to go get those gangsters? I've never heard of something more absurd. My common sense alone is screaming that this method of cancer treatment is archaic and insane. They are instructing you to use chemotherapy to kill bad cells that were created by consuming chemicals. This is as ridiculous as BLOODLETTING. Did you know that 75 percent of physicians in the world would refuse chemotherapy for themselves?

Oh, and the diet, or NON-DIET you're on, that regimen, that staple diet, that low-carb diet, or that "South Beach" one, or the one you read about and practice well, is probably full of food additives with new names that sound healthy, like "all natural." Did you know those gelatin capsules so commonly used for vitamins are made from the decaying tissue from cattle and pigs? All you vegetarians and vegans beware. (

Then you have SODIUM BENZOATE, the mold killer that's used "as a preservative," and that's also choking your cells. Sodium benzoate goes totally unchecked in America. It's in just about every jarred product at a typical grocery store. People are eating cancer daily. Most package health shake mixes like soy, whey, and muscle "builders" contain Aspartame.

Eating aspartame and MSG regularly is like opening all the prison doors and letting all the convicts out to roam town center. Your central nervous system is just that, a CENTRAL SYSTEM that has everything to do with your entire well-being. By eating cancer-causing additives you are releasing the CELL and NERVE CRIMINALS. Aspartame and MSG, (Monosodium Glutamate) specifically target your central nervous system, and this is how the pharmaceutical industry does so well. Chemical therapy is a scam. People are chewing toxic gum and eating toxic GMO vegetables and then looking for toxic drugs to UNDO the damage. (

Over 80 percent of CONVENTIONAL FOOD causes cancer

A typical meal for most Americans includes some form of meat and potatoes, or meat and pasta, or meat and rice. A typical breakfast is some combo of milk, corn-based GMO cereal, bleached bread, cheese, biscuits, waffles or pancakes, and you see the pattern. The typical candy or gum treat on every shelf in every store of the United States now contains aspartame, sucralose, sorbitol, or some other chemical sweetener in it. Even the ones that are NOT sugar free. Take a look next time. Only the chocolate candy bars give you any hope of MISSING these central nervous system hazards. On top of that, food additives are often a combination of bacteria cooked with synthetic ingredients.

Still, most people think of it as "fringe eating" when they stumble off the healthy path, or "cheat" as they call it. Most people have NO IDEA how far off the path they really are most of the time, even when they believe they are "doing it right." Plus, food toxins are advertised so well that even most attentive people who watch their intake and find education on health matters are STILL simply being poisoned slowly.

One of the greatest studies of our time is known as The China Study, and all by itself verifies that CHEMICALS IN FOOD account for the majority of cancer cases. The key to living a long, fruitful life is building your immunity with organic food and nutrients, and completely eliminating "cancer" from your intake, or in even simpler terms, "Don't Eat Cancer." (

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