Stress vaccines - Big pharma's addition to "brave new world"

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 by: Paul Fassa
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(NaturalNews) Unbelievably, a stress protection vaccine is in the works. A Stanford University medical research group led by Robert Sapolsky has been working on it. Of course, this development is heralded in the mainstream media (MSM) as yet another modern medical miracle.

This latest vaccine nightmare focuses on a few physiological biochemical events within the endocrine system as an attempt to prevent chronic stress from harming the immune system.

But injecting vaccines containing foreign particles, heavy metals, and viruses into our bodies has been proven to harm immunity short and long-term. Even if vaccine contents were safe, the antigens that indicate a vaccination's assumed success don't provide real immunization.

This proposed stress cure bypasses what people should do to relieve stress naturally or by directly addressing their emotional and mental state.

But vaccinating the population against stress could serve as a terrific adjunct to fluorides for maintaining a docile, chronically sick society.

Sapolsky's inspiration

Robert Sapolsky spent some time in the African wild circa 1980 amongst a baboon population, whose hierarchal behavior was viciously unpredictable, making life uncertain for the ones dependent on alpha baboons. Sapolsky observed that many of the baboons, dependent on the alpha rascals, appeared thin and unhealthy.

Sapolsky used tranquilizer darts on them to be able to draw blood, and he measured their fight or flight hormone blood levels. Sure enough, they were high. More importantly, blood analyses showed a direct link with other markers of a damaged immune system and bad health.

At the time of Sapolsky's baboon research, mainstream medicine didn't consider stress an important factor for bad health. He helped bring more awareness to stress, especially chronic stress, as a factor for all disease. That was a good thing.

But his vaccine solution, mired in the AMA-Big Pharma paradigm, is only a good thing for his and Big Pharma's bottom line. Sapolsky and his research team focused on a way to circumvent glucosteroid hormones that create stress.

They bio-engineered a herpes virus, ostensibly eliminating its dangers while supposedly preserving the virus' inherent neuro-protective genes. This is aimed toward artificially meddling with the endocrine system.

This bio-engineered virus combined with all that's necessary to preserve and boost a vaccine creates a dangerously unpredictable cocktail for injecting directly into the bloodstream.

Dealing with chronic stress naturally

From around 1985 to now, there has been an explosion of chronic stress in our modern world. The unpredictability of managing to lead a safe and secure life has risen dramatically.

More people are realizing they have to simplify their lives. Arguing and fighting less domestically or on the job is one solution for reducing stress. Robert Sapolsky observed how baboons that walked, not ran, away from fights seemed to be healthier.

Practicing hatha yoga with special attention to the "corpse pose" that wraps up a session works wonders. Peaceful, self discipline applied with meditation offers a long-term solution to coping with the chronic, stressful conditions surrounding us.

Meditation practiced daily has been clinically proven to reduce even cardiac disease probabilities connected to stress. Practicing taichi and chi-gong to reduce stress and improve health has caught on more over the last few decades.

Short term solutions are available with herbal and homeopathic remedies that help relieve stress and depression. Acupuncture can be applied to reduce stress.

Here's lots more on natural stress reduction. (

Aldous Huxley once argued by mail with George Orwell over their visions of futuristic world government tyranny. Huxley posited a pharmaceutically conditioned population, easily controlled with minimal force, while Orwell saw mind control and force as the controlling factors.

Unfortunately, they were both right.

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