Vaccine campaigns getting desperate

Thursday, August 16, 2012 by: Sarah Harding
Tags: vaccine propaganda, censorship, autism

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(NaturalNews) Vaccine manufacturers and those poised to benefit from vaccine revenue are working hard to keep critical information away from the general public. Recently, a website that offers parents advice on childhood vaccinations was told to remove information that was deemed offensive and slanderous towards the vaccine makers. The advice was supported by a study in 2002 and was presented in an informative manner making the complaint against the website frivolous.

Research exposing the true risks of vaccinations is never fully reported to the medical professionals giving the shots. Parents are provided a, carefully worded, vaccine insert only upon request. Moments prior to the child receiving a shot, the parents are given a watered down sheet distributed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that is supposed to provide enough information for the parent to give informed consent. At no point is a parent ever fully educated on the ingredients within the vaccines, the efficacy rates or the host of less common, adverse effects and in most cases, neither are those doing the poking.

In recent years, public figures and concerned individuals have made some progress in spreading the truth about vaccines. This educational force has been met with various suppression tactics that are coming across as desperate in recent months. As soon as vaccine rates go down, a new spike in pertussis is publicized, heavily. Billboards, wheezing babies on the radio and articles written in local papers by medical professionals pop up everywhere. Such advertisement is described as a public service announcement by vaccine makers. In reality, the advertisements are simply aimed at drawing in revenue. If the public's health were the primary concern, more information about the safety of vaccines would be plastered across expensive billboards instead of the focus being on fear.

Those in favor of vaccination have tried to point the finger at unvaccinated children as the source of the recent outbreak of pertussis. However, the CDC reported on June 7, 2012 that the rising numbers can't be attributed to the reduction of vaccinations. Within this briefing, the CDC pointed out that vaccinated children are eight times less likely to catch pertussis and if they do, it will be a milder version. Such data is never found on the vaccine information sheet given prior to the shot. The pertussis vaccine requires multiple boosters throughout childhood and adulthood to maintain efficacy according to the CDC.

Within hours of the CDC's brief being posted, headlines flood the internet touting a pertussis epidemic and that vaccination fears are leading to the spread of dangerous infection. At no point does the media report exactly what was discussed in the brief. No mention is made of the risk of the vaccine itself, let alone its inadequacies in preventing the illness in the first place. In addition, whooping cough is made out to be a deadly disease--one to be feared like the plagues of past decades. A little digging on the CDC's website and others like ( reveal that whooping cough is worse than a really bad cold only on occasion. In fact, some people have it without realizing it.

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Sarah Harding is a freelance writer covering topics like natural living for young families, prenatal wellness, Vaginal birth after cesarean preparation, natural childbirth, baby wearing, breastfeeding and nutrition to support the pregnant and lactating mother. When not writing Harding is usually teaching and doing her part to support other mothers in raising their children the way nature intended. Besides keeping up with current research, she gets plenty of hands on experience by raising her two little girls.

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