Healing Naturally: Nutritional therapy (opinion)

Thursday, August 09, 2012 by: Hesh Goldstein
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(NaturalNews) Most people involved with natural healing usually advise specific vitamin, mineral, or other food supplements, depending upon the state of health of the person desiring to reverse something.

There is a lot of research being done to further understand the physiological effects of these food factors.

The use of these natural substances as medication has been hotly contested by most of the medical profession. The average conventional physician feels that all factors necessary for health can be gotten through the SAD (Standard American Diet) and that additional supplements are a waste of money.

Practitioners that practice natural healing feel that the SAD, in no way, supplies these needed elements in quantities to promote health for several reasons.

For one, our foods are grown on soils that have been depleted by intensive farming since 1940, using petro-chemical fertilizers instead of manure, without a clue about the proper understanding of the organic principles of land use and ecology.

Next, these farming methods have stripped the soil of health promoting minerals like sulfur and zinc, which are essentially void in the soil and ultimately the food.

Even if the food looks nutritious it does not supply the same proportion of minerals that food 70 years ago provided.

To make matters worse these already mineral deficient foods are canned, stored for long periods, or cooked improperly simply to extend shelf life. And the average person? Clueless as to how to prevent loss of water-soluble vitamins from food, or destruction of heat-unstable vitamins in cooking.

Then the refining of foods such as we see on nearly every supermarket shelf is another cause of reduced food value.

Yet we think that the replacement or addition of a few vitamins can duplicate or make up for the wholesale destruction of our basic food groups.

Even if our food supply were the best available and we were careful to eat only organic and unprocessed foods, there is still the fact that we would still likely be nutritionally deficient. If this were not true I would not have gone through a detox process after taking the sulfur crystals with a diet that is 99% organic with no processed foods, GMOs (soy, corn, cotton, canola), sodas, salmonella-ridden eggs, or dairy.

All of us have our own biochemical makeup. As members of the Homo sapiens and not exact replicas of a common ancestor, we are basically evolving with unique variations in our biochemical makeup and requirements.

There is documentation supporting the fact a myriad of rare conditions have been recognized where due to a genetic biochemical alteration, an individual may need many times the recommended amount of a nutrient simply to maintain normal function and health. What is less well known and/or recognized, is that it is far more common for there to be a partial block in the ability for the body to utilize a nutrient. This metabolic fault may be genetic or acquired.

An example of a genetic cause would be the production of abnormal enzymes that are either deficient in number or are unable to bind to their cofactors. Vitamins are cofactors for enzyme functions.

Without this bond many biochemical connections are unable to be completed, resulting in what may appear to be a nutritional deficiency of a single nutrient, when in fact an average, or even above average, amount of that nutrient is consumed in the diet.

To correct this situation, a very large amount of the cofactor must be supplied to "force" the enzyme reaction to occur.

When we consider that even by the most orthodox estimates and techniques of estimating the biochemical need of a nutrient, as expressed by the recommended daily allowances of the known essential nutrients, 1 to 2 percent of the population will need more than the RDAs of an individual nutrient to maintain proper health.

When you multiply this 1 to 2 percent by the 50 or more known essential nutrients, you can see how probable it is that a given individual might be nutritionally deficient in at least one if not more of these essential factors, if the diet supplied only the RDA recommendations.

From these observations the concept of orthomolecular medicine was born. The literal meaning of orthomolecular means the right molecule and describes a form of healing that treats disease by supplying the right amount of individual nutrients, according to the individual needs of the individual.

Stress also places a further burden on the body and rapidly depletes the stores of many vitamins. Tobacco, alcohol, coffee, fluoride, GMOs, and air pollution do the same.

Then there's the tongue. That wonderful bodily feature that overrides the intelligence by acquiring a particular taste and making sure the body sticks to it. Despite all the evidence proving that the physiology of the human body, from the shape of the teeth to the convoluted shape of the intestines, indicates that we should be consuming a plant-based diet, the tongue convinces the intelligence that flesh and blood is the way to go.

Do you really believe that God would not allow mankind to get vitamin B-12 and the essential amino acids from a plant-based diet? That's why sulfur was obtained from time immemorial through manure, and it was this sulfur that enabled the body to produce vitamin B-12 and the essential amino acids. You can all thank the Rockefellers and their endless quest for the Almighty Sign ($$$) for taking that away from you.

The aim of supplemental therapy is to supply essential nutrients deficient in the body to aid in the healing process. On some occasions, supplements are taken more for specific therapeutic effects. In those cases the supplements are more like medicines and less like nutrients. Examples of this would be taking high doses of garlic to dissolve mucus or high doses of vitamins A and C to increase the effectiveness of the body's immune system.

One thing to watch out for is the misconception of glandular therapy. Years ago, some naturopaths that succumbed to the idiocy, suggested that taking the gland of some animal to aid recovery in the human body was beneficial. But research has proven that animal glands work for animals and will have an adverse effect on humans.

In closing, understand that your body is continually undergoing a process of cellular death and rebirth. It is essential for this continual regeneration and repair that all of the necessary building blocks be made available.

Diet is one of, if not, the most crucial factors in the production of health or disease.

One last bit. After writing the article on diet and elimination I felt it was time to put my money where my mouth was. So I did a three-day fast on water, carrot-apple-ginger juice, and a drink that I made using Bragg's apple cider vinegar, apple juice, water, cinnamon and stevia. After the 3 days I loved the light feeling I experienced and kept drinking the drink (recipe at the end), added smoothies, and went raw. In two weeks I've lost 12 pounds so far with no loss in energy and still racewalk, do stand-up paddling and swim.

OK, here's the drink recipe for 16 ounces (just double it for a quart): 3 tablespoons of Bragg's apple cider vinegar; 8 drops of stevia; one fourth teaspoon cinnamon; then roughly 8 ounces of organic apple juice and the rest unfluoridated water. Then refrigerate it and shake well before drinking as the cinnamon has a tendency to rise.

Stay tuned!


About the author:
I have been doing a weekly radio show in Honolulu since 1981 called "Health Talk". In 2007 I was "forced" to get a Masters degree in Nutrition because of all the doctors that would call in asking for my credentials. They do not call in anymore. Going to enables you, among other things, to listen to the shows. I am an activist. In addition to espousing an organic vegan diet for optimum health, I am strongly opposed to GMOs, vaccines, processed foods, MSG, aspartame, fluoridation and everything else that the pimps (Big Pharma, Monsanto and the large food companies) and the hookers (the doctors, the government agencies, the public health officials, and the mainstream media) thrust upon us, the tricks.
After being vaccinated with the DTP vaccine as a child I developed asthma. After taking the organic sulfur crystals (they are harvested from the pine trees in Louisiana) in November of 2008 for 10 days my asthma reversed and has not come back over 4 years later, 18 cases, so far, of autism have been reversed, as has cancer, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, osteoarthritis, joint pain, astigmatism, gum disease, increased sexual activity, heavy metal and radiation elimination, parasite elimination, free radicals elimination, faster athletic recovery time, increased blood circulation, reduced inflammation, resistance to getting the flu, reduction of wrinkles, allergy reduction, reduced PMS and monthly period pain, nausea, migraines and so much more. And it's only possible because of the oxygen it releases that floods the cells of the body. The sulfur, as proven by the University of Southampton in England, enables the body to produce vitamin B12 and the essential amino acids. You can find out more about this incredible nutrient also on my website - -.
My book, "a Sane Diet For An Insane World", has been published. It can be viewed at

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