Federal government wants you to save the planet while you nuke your food

Thursday, June 13, 2013 by: Lance Johnson
Tags: microwave ovens, government mandate, energy efficiency

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(NaturalNews) In an effort to "save the planet" the federal government is now aiming to make microwave ovens more efficient. The Department of Energy is finalizing new standards for microwaves, which will "prevent 38 million metric tons of carbon emissions," according to Heather Zichal, deputy assistant to the president for energy and climate change. As pollution is "reduced," has the government led the people on that microwaves are safe? Have microwaves misconceptions led us to destroy our very own health? Is microwave use actually destroying the environment? As government agencies standardize these radiation machines, reducing energy costs, what is really happening as we nuke our food with these unconventional waves of energy?

Why is energy efficiency the only environmental concern?

The Energy Department announced that their new standards for microwaves will take effect in 2016, enforcing new energy efficiency standards designed to help consumers save money. Through 2030, the new standards aim to save consumers $3 billion on their energy bills.

"Household appliances - like refrigerators, washing machines, and televisions - are commonplace in our everyday lives, yet we rarely stop to think: How much energy are they using and at what cost," Zichal asked in a White House blog post.

With the average household in the United States spending over $2,000 yearly on energy bills, the federal government feels that it's time to step in and stamp on some mandates, but do the new regulations address the true environmental concerns microwaves pose?

The real and lasting effects microwaves have on the environment and people

Microwaves operate as very short waves of electromagnetic energy. Microwaves contain a magnetron, a tube that affects electrons by using magnetic and electric fields to produce micro wavelength radiation at about 2450 Mega Hertz. This radiation changes the molecules in food. Microwaves change the polarity of wave energy from positive to negative at the rate of millions of times per second, causing molecular friction in the food. This action heats up the food and damages the surrounding molecules, deforming them and tearing them apart in a phenomenon called "structural isomerism."

After being nuked, the quick and easy "microwaved" food now consists of molecules and energies that are foreign to human genetics. Physics teaches that radiation is simply "electromagnetic waves emitted by the atoms and molecules of a radioactive substance as a result of nuclear decay."

Similar to radiation induced ionization, microwaves morph and destroy the molecular structure of food. Naturally occurring amino acids are destroyed in a microwave oven and some are transformed into toxic forms.

Worse yet, heating plastics in the microwave lets off extraordinary
amounts of Bisphenol-A into nuked food, creating a poisonous meal that
contributes to hormonal imbalance and neurological dysfunction.

So the next time you "nuke" your food, remember that you are joining in with 90 percent of US households, as the general population becomes responsible for creating its own "nuclear" food crisis.

How to really save the environment, health, energy, and money when it comes to microwaves

Here's how Americans can save 100 percent of their microwave energy - stop using it. Destroy it. Throw it away. Anyone who stops using microwaves effectively saves not only energy, but also protects from harmful radioactive waves that break down their food. By getting rid of their personal microwave, each household could prevent, at minimum, 5 milli-watts of radiation per square centimeter that is leaked into the environment.

A mandate on microwaves won't save energy. A mandate will force manufacturers to spend more energy to create new "up-to-date" microwaves that will be coerced onto those who don't know the risks.

Knowledgeable, informed citizens, who make their own responsible ethical choices, will ultimately be the ones who save energy, time, health, and money.

For example, when the federal government got involved in light bulb energy savings, they began mandating the new compact fluorescent light bulb. This bulb is highly dangerous to people's health, since it emits high levels of mercury into the environment. In trying to "save the planet," the federal government actually polluted the environment with toxic mercury light bulbs.

Federal control over microwaves will be no different. As a whole new wave of energy efficient radiation machines hits the market, flooding people's lives, the federal government will again be counterproductive in its attempt to save energy and environment.

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