New study indicates aging may be all in your head

Monday, May 06, 2013 by: Rich Stossel
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(NaturalNews) A study reported by scientists at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York announced that they have found the region of the brain responsible for aging and can target it to increase longevity in mice. The research, published in the journal Nature, reported that the hypothalamus, the area of the brain that controls growth, metabolism and reproduction, all coordinate to control and regulate human aging. While science has long suspected that the brain was the master regulator of the aging process, this is the first evidence supporting that hypothesis.

During the study, scientists tracked the activity of NF-KB, which is a molecule that controls DNA transcription and is involved in inflammation and the body's response to stress in the brains of mice. They found that the molecule becomes more active in the brain area called the hypothalamus as a mouse grows older.

Later tests suggested that NF-KB may help determine when the mice displayed the signs of aging. When they were injected with a substance that inhibited the activity of immune cells in the hypothalamus, these animals died sooner than those that didn't receive the injection.

By stimulating NF-KB, they caused a decline in GnRH which led to an increase in aging symptoms such as muscle weakening, skin atrophy, bone loss and memory impairment. The researchers found that the opposite was also true, that by increasing the amount of GnRH hormones, they could slow down the aging in mice.

The ancients were right all along

While this is good news, it's actually not news to those who have studied Chinese medicine. It's well known in advanced Chinese chi-gung training, that the brain and bone marrow hold the key to true health and longevity.

Certain Chinese groups have known conclusively for at least fifteen hundred years that the key to longevity rested in the bone marrow (where the red blood cells are created) and in the brain. The training, which involves building up large amounts of chi or bio-energy, then leading this energy up to the brain to highly energize the pituitary gland and brain as a whole is part of the Xi Sui Jing "Marrow/brain washing (cleansing)" classic of internal cultivation.

These techniques are practiced by the Buddhist and Taoist monks and were closely guarded secrets passed down only to a few select students in each generation.

While the theory of this advanced training is simple and straightforward, the practice is difficult and time consuming. However, it is possible even for the average person learn to utilize several of the methods from these ancient and powerful techniques to increase health and longevity.

The reason that Chi is the most important single factor in health is because your entire body is essentially a large bio-electric magnet. It's known that without these magnetic fields, life could not occur. Cells have an electromagnetic field (EM) and it's this field of energy that keeps each cell alive. The stronger the EM field, the stronger each cell is and the greater it's resilience and resistance to decay and death.

As both the ancient Chinese and this study shows, the key to aging and thus longevity, does indeed lie in the brain. Whether it's done via modern science or ancient chi-gung training, the brain is truly the master regulator of health and longevity.

Take a look at this fantastic video about structured water to see just how important the electromagnetic energy (EM) of your cells truly is. Take special note of the experiment done on red blood cells at the 43-minute mark. "Structured Water - Heal Water and Yourself with Your Thoughts"

Sources for this article include:

Qigong, The Secret of Youth by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming

Water Cures: Drugs Kill by Fereydoon Batmanghelid

About the author:
Rich is a network engineer and longtime practitioner of Chinese martial arts, medicine and chi-gung for over twenty six years. Having learned many Chinese health and healing arts from old world gung-fu and healing masters and practitioners, he has helped many people to overcome their health issues and achieve their fitness goals. Through diligent study and experience he has taken this knowledge even further over the years including reading scores of books on Chinese medicine, health, chi theory, science, physics, nutrition, supplements, meditation, martial arts, and many other subjects. Utilizing the web, health and fitness videos, newsletters, articles, teachings and lectures, Rich is passionate about spreading the true knowledge of health, healing, fitness and spiritual truths. I'm proud to be writing articles for You can read many articles, hear audio interviews, and learn more about the highly praised Chinese Health and Fitness video by visiting Chinese Health and

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