How to conquer a weight-loss plateau

Tuesday, August 14, 2012 by: PF Louis
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(NaturalNews) Obesity is epidemic. Worse than how it looks is how it affects health. Diabetes, cardiovascular and pulmonary problems, and other health issues are exacerbated for the overweight.

There are two main problems common with weight loss: One is hitting that plateau where your weight hangs up no matter what, and the other is regaining what was lost.

Purging through a plateau

Not binging and purging bulimia style, but detoxing. Toxins and heavy metals are stored by fats to protect your organs. A short lemon-water, raw honey with a dash of cayenne fast accelerates detoxing.

You can follow up with enemas and/or half orange juice and castor oil (two oz. each) to purge the bowels and break through constipation. Daily doses of triphala help you stay regular. (

Another detox purge involves taking increasingly larger amounts of skin flushing niacin, not niacinamide, which starts breaking apart those lipids. Sauna time after exercising produces the sweat that carries out those toxins. (Video, source below)

Drinking a slurry of activated charcoal daily for 10-14 days is another way to purge the digestive system. (

Food issues

But what happens after the extreme measures to remove blockages or stored fats?

Moderate exercise activity should continue, and it may be time to rethink diet completely. Ignore diets that promote themselves as final solutions and insist on meetings with strict protocols of non-fat toxic food-like substances.

Contrary to conventional thinking, good fats are very necessary for maintaining good health. (

Those diets usually turn back on dieters with a vengeance. How can anyone expect to eat non-fat foods, fake oils and margarine, refined carbohydrates, and use artificial sweeteners for the rest of one's life? That leads to other serious health consequences.

But you may consider eating less. Donna Gates, author of Body Ecology suggests an 80/20 rule. That is learn where your 80 percent full point is and don't exceed it. Eating more slowly and chewing more helps you notice the 80 percent point while increasing digestion.

Donna also promotes an 80/20 approach to food choices. Avoid those refined carbohydrates completely and consume organic whole grains or proteins at 20 percent of your food choices with fresh organic veggies, fruits, and nuts for the remaining 80 percent of your food selections.

Some nutritionists suggest hydrating more away from meals for helping you feel less hungry as often and to give your body the fluids it needs for maximum metabolism. Sluggish metabolisms open the doors to more fat storage.

Additives to avoid

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is the latest atrocity from our food industry. Many health experts consider it the major factor for the obesity epidemic. It's used in lieu of sugar because it's cheaper, not because it's healthier.

A much higher percentage of calories are stored as fat with HFCS than sugar. Also, the liver is taxed considerably more, leading to a cascade of digestive problems that compound fat issues. Corn syrup or corn sugars are the same as HFCS.

Besides destroying brain cells, MSG stifles your brain's natural hunger suppressors with taste sensations urging you to eat more. Aspartame and other artificial sweeteners destroy brain cells worse than MSG, while disrupting your metabolism.

Keeping up with food industry's deceptive labeling of toxic taste additives can be too stressful. Simply avoid processed foods and take the time and effort to purchase and prepare organic whole produce, grains, and fruits instead of relying on processed and junk foods.

A lifestyle change into the right foods with moderate exercise will help you keep excess fat away and take you off the weight management roller coaster.

Sources for this article include:

(Video) Best Detox - niacin and sauna

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