Health Basics - The top foods that cause depression

Friday, August 31, 2012 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: foods, depression, mental health

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(NaturalNews) If you are what you eat, and you regularly eat meat that comes from animals that were depressed and stressed their whole lives, do you then live depressed and stressed? Conversely, if you eat vegetables which grow bountifully in nutrient and mineral rich soil, vegetables never sprayed with pesticides or insecticides, are you then a nutrient rich and "bountiful" person?

The U.S. drought is quickly wiping out up to 80 percent of the corn, soy and beet production in the United States, but those foods, IF NOT ORGANIC, cause disease and sickness anyway, because they are genetically modified, doused with pesticides, OVER AND OVER, and then processed with more chemicals in a laboratory, where money rules and health has no value. (

Beets are used to make monosodium glutamate, and GMO corn meal is fed to cattle, which destroys their digestive track and puts them in need of high doses of antibiotics - ones that the public, in turn, consumes regularly! It's a vicious cycle. It's time to ignore what the media is telling you, and consider that the drought is a blessing in disguise.

Fluoridated water causes depression

Although most dentists will tell you fluoride is good for strengthening your teeth, and you may have heard that it purifies water, those are both lies. Fluoride causes thyroid imbalances, depression, constipation, and fluid retention, according to The New York State Coalition opposed to Fluoridation, Inc. It can also decrease the intelligence in offspring and cause endocrine gland disruption. Fluoride, in the form of silicoflurides, is added to public water supplies across two-thirds of the United States and has been for 50 years. To make matters worse, if you become depressed from fluoride consumption and get prescribed Prozac for depression, PROZAC IS A FLUORIDE PRODUCT. In fact, almost all phsychotropic drugs are fluoride products. Get ready, it gets worse.

HFCS - High fructose corn syrup causes depression

The average American consumes over 200 liters of soda annually. One liter of soda has over 100 grams of sugar. A large percentage of the population suffers from carbohydrate malabsorption, meaning the small intestine doesn't take up fructose very efficiently, so much of the undigested fructose floats down to the colon, feeding bacteria there and leading to bloating, cramping and diarrhea (IBS). A positive test for fructose malabsorption corresponds to depression because fructose reacts chemically with tryptophan, the amino acid precursor to the "happy chemical" serotonin. The sugars degrade tryptophan so there's barely any left to be absorbed into the body. Hello depression. (

MSG and artificial sweeteners cause depression and make you fat

Depression may be a complex phenomenon, but one factor is as simple as pie: decreased serotonin leads to depression, just ask any smoker. Aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG) are neurochemicals that alter the balance between neurotransmitters in the brain. The Trocho Study in Barcelona in 1998 showed that aspartame accumulates in the cells and damages DNA, with the most toxicity settling in the liver and fat cells (adipose tissue).

Another study, done at the University of Texas in 2005, linked diet drinks to obesity. The artificial sweeteners actually make you crave more carbohydrates. Imagine that! You're eating less sugar, putting on weight, getting depressed, and being prescribed 'fluoride pills" which foster disease and more depression. Basically, hundreds of thousands of depressed Americans are taking medications which contain excito-neurotoxic carcinogens which cause obesity and more depression, including suicidal tendencies. (

Processed foods cause depression

Synthetic food ingredients are rarely expelled properly (within 24 hours) and are therefore stored in the fat, which are the first to be used by the body when burning "fuel" for energy. The body doesn't recognize the toxins hiding in the fat cells, so the body won't use it. If an obese person is trying to lose weight by exercising, the body will burn off actual muscle mass first, and then as a last resort, burn off the toxins and synthetic food-agents which are stored in the fat. This, in itself, is depressing, figuratively and literally, because the person losing weight will not "look" like they want to look, and as the toxins release into the bloodstream, depression and anxiety can set in, especially if they do not detoxify their bodies using cleanses and alkalizing strategies ( That's where the cortisol comes into play.

The downward spiral: The overwhelmed acidic body and the disrupted digestive system can send the person into a downward spiral, where they do not look or feel healthy, and this can lead them straight to a "doctor" who will PROBABLY prescribe toxic and dangerous chemical, laboratory-made magic pills known as ANTI-DEPRESSANTS or ANTI-ANXIETY drugs.

These scams and hoaxes of Western Medicine will add to the acidic body and most likely fuel more of what the prescription is supposed to be treating: MORE depression, MORE INTENSE anxiety, and a loss of drive, all COUPLED WITH a loss of will power to escape the "media-made" maze of fear and doubt, in which many people have found themselves "trapped." Preservatives which cause cell destruction, like sodium benzoate, BHA and BHT, which are accompanied by the tagline "to preserve freshness," actually help turn your blood and digestive system acidic, which fuels disease and sickness, especially cancer.

Prescription medications for depression and/or anxiety add to your toxicity

Which drug will you need to worsen your depression and your bad eating habits, was it Prozacor or is it Cymbalta? Does the doctor ever educate anyone about nutrition when he/she scribbles out that prescription? How could they, when it's not taught in conventional medical colleges? For the naive masses who lack energy, motivation, will power, and confidence, it becomes more likely that they will eventually look for the answer to that fear and "lack of drive" in some magic pill that's WELL ADVERTISED between their favorite TV news programs. (

People who have mood swings or feel depressed all the time don't need drugs to balance their "brain chemistry." All they need is organic green vegetables and a few choice superfoods, like spirulina, chlorella, and some medicinal herbs. Realize this and you will understand the true nature of NATURAL CURES.

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